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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Love Is In The Air!

So much Rob/Kristen goodness.
I'm almost as giddy as Rob and Kristen have been looking lately.
A lot of emails.
And I've spent the better part of my morning
truly laughing out loud.

Did you hear the forecast for today?
Partly Foamy this afternoon...      
  With a 100% chance of a Foam Storm tonight.
(Around the same time as the Eclipse premiere)

Remember Me came out on DVD.
Did you get yours?
I have mine.
It's a good movie...
with a touching story.
And Robert is very good in it.
I still don't understand how people who call themselves
'fans' of Robert...
Didn't go to see this movie.
It's Rob.
And not only does he give a wonderful performance...
He looks absolutely incredible in it.
Every scene.
Go buy it.
Be a fan.

Well, the Jimmy Kimmel Eclipse special was on last night.
And I'll be honest.
It wasn't very special.
I enjoyed the beginning where it was just 
because it was more focused...
And well...
You KNOW I'm going to mention the whole
Knee Nudge thing... right?
Do I think it was an epic sign of love?
Of course not.
But it was a sign that Robert is so aware of Kristen
And that he wanted to take care of her.
What I saw was Kristen was a bit nervous and shaky...
She was bouncing with nerves...
I saw Robert look over at her...
And then he tried to casually nudge her with his leg...
to stop her.
Kristen looked at him... nodded...
And tried to not draw attention to it.
No, it wasn't a monumental display of love...
But it did show Robert looking out for Kristen.
Helping her when she got too fidgety...
which she is prone to do in interviews.
It was the 2nd time in a day of Robert
taking care of Kristen.
And it was lovely.

All in all... I give the Kimmel show 
7 out of 10.
Mostly because it's just nice to see 
Robert and Kristen together.
We haven't seen a lot of that lately
with him so busy with WFE.

This was in an email...
A Russian magazine interview with Robert.
There is a paragraph where he is talking about Kristen.

About Kristen:
What I especially like about her is that she’s like me, not dizzy from fans and press attention. She stays true to herself and very smart for her age. With each movie she matured. During filming ‘Eclipse’ I realized that she matured a lot and become a real woman. And, of course, it’s a lot easier to work with person I worked before. We understand each other without the words. I can tell Kristen about all my problems. But honestly I don’t have to… because she’s in same position as I am. Kristen really cares about me and I’m very grateful for this. She’s the most honest and genuine person I’ve I ever met. Unfortunately in Hollywood these qualities not very popular..Everyone thinks about their own benefits so it’s very cool that you can meet here people like Kristen. She always listens, gives good advice regardless with her own interests.

Now, this was obviously translated...
But I'm pretty sure Robert has said many of these
same things about Kristen... before.
He's been infatuated with her from day one.
Actually... I think when he saw "Into The Wild"
he was immediately smitten with her.
This interview isn't anything new.
No real surprises...
Robert adores Kristen.
But we already knew that...
Didn't we?

Kristen at the premiere of "Love Ranch" last night.
She is radiant.
The happiness just seeps from every pore...
And I got 1/2 a dozen DMs on Twitter
asking me what is WRONG since Kristen wasn't wearing
'The Necklace'
The first blurry picture of Kristen was hard to tell...
But as the pictures came out
It was obvious that she was wearing...
"The Necklace"

OK. I know that I like to point out that
she is constantly wearing that lovely little bauble
That it clearly means a lot to her...
(and because it annoys the haters... added bonus)
But truly...
It wouldn't be the end of the world
if she turned up without it.
It doesn't have to always be so dramatic.
People get worked up over weird things.

A new pic from EW.
Yeah... a lot of people are cutting Taylor out...
But I kinda like that he's in it
Because to me...
It just shows how much of a 'Bubble'
Robert and Kristen are in.
Taylor is there? Oh yeah.
Robert and Kristen
foreheads touching...
she's clutching his shirt...
And Robert just looks... so happy.
Yeah, I know there are other pics out there
where Kristen is grabbing a shirt.
(But her fingers are on Rob's chest... Yes?)
But that doesn't matter...
Because it's more about the looks on their faces...
Their body language...
And the fact that this kind of thing happens

Final Thoughts?

Rob called out the haters.
Rob defended Kristen.
Rob continued to take care of her on Kimmel.

I still love that he called out the hate.
The sites that devote page after page
to hating on someone he cares about.
Those very sites...
that right now are so angry.
at Robert for defending Kristen
(But they tend to refocus the negativity back at Kristen)
That with every new picture and interview...
It becomes more and more apparent
Just how much Kristen means to Robert.
How much Robert means to Kristen.

So will we get Rob/Kris pictures at the premiere?
I would hope so.
They are Edward and Bella after all.
Will it be epic and stupendous?
I doubt it.
Unless of course...
Rob and Kristen showed up together on the Red Carpet...
Holding hands...
Eyes only for the other...
and showing the world
That they are in fact a couple...
Without saying a word.

THAT would be epic.

Whatever will be...
Will be.

Bye for now

I would add a *PUSH* here...
But I don't really need to...
Do I?


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jen said...

NICE post Rose! Loved it! You're awesome.

Rob so called out the haters. Not only did he call them out, HE DISMISSED THEM. He didn't treat them like formidable opponents.


He called them little nerds behind computers.

Gnats if you will, that simply nip at you, but are too insignifcant to think of for to long.

JK nudge was sweet too. Nothing epic, very subtle. But it's a gesture that your partner does quietly. It's like my husband at a nice restaurant and I slyly move his elbows off the table cause it's bad form without acknowledging what I'm doing.

It's those little gestures that say a hell of a lot more than say...jumping on a couch on Oprah and declaring his love for all the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, thanks for the lovely post. the "knee nudge" part - do u know where i can see the vids.have checked youtube, but was not succesfull.

Anonymous said...

I love how kristen fans
yelling double standards while they bash Rob for the most idiotic reasons...
I am fan of both R/K and i'm follow both sides and they are NO BETTER than Rob fans, and that's the whole freaking truth...They just can't admit it.

~ sophie

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hilarious said...

I ... am kind of sadly quick on the draw this afternoon?

Great post. Every point. It can't be said enough - I'm sure I speak for lots of readers who read this blog faithfully but don't always have a chance to comment - it's such a nice moment in my day, to sit back and read what you have to say, Rose.

Especially on those days when it's all about the love. And let's be real - with Robert and Kristen, there's so much love and so much TO love, it's usually about that.

So thanks, Rose. :)

Also, love the point that it's not about any of these little things we notice in and of themselves that mean anything. A necklace, or a sweet gesture, or an intense look ... none of those things equal a relationship.

But when we add up so many of those tiny little things we've noticed from the SCRAPS we get ... it helps you form an opinion.

I just like these two (and Taylor) so much. They all seem like good people, plain and simple. Interviews and appearances and fan encounters just confirm it, over and over again.

PS - picky point. Ladies, bring out your eagle eyes! In the gorgeous new EW pic of the Twifecta... is that the infamous black shoelace bracelet on the Cullen wrist cuff?

Just curious. I am a silly person.

Much love to you all. :)

Anonymous said...

How has your relationship with Robert changed over the course of making these movies?

Considering that I’ve made all these movies with Rob, he’s become a good friend of mine. I care immensely about Taylor and Rob because we are in a very similar situation. We have really grown close. We can be honest. We’re not worried about offending each other …

How do the three of you make light of your situation, that you’re always being hounded by the paparazzi?

It’s really funny when they fall down all over each other because they’re running backwards to try to get your picture. So whenever you see me looking really happy in a paparazzi shot, it’s probably because I’m laughing at them. The boys get a kick out of that because it’s just funny. But we really don’t dwell on that because it gives more people to talk about and that defeats the entire reason for avoiding them.

Is it easier, though, when the three of you are together?

It’s nice because you feel untouchable, unlike when you’re by yourself
—“Oh my God, my bones are being whipped clean right now” (laughing). But when I’m with the guys, it’s easier. It’s nice to have two people who are in the exact same situation. You can say to other people, “Oh, I’m really nervous about this. It’s going to be a big deal.” But the boys are like, free. They go, “That’s exciting, though. Aren’t you excited? You’ll be great.” The boys are like good luck. They know exactly what you’re going through. It’s nice to have them.

What are your thoughts on marriage?

I just don’t think about it. I guess I’m totally different because there are some girls who grow up planning their weddings and who can’t wait to get married. I just don’t have that. I have a really great family. I want my own family, too, but I don’t know who I’m going to marry.

Roxy said...

Kristen's fingers are on Taylor's chest here. What do you have to say to this Rose? http://tinyurl.com/2392kyf

Melinda said...

I didn't care to much for the Kimmel show. It was too disjointed for me. I did like the knee nudge. It shows how well they know each other. I love how some say she was repulsed by Rob on the show. I would like to point out if she was, then why didn't she move her leg/foot away from him as soon as his leg touched hers. But they will always have something to complain about. Whatever...

Can't wait to see all the pretty tonight! Not expecting much for the RC. I will say that Summit hasn't been so vocal in keeping R/K separate for the press interviews as they did for NM (always Chris or Taylor b/w them except for London). Twi-Con they sat next to each other and that was a Summit function. So maybe there is hope that they will appear on the RC tonight for pics like they did for Twilight.

The EW pic of R/K/T is great. Rob and Kristen look way more connected than Kristen and Taylor do as they should. I also love the fact that she is wearing a cuff much like the Cullen one Edward wears in the movies. Showing wear her heart really lies (with Edward)?

All in all...so much HAPPINESS lately. Thanks Rose for another fantastic post and pictures.

PS. Let's try to ignore the foam as much as possible b/c we all know it's coming but once again they have NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

kristen hot date

looks like she had loads of fun at the love ranch premiere last night,who is the cutie on her arm shippers?again robbie who?LOL http://x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=kstewart062310_X17&index=18

Anonymous said...

Considering that I’ve made all these movies with Rob, he’s become a good friend of mine. I care immensely about Taylor and Rob because we are in a very similar situation. We have really grown close. We can be honest. We’re not worried about offending each other …

Kristen,dear,you said BS again.Sorry,but i'm starting to think that they're just good friends.The privacy thing and the "i don't want to sell my private life"has become an old joke.Maybe we see only what we want to see and we can't accept that MAYBE they're not togehter.

Tired said...

Ah yes as usual Rob speaks well of Kristen in interviews. This is why I love him.

And then of course theres Kristen. Who as usual in her interviews refers to Rob as her "good friend" and then brings up Taylor as if heand Rob share the same relationship with her.

And then says she doesn't who she'll marry.

How I love it. If Rob had said these things he would have been skinned alive as he was for Vanity Fair and Details. But of course Kristen gets away with it while Rob compliments her time and time again.

This is exactly why theres a double standard.

Caroline said...

Well,Anonymous 12:35; love that Kristen's interview...my husband is my best friend too...
I saw the jimmy show and i thought she was uncomfortable, nervous..and when she acts like that she became more closed..

Oh tx so much for this lovely post Rose.


Patricia said...

Rose: Rob ADORES Kristen. This man has been 'IN LOVE' with her since day one. WHEN HER LEG WAS SHAKING AND HE NOTICED SHE WAS 'VERY NERVOUS' HE OPENED HIS LEGS AND NUDGED HER LEG TO RELAX' letting her know that "it will be okay" I'M HERE FOR YOU.... that's LOVE.

I know that it seems (SOMETIMES) that she is not as into him as he is to her. But I feel it's because HE WEARS HIS FEELINGS ON HIS SLEEVE AND SHE IS VERY MUCH AWARE OF ALL THE THINGS SAID ABOUT HER AND WHAT SHE DOES AND SHOWS TOWARDS HIM. (SHE WANTS PRIVACY WITH THEIR RELATIONSHIP)....So she is determined to keep it that way. I get disappointed, but I also understand...

I like you, would love to see them together on the red carpet tonight. Just the two of them, but we'll see what we will get.

This promo has been awful and it isn't because Rob was filming WFE. They could have had MORE PICTURES OF BELLA AND EDWARD. ISN'T THAT WHAT THE BOOKS ARE ABOUT. "NEW MOON' WAS HER AND JACOB. SUMMIT FUCKED UP AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED.




Rose said...

So much angry foaming!

Truly. IGNORE the foam.
They are so desperate.
So sad.

Anonymous said...

If Rob had said these things he would have been skinned alive as he was for Vanity Fair and Details. But of course Kristen gets away with it while Rob compliments her time and time again.


Deb said...

HO Rose you just Know what to say Yes I seen it to ALL IS GOOD WITH OUR 2 they are SO happy I know that Rob Knows it well never STOP (All the HATE ) BUT now we KNOW he KNOWS and has said something about it .Well it stop NO I dont think so And I (DO) think that ROB (dose) Know who his TRUE FANS ARE WE love ROB and WE KNOW that ROB LOVES KRISTEN AND WE ARE HAPPY FOR HIM YOU SEE THAT IS WHAT A TRUE FAN DOSE AND THAT GOS FOR KRISTEN TO She KNOWS SHE HAS TRUE FANS WHO LOVES HER TO I think WE the TRUE FANS have there BACK And they KNOW that Im like you Rose I dont Know WHAT well get tonight at the red carpet BUT I DO KNOW ALLS GOOD WITH OUT 2and Im looking forward to the AFTER PARTY pic.THE SONG THAT CAME TO ME IS STAND BY YOUR MAN I love the words in it its SOOOOOO ROB.Well my friends I hope WE all have a GOOD and beautiful day IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW DEB

Bex said...

hahaha somebody obviously doesn't know what a "chest" is...

and to that other person with the x-17 pic. cutie??!! hahahahahahaha i'm sure hes a nice guy.. but seriously? you're honestly trying to push her and that guy? hahahaha you're really grasping at straws now... pathetic.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is a gift from her parents.

Anonymous said...

Rose, there's a lot of garbage here today. Would you mind doing a quick clean up?

As for the Phillippine Inquirer interview... you guys must be smoking something if you think that some of those answers haven't been fabricated or embellished.

In the past 2 *live* interviews (Korea and Italy) where people have asked her about her relationship with Rob, she has gone out of her way to say that she is NOT defining their relationship. And now people want to believe that she is dishing to the Phillippine Inquirer.

Hyenas are a bunch of rocket surgeons... or something.

Anonymous said...

wow the foam is early here isn't it? Now let me count the ways most relationships (not dreamt or play acted with barbie and ken) happen? First friends, then lovers then committed relationship. This is how it goes to those who are deciding their ammo is based on dragging snippets of interviews and just throwing them out there lol love the simple mimds of simple people. The best relationships in the world stem from a happy friendship - when two people are together they are friends first and lovers second, sorry to those just out of middle school but that is how a REAL RELATIONSHIP works not fake, not PR and certainly not FWB because that's just the physical release and these two are a lot more than physical release.

The other comment about taylor and kristen standing with her hand on his chest LOL please child go back to mummy's knee that is a friendly open embrace between two friends, what she has with Rob goes way beyond friendship but i guess you know that since you are digging up photos to compare the distance. it must be awful for those still living in denial right now but don't worry you will see taylor tonight, and kristen and rob and they will be happy in their own world surrounded by real friends and not haters who foam and scratch and scream at their pc screens because they have a wonderful life and you live in a hate filled hole of darkness.

Rose once again thank you for the lovely thoughtful post. Can't wait for tonight myself, well tomorrow as in the UK i won't see the pics until then.


Camila said...

I love read what you write, it's always what i feel, especially today, in this post.

But I kinda like that he's in it
Because to me...
It just shows how much of a 'Bubble'
Robert and Kristen are in.

Unless of course...
Rob and Kristen showed up together on the Red Carpet...
Holding hands...
Eyes only for the other...
and showing the world
That they are in fact a couple...
Without saying a word.


GREAT post! You are awesmoe!

prajitha said...

1.i didn't see the RM ,honestly(Being immature here)i don't want rob to romance anybody else other than kristen.i cannot even think of it.i have read the comments about the movie where people said
***rob is better with emily.
i stopped there .afterwards i have not seen any pic,clip,anything about RM
2 ya ,even i was thinking that kimmel show it was not that much attractive other than first twenty min...last year was better..
the leg nudge,rob wanted to hear taylor in close,so he did that..but kristen made a quick response which was definitely caught by all of us...you know cute......
3.the paragraph..leave that we all know kristen is good and gorgeous and loving...
4.the appearance inthe premiere,was gorgeous..people were calling her skinny..but she was stunning inthis vd have a look if you have not seen already http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrc7r-f0J8U
4.the EW photo...huuuf what should i say..i can say that rob and kristen could make the cutest babies in the earth cos i have not seen people having so much of beautiful features.....

Anonymous said...

ladies listen to Rose ignore the hate the foam the whinning the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Ignore the desperation as it clings to their teeth, the claws that curl around forming horrible gnarly fists.

turn away from the biting and snapping as they cling desperately to their denials and spit and cry as more evidence piles up in front of their eyes.

just smile, embrace the happiness of Eclipse, enjoy the movie, enjoy the ambience that circles around them the true fans the respected families and friends for no one can touch them and certainly not the hate the pours out of the desperate girls still clinging to hope that Rob will pick them and not Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roooooseeee! Good luck with that! They won't walk the red carpet together holding hands. NEVER. EVER.

Not even for this f*cking PR relationship


Ps. can't wait till she takes off that ugly necklace. And till July passes. And you'll see we nonbelievers are STILL here. We are not nervous, at all. Can you hear that? At all. Nothing is gonna happen. :)

Ps2. Dear KS. You are damaging Robert Pattinson career so much. If you really care about him, you wouldn't tell Scummit and your PR team to force Rob to "defend" (sic) you. Please, stay away from him. No love at all. Rob's fan.

Anonymous said...

angelsslave,you're pathetic,dear.Embrace that.lol

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rose!

I agree, IGNORE the foam. It's gross and sticky and full of negative BS. I just don't have time for delusional people like 1:04pm. LOL.

My boyfriend of 5 years is my best friend. One of the many reasons our relationship works.

I was just reading an interview with one of the True Blood cast members and she talked about Anna and Stephen and said what a beautiful friendship they have. You see, friends can also be lovers. Rob is Kristen friend and much more. Taylor is just a friend. See the difference.

Kristen can address her friendship with Rob all day long but that doesn't mean he isn't also her boyfriend. Very simple.

People can analyze every interview, even interviews from tabloids and look for denials all day long---it makes no difference to me in my belief that Rob and Kristen are together.

Also, again will say how much I loved the fact that Rob called out the haters. I think he's had it with the hate and BS Kristen recieves. He is very protective over her and I am noticing more and more just how much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Roooooseeee! Good luck with that! They won't walk the red carpet together holding hands. NEVER. EVER.

Not even for this f*cking PR relationship


Ps. can't wait till she takes off that ugly necklace. And till July passes. And you'll see we nonbelievers are STILL here. We are not nervous, at all. Can you hear that? At all. Nothing is gonna happen. :)

Ps2. Dear KS. You are damaging Robert Pattinson career so much. If you really care about him, you wouldn't tell Scummit and your PR team to force Rob to "defend" (sic) you. Please, stay away from him. No love at all. Rob's fan.


Just a friendly advice.


Max said...

Kristen looks uncomfortable in the EW pic just saying. Plus you can tell shes leaning more into Taylor for comfort. Notice how her backside is resting on Taylor? Shes grabbing onto Rob's shirt so she won't fall over. Also the photographers probably told her to grab Rob's shirt for a nice effect.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... and you're a snarling whinning little child with no backbone to come on and register like a proper woman instead of hiding behind hate and vile comments, come back when you have grown up that will take what ten years???

Deb said...


Anonymous said...

Rose, you are genius! Really!

Anonymous said...

First of all don't analize every word that is written from these interviews. It is a newspaper from the Philpippines, probably from a press junket mixed with quotes from other interviews/sources like all these things are.

"And she looked her best in this latest encounter, wearing a beautiful, sexy mini dress and high heels..."
That is not a one by one exclusive interview, that is from a press junket.

I usually only watch the video interviews, I don't put any weight into these written things. And still they are getting often misquoted and misinterpreted. Just look at the today show interview. People don't even get the quote right.

And yes Rob and Kristen are strictly business and professional during the Eclipse promo. Back to the term we are all so close, good friends, the boys...Kristen doesn't treat Rob any different than Taylor. That is professional, the way it should be, the way to keep job job and private private.

They don't turn it into a "Robsten" lovefest. No difference to New Moon promo. Kris and Rob are leading us all of the love track, after all they are co-stars in a movie.

But where are all the people who said they are PR-stens, will giving uns a PR fest during Eclipse promo with drooling photos to please the shippers.

Hmmm, once again a lot of people proven wrong.


Anonymous said...

@ 1:08

"Hey Roooooseeee! Good luck with that! They won't walk the red carpet together holding hands. NEVER. EVER.

Not even for this f*cking PR relationship"

Yeah those statements make A LOT of sense. LMAO!!!!!!! They won't walk the red carpet together is proof of their PR relationship? LMAO.

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

to Tired

I think you love Rob a bit "to much". Relax, he will not be yours, never. He is your phantasie.

And this interview was not a personal one, it is a promo for the film. Get it?

Read the Elle UK, this is a personal one.

Anonymous said...

to prajitha 12:58

You are one sick Robsten fan.

''i didn't see the RM ,honestly(Being immature here)i don't want rob to romance anybody else other than kristen.i cannot even think of it''

Seriously WTF!?! Oh but i am sure you'll watch OTR right?

Rose, I'm a huge Rob fan but that doesn't mean I hate kristen. actully I don't give a crap about who he's dating. So what if he's with Kristen? Does it make a difference in my life? No. But I'm starting to think this whole Robsten idea is NOT god for Rob's career..

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:39

do you got Rob's statement in EW??

Nasty bloggers, little nerds behind a computer. Don't you think that shoe fits you very well??

Speaking of damaging a career. You don't care about Rob, AT ALL.

The only thing you care is your "nonbeliever" fight. It is your entertainment, you love the bitchfight, you just want to win a "battle". And if Rob is not the thing anymore you will switch to Justin Bieber or whatever.

Rob is very aware of it.


Anonymous said...

Aren't you a bit contradictory today Rose? On one hand you say the forecast for tonight is 100% foaming (Eclipse premiere), on the other hand you're not expecting a stupendous an epic night...

I'm not expecting it either. We know how Rob and Kristen work or let's say how Kristen works. She can be completely in love with Rob, she can be crazy about him, but most important: For whatever reason she doesnt want to show it up. And Rob just dances around her.

I don't understand Kristen. She's the most genuine girl in Hollywood and, at the same she's no unnatural with him publicy.

It doesn't surprise me that she appears all stressed and nervous next to Rob. It's very stressing to stop yourself from doing what you really want to do or to pretend that he's only your friend when he's your man.

I actually don't get how she can stand it. I pity her.

And I also pity her for not having the courage to treat Rob like what he is, her boyfriend. Yes, I feel Kristen is not being protector, but coward.

Anonymous said...

to prajitha

Well, i have read the comments about On the Road where people said
kristen is better with garret.. garretstew ftw! i ship them etc.
and... I'm so done with the movie now.

cookie said...

And I also pity her for not having the courage to treat Rob like what he is, her boyfriend. Yes, I feel Kristen is not being protector, but coward.

And by that you mean that she has to kiss his feet all the time,shove her tongue down his throat publicly and dance around like Julie Andrews in "the sound of music"?

I'm so sick of all this shit.

Anonymous said...

to anon 1:41

If you are really concerned about his career, than write him or his management a letter with your advice.

Seriously, I mean it. Or you can apply for a job in Rob's team.

But you as a fan are not watching his movies, you are only concerned about his love live. Nice!! I think Rob needs more of this sort of fans (Sarcasm).


Anonymous said...

Ah Rose, such a great morning. Another lovely posting from you. I'm so glad you mentioned the leg nudge he did. My sister in Minnesota was watching before it was on where I am and told me about it. She said it was really sweet, and that she rewinded it to make sure he did, in fact, purposely nudge her leg with his to calm her down. And it totally worked, she stopped frantically moving and settled down. It was very sweet.

As for tonight...well, I have zero hopes that we'll get much photo op with the two of them alone like we used to. I don't mind Taylor, I think he's a doll...I mean, yeah, he's a little dull and somtimes looks like a wax figure of himself, but I think the friendship the three of them have is actually real. So I don't mind when the three of them are in pictures together, especially since it always looks like Taylor is a little third-wheelish.

Anyway, lots of wonderful things to look forward to with this cute couple. Let's focus on the positive and not respond to the desperate ramblings of the mad. The angrier they get, the more it means something good is going to happen in Robstenland. It's like an exact science. So let them rant and rave and just pretend like you don't hear/see it.

Do not feed the animals.


Amanda said...

Kristen has used the term 'good friends' in two other interviews before. After they followed up with, 'so you're just friends?' and Kristen said 'No, I didn't say that'. So, Kristen has said herself when she says 'good friend' it doesn't mean 'just friends'. She won't elaborate on anything more than that though.

To the people saying Rob was made to defend Kristen, you're basically calling him a liar. He said he isn't trying to 'sell' anything. The PR theory was shot down by Rob himself. And YOU are part of who Rob was talking about. Nerds behind a computer spreading hate.

The leg nudge was very sweet. They are always very aware of eachother. Can't wait for the premiere!<3

Anonymous said...

No Cookie, you didn't get me.

You go from one extreme to the other and I'm not extremist. I'm just saying that if Kristen is a genuine person, and I believe she is, she should behave genuinely with her boyfriend in public too. And that doesn't imply she has to do the things you mentioned. No extrems, just naturality.

Anonymous said...

to prajitha

''i didn't see the RM ,honestly(Being immature here)i don't want rob to romance anybody else other than kristen.i cannot even think of it.'' !!!

i stopped to read right there. That's just SICK!
If you expect Rob to only play romantic parts with Kristen, you're delusional. He's an actor who will play many parts with many other women. Get over it. Jeez.

that's seriously fucked up. thought K's fans were better than that, but guess not..

Anonymous said...

About that bloody song written by Robert...

I would kill just to be her man,
but she’s too cool to give a damn.

she makes me feel like a freak
She plays on me because she knows that I’m weak

So now I’m feeling sick,
and shes still having fun
I guess she thinks that I’m thick, or maybe a little dumb

Oh, my dear Lord...poor Rob, if that's true... Sure she's a sweet girl and not a player, mean, sadistic person... *sarcasm*

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, great post. Love your thoughts. We think alike, I am so happy for Robert and Kristen,seeing their happiness makes my day great.
I stopped reading the comments here because alot of them don't make any sense. It's too foul to skim through to find a sane one.
I still come to your blog everyday for your thoughts and to see the pretty pictures, I really love the new one of the three of them.
Kristen and Robert looking like a couple for sure, just like on Kimmel. I know what I see, I have for a long time, I am old enough and experienced enough to not have kids telling me it is my imagination or my wishful thinking.Thanks again Rose for your blog. MelenaS
PS Don't feed the trolls, they bite ;)

SueBee said...

Liked the leg nudge. Watched it a few times. Genuine concern on Rob's part. Kristen was bopping around and he soother her. She noticed and stopped it. He kept his leg there and so did she.

All this ridiculous garbage about her being repulsed by him is, for lack of a better word, stupid.

Do you think he is going to hold hands with her? Put his head on her lap and continue the interview?
It's all about subtlety.

Hilarious said...

Okay, bear with me, one other thought.

I have a shameful love of the song "Don't Trust Me" by 30h!3. I had to Google the band name, and it's frankly embarrassing to even type. The lyrics also are just WRONG in so many ways.


My favorite line in that song is:

"You tell your boyfriend
If he says he's got beef
That I'm a vegetarian
And I ain't f*ckin' scared of him."

Heard it on the radio lately, and it made me think of haters.

I don't do drama.
I don't want your (faux) drama.

The end.

Hilarious said...

I lied. ONE more thing. This isn't exactly ignoring the hate, but it's discussing an issue it raises from the positive side: Kristen and Rob's careers are BOOMING. No one's career is being harmed right now. At all. Much less by speculation over dating one of the other hottest tickets in the business.

They're BOTH landing great roles, looking at solid scripts, having the luxury to choose strategically.

And I for one think that they're going to prove themselves outside of The Saga. Rob has the most ground to cover, but I have faith that he will really deliver on Bel Ami and WFE. Especially WFE. Hopefully Unbound Captives will still be in the longer-term picture, too.

Kristen has long had industry respect. The media is harsh and fickle; the public is harsh and fickle. But consistently, players from every level of the industry praise her to the skies, both professionally and personally. She has IT.

She will go to BEATNIK BOOT CAMP (still super-jealous; I want to go almost as much as I want to go to adult space camp, no lie), she will bring Kerouac to life (finally!) and when she's done with BD, there will no doubt be more outstanding work waiting for her.

All genuine fans want nothing more for these two to succeed and build lasting, fulfilling careers. And happy lives. Separately or together. Period.

Hugs. :)

SueBee said...

Oh--and about the premiere--yes, we will get pics of them together. They are promoting the same movie.

I would probably fall of my couch if I saw them show up "together" together. It would be nice.

Realistically,I predict she'll be wearing the necklace, taking some token photos and slipping out the back with Rob later. :o)

Anonymous said...

How is Kristen not being genuine with Rob in public this round of press junkets? Are we forgetting Twicon and the MTV MA's?
Rob has not been with Taylor and Kristen on the overseas Junkets because of WFE.
Jimmy Kimmel was clearly uncomfortable for her but she interacted with Rob and responded to his efforts to ease her discomfort. He knows his girlfriend.
They have both gone to great lengths to protect their privacy but they're damn if they do and damned again if they don't.
There are too many reports from reputable sources about how they are together away from the cameras to not believe they are in a serious relationship. Again, no woman, NONE! makes that much of an effort to get herself around the world to someone who is not very significant in their lives and most certainly not on birthdays and family times like Christmas and New Years.
The evidence is all there............The most eligible man on the planet is not pictured with other women, no stories of him hitting on anyone, he's either with friends, family or his
publicist OR KRISTEN. Whenever they are someplace together, they leave together and he doesn't leave her side.
Kristen, beautiful and just as lusted after as Rob is seen with her brother, her agent and her girlfriends. We talk about that necklace and ring a lot but no matter what she's wearing, how fancy or how plain those pieces of jewellry are always worn, since Budapest.......Not before!
Kristen normally changes her rings but I've never seen her wear a necklace before and she has not taken it off and Aldo the gold ring. She's never worn gold before either!

Anonymous said...

the new pic from EW is wonderful.
Robert and Kristen are magnetic and bright.

nonsten (for me they are the real and only hyenas):
I think now is a matter of disrespect . not against kristen but against ROBERT.
he respects kristen;he loves Kristen; he has a confidential relationship with her.
If you despise and hate kristen , you're rediculing Robert.
You must respect the opinion of Robert .

Anonymous said...

Morning Rose I comment to ya the last thing before i go to bed...and almost the first in the morning.....I looooove the 3 in the new EW photo....it sure looks like Kristen has claim to her man [shirt grab] how cute is that pic....and their faces....yeh they look so comfy and immensely happy...Robs always beaming when they are in close vicinity....I haven’t read the others comments as yet..I will do it later...so I’m unsure of all the others moods...I’m a bit busy today...keep me entertained Girlfriends....I know you will ... cause you never disappoint...lol bye

bex said...

Well... they are already hanging out BEFORE the premier... :-)

@taryder r.pattz is getting his grub on b4 the big prem! hear he's eating @ a restaurant in weho w a few other cast members right now

RT @taryder: yep friend said kristen is there too..w/ a "few others" from cast. my friend isn't exactly a twi fan not up on all the names

If K hated R so much then why would she be going out to lunch with him (yes i know they are with a few other cast members and friends) but she would see all the other cast members later...

Rose said...

Anon @ 1:08pm or should I just call you Sybil?

I don't think Rob and Kris are going to hold hands on the red carpet...
I just said it would be EPIC if they did. I'm not expecting anything that we haven't seen before...

Maybe one of your other personalities is better with reading comprehension...
Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agreed with what anon 2:41:00 PM said. I always hear people whining that Kristen is not affectionate enough with Rob in public but people tends to forget the efforts that she put in behind the camera? She had crossed an ocean to be with her man even though it was short but still she was willing to travel hours on the plan to spend HER birthday with Rob. Doesn't that count as being sweet? It's nice to see Rob so smitten with Kris in public but it's not fair to expect the same with Kris because they are totally different people. They handle the same situation differently. I mean seriously, if Rob was not getting what he wants from the relationship, do you think he's still be this happy and committed to the relationship? He's not dumb, he's a smart man. You only get a glimpse of their relationship and it could be a totally different picture close door. Who knows, I don't know and you don't know either.


Anonymous said...

Comment part 1
A thought I had the other day. Kristen was quoted as saying that the fans are so creative with the fan made trailers they have made. Which means she has watched YouTube. Which means, likely, she has seen a Robsten video. I think it is likely after watching one of these videos that she became more careful about how she looks at Rob in public. During Twilight press she used to like *Gaze* at him all the time. And now I sometimes feel as if she looks at him and the *gaze* starts and then she reigns herself in.

Jimmy Kimmel. Watch the leg bump in slow motion (okay, call me out for it, I'm a loser... but hey I'm sick and stayed home from work and bored mindless)

So, I will share my slo-mo observations.
1. When she pushes them apart. She looks right into Rob's eyes. Cute.
2. She is fidgeting her hands then Rob starts to close his hands... and she immediately mimics his body language by folding her hands together.
3. When Rob talks he looks into the Kristen's eyes a lot. Like he’s always checking for her response to what he is saying.
4. THE LEG BUMP. Okay. Leading up to it he looks down at her leg. So he is definitely planning it. Kristen starts to turn. Looks at him. Then she looks back as if she is listening to Taylor. For a while. She starts talking. Camera pans out. And then she actually rubs her hand up and down the leg that Rob bumped and is still touching.
5. Rob is totally playing with the leaves in his hand.
6. When he looks at Kristen his eyes definitely go from her shoes to her face. LOL
7. He looks back and smiles and she returns with the sorta smothered smile.
Rob finally dropped those leaves.
Uh Oh the dolls are coming out.
8. Seriously, Rob said something again, looked at Kristen. Always does that. So aware of her.
9. Rob’s leg is no longer touching hers so she starts bouncing her leg again... and Rob goes to pick up more leaves. LOL.
10. Kristen gently touches her brow. I think she is checking for sweat. Nerves.
11. Rob is making them laugh. Always looking back to Kristen. LOL. Always.
12. Taylor. Party. LOL.
13. Rob picks up leaves AGAIN. Note to prop master. Do not let Rob have leaves. LOL.
After the cut to the movie theater
14. Kristen, instead of clapping is punching her hand. ??
15. Her legs are now crossed the other way. Kristen looks more uncomfortable than before?
16. Kris wipes her brow again. Nerves still.
17. The stone set seems uncomfortable? Rob is rocking sideways a little bit?
18. Rob and Kristen smile at each other a little.
19. Rob looks tired
20. Now Kristen is picking the leaves up. She is laughing at Rob again.
21. Rob tires to demonstrate how he grabbed Taylor with Kris in the middle and she makes a “whoa face”. Laughing.
22. When he is done with his story his leg goes to wing out towards Kris again... but does make contact. He keeps swinging his leg just a tiny bit closer. Kris is watching his leg. And she fidgets again.
23. Okay Taylor is talking and Rob is just STARING at Kristen's legs. LMAO.
24. Kristen speaks. Rob just beams at her. Freaking A.
25. OK. Kris makes a bestiality reference and says something about getting in trouble for saying that. Rob makes sure to put himself out there to by pointing out that the wolves have no genitalia. Protective. Love it.
26. They totally look at each other. She gives him a little smile. Rob picks up more leaves.

*Suzy Q*

Comment Part two to follow.

Anonymous said...

Comment Part two - Jimmy Kimmel Observations.

After Theater interruption.
27. Another look, another smile. Kristen quickly covers it. And looks down.
28. 31% of the audience thinks they will one day marry Robert Pattinson (thats just crazy – delusion city.)
29. Back. Rob is whispering in Kristen's ear. She is laughing. BUBBLE!!! He talks to her again.
30. Covers her face for some reason. OOOO the dolls have come out and they don't have pants. Pervs.
31. Kristen is talking to Taylor while Jimmy is saying something.
Other cast comes out.
32. No real robsten bubbles. Both seem pretty bored. I stop watching slo-motion because it is boring with them as a focus.
33. The "which Rob is sexier" question. Rob totally saves Kristen (again) "I think she's sexier with brown make up all over her." But if you pause it just right you will see Kristen has the mother of all bitch faces. Kimmel says its like making out with Oprah in response to Robs comment. Love that Rob steps in again. Protective of each other. :-D
34. Loved Kristen's cooking for Charlie question. I totally agree. That little thing is so demonstrative of Bella's caring nature.
35. I think I commented this already but let me say this. The T-shirt Q was totally weird. And Rob did look freaked out. At one point he glanced at Kristen. I would have loved to have seen her face but the only shot she was in during that question was wide angle shot and you couldn’t see her expression.

Conclusion. Not as much bubble as the fan encounter. But Kris seemed nervous her leg was bouncing whenever robs leg wasn’t touching hers. And she kept checking her face for sweat. I did love that Rob swooped in to cover for Kris twice and he was constantly checking on her. And I was very cognizant of the fact that Kris did not talk much during the show.

Also, I’m bored again. Being sick is lame.

*Suzy Q*

I'm not a "body language" expert. Just writing what I saw. Can NOT wait until premiere tonight :-D

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose, dear shippers:

You can be all excited if you want, but I WON'T BUY a sh*t until I get to see a wedding band on ROB's left hand. Until then, it's PR, just PR, and nothing more than PR. Oh, and be sure, we'll be "there" after July, cause nothing is gonna happen :)

And I'm not nervous at all, OK?


PS. the necklace and the golden ring are UGLY.

sara said...

hi people can someone give me the link of jimmy kimmel please????

Anonymous said...

@ 3:46

If you weren't nervous about it. You wouldn't feel so defensive that you felt the need to come here and tell us how "not" worried you are.


Like we give a flying fuck how worried you are.

We have nothing to prove to you. We know the truth. And if you don't know the truth, so what? That is your bucket of crazy delusion shit to deal with. Not ours.

However, allow me to point out that if you were completely blind.. you wouldn't feel the need to come here and make that comment. Which means two things: 1. You are worried. AND 2. You wish we would be worried.

What you don't get is even if your delusional nonsense had any basis in reality we wouldn't be "worried" because we are normal fans who are happy for Rob and Kris whether or not they are together. We just want them to be happy and successful. Because we are just fans. Normal fans. People who are ALL ABOUT THE LOVE. Not about the hate.

I'm sorry if you didn't get enough hugs as a child and now you feel the need to spread your vile venom filled BS all over the internet but you should seek THERAPY not BLOGS. Especially this blog. GTFO!

TaystenLove said...

Kristen to Taylor "you cute ass motherfucker" :')

She loves him.

Anonymous said...

@ 3:50


Jimmy Kimmel video links. Scroll the videos down at the side of the page to grab the Twi stuff.

TaystenLove said...

Stewart: Taylor, I would do anything for you. OMG!! :')

Anonymous said...

@to team sporkly

don't you have a real life?Family and friends?all you do is watching clips with Robsten and analyze every single move and word they say?Do you know how pathetic this is?

TaystenLove said...

Kristen to Taylor "you cute ass motherfucker" :')

Hilarious said...

I'm back. Sorry to be so verbose today!

Kids, you MUST read the FULL EW article. It's fantastic. http://robpattinson.blogspot.com/2010/06/full-ew-interview-with-rob-kristen-and.html

And might I suggest paying special attention to the below?

[Capitalization in first part added by me.]

Pattinson: One of the things that really annoys me about the rise of all these celebreity websites is that anyone who becomes famous — people are so desperate to prove that {celebrities} are lower than the average person on the street. WHY DESTROY ANY HOPE FOR ANYONE ELSE? When I grew up, looking at movies like ‘One Few Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and stuff, it made me want to do things. And you don’t want to believe that someone you admire….

Stewart: ….is an a–hole. Now they can’t wait to call you an a–hole when you’re not.

Pattinson: And any way that you can promote positivity — I know it sounds ridiculous — but it’s the best thing you can possibly do.

From Rob himself: "promote positivity."

Remember, you always have the option to keep your mouth shut. If you don't like Kristen? Focus on Rob. If you don't like Rob? Focus on Kristen.

No matter what your opinion on the state of Rob and Kristen's dating lives, you're not doing anyone any favors by being nasty about other people.

Stop the hate. Rob himself LITERALLY asked for it. Wonder why?

Bex said...

@anonymous June 24, 2010 3:54:00 PM

BRAVO!! I couldn't have said it better myself! Great RATIONAL SANE minds think alike :-)

oh and to the taysten shipper... you're so obviously trying to say shit to get us all up in arms.
-i'm just gonna laugh at how immature you are -

only 3+ more hours until the red carpet!!

TaystenLove said...

Lautner: Yeah, it gets your mind off it. Like at the Oscars.

Stewart: We were both so goddamn nervous.

Anonymous said...

Stewart: I would do anything for you. lautner: Lautner: I’m glad I do

Stewart: You make me feel a lot better. etc


Anonymous said...

Lautner: Us together — it’s not good.

Stewart: You make me feel a lot better.

Lautner: I’m glad I do. :')

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen aren't asking anyone to buy anything because Rob and Kristen aren't selling ANYTHING.

Quoting Rob: If he wanted to sell it, he would talk about it more.

Anonymous said...

@ all taysten shippers:D

ROB:Kristen really cares about me and I’m very grateful for this.

so she loves her LOL

Anonymous said...

@ 3:58

Yes!!!! I don't have a real life, you caught me. I spent an hour watching a Jimmy Kimmel show, some of it in slow motion. Please take me to the institution now. LOL.

Not that I care what you post about me but if you bothered to read my comment you would see I pointed out that I am both sick and bored. I hurt my back and have to lay on my back until it heals enough for me to get around. For entertainment I have TV, books, and Rose's blog. So, yes to pass the boring ass time... I did analyze a Jimmy Kimmel show. I did not go to random blogs and put hateful comments about people I don't know.

And I am already starting to feel better, thanks for being so concerned about my well being and my life. :-D

*Suzy Q*

TaystenIsTrue said...

Cute Taysten quotes from the EW interview! :')

Lautner: Us together — it’s not good. Stewart: You make me feel a lot better. Lautner: I’m glad I do.

Lautner: Yeah, it gets your mind off it. Like at the Oscars. Stewart: We were both so goddamn nervous

Stewart: Taylor, I would do anything for you. OMG!!

Kristen to Taylor "you cute ass motherfucker"

About being in the public eye: Lautner: I get nervous, for sure. Stewart: He gets very nervous.

"I smile around you" Kristen to Taylor

Taysten4ever xxx

SueBee said...

Suzy Q,

Hope your back feels better!!!

SueBee said...

I'm scanning these Taysten troll comments but I still don't get it. All I read is "blah, blah ,blah--snarl, hiss, spit"

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that interview was so great. Why does EW always get the best interviews with them? I love the interaction. The Kristen/Taylor stuff was absolutely darling. I love their friendship. The cute motherfucker comment was so cute. You just want to grab the little guys head and give him a noogie. I love that he goes to Kristen for advice. Their friendship is obviously easy and comfortable. I'm glad he has someone older to help him out in all of this.

Kristen and Rob...wow. I love how these interviews always indirectly reveal how close Rob and Kristen are. Everything talked about is something that Kristen and Rob have both obviously discussed privately. There's always just little glimpses into how close they are. Have you been working out? Actually, he has. How does she know? Because she's always with him. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Pattinson: "And any way that you can promote positivity — I know it sounds ridiculous — but it’s the best thing you can possibly do."

Bex said...


i feel like i'm reading a 12 year olds diary.

i feel bad calling this child out since its pretty much cyber bullying and i'm probably at least twice her age...

you can just tell by the way its written that its some naive kid on summer vacation

Anonymous said...

oh god..Taysten shippers:D
I really love Taylor I do:D He's really good friend for them(R&K)

But this is love o-lala






Bex said...


i didn't make note in that 1st comment but i totally agree with you... re-reading it, it looked like it was addressed at you..

i'm talking about the taysten kids...

god i need a nap before this red carpet gets under way..
having a bad cold sucks ass

Anonymous said...

Robsten who? lol Loved the EW interview. How much their dynamics have changed. Taylor and Kristen are in their own interview. Kris friends (Scout and co.) are going to the premiere tonight. I'm looking forward to see how much "robsten" interaction plays at the afterparty. Me thinks, kris will be with her friends and Rob with his plus EDR.

Anonymous said...

Oh you've gotta love how robstenlovex is buddies with taystenlove. they all love taysten. sure you might as well after reading the ew interview lol.

Anonymous said...

taysten nonsten whatever..
they are definitely 12 years old lol.

Anonymous said...

There was a point when I was reading that EW interview that I thought Taylor must have actually left the room, it was very Rob/Kristen. Kristen kind of took over this one. Love her cute banter with Taylor. Very clear the affection she has for her honorary bro.

Taylor looks closer and closer to outing himself. That Miley Cyrus love and the "party" comment he made. Uh, pretty gay. Love how supportive Rob and Kristen seem of him.

SueBee said...


I'm with you sisterfriend.
Here's how I picture it....

Dear Diary,

No one on these blogs gets me. The voices in my head agree with me. (Doodling my name--Mrs. Robert Pattinson.) Kristen can't have him, I tell you! She can't! (Foot stomp) She has to love Taylor. She just has to!

Sorry, Diary, I have to go now. My mom says it's time for me to really take my meds this time.....

Bex said...


hahahahaha i'm dying right now. that was amazing.

Anonymous said...


Oh gosh you are amazing lol.

Anonymous said...

@SueBee 4:10

Thanks. I appreciate the well wishes. :-) I hate being laid up, its so mind numbingly dull. But the Robsten stuff is keeping me distracted... its good for a smile :-D And the hyenas are always good for a laugh. :-p

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee 4:27

Love the Dear Diary... brilliant.

Five hours until red carpet. Are you excited?

Anonymous said...

I get that taysten is not real. But seriously wtf? Does kristen have respect for rob to be saying stuff like that to taylor in front of him.. as if rob feelings wouldn't have been hurt. And don't its ok cause taylors gay. Any guy would be hurt if their girlfriend told her some other guy that "she'd do anything for him" in an interview in front of him. I wonder what rob's parents would had thought if they knew kristen was treating rob like that.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such hyopcrites. Seriously you all say now its ok for Kstew to say those things cause its Taylor. I wonder how'd you react though if it was Rob saying those things to another co-star? Would you be as understanding? No I don't think so. Not after Details.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it is because Taylor is just a friend, and possibly gay that Kristen can easily say stuff like that. If it was to Dakota would you think anything of it? No. Taylor may as well be Dakota in Kristen's eyes. I don't know how many times she has said he is just like a little brother to her. Why would that in any way threaten Rob?

jen said...

Kristen, Robert and Taylor are obviously close.

Kristen often coddles or playflirts(in a friendly way) Taylor.

This isn't rocket science why she does this in part, people.

Taylor is often accused of being effeminate and/or gay.

It's ridiculous, the kid is only 17 and giggles sometimes and is a little nerdy. I think all the speculation is silly.


Kristen knows it's there too, as does Robert.

I've always felt like Kristen really amps up the cheese with Taylor to:

a) deflect from her and Robert

b) to let taylor be seen in a more flirty, less effeminate way

c) to make sure he's not the third wheel in interviews.

Does Robert honestly seem annoyed ever?

Hell no. He could care less.

Anonymous said...

Great post as always Rose I love the way that it gets everyone worked up.

I want to thank you for pointing out the details that I miss most of the time seeing. Seriously , I am really bad catching them. The knee thing completly miss it, so I thank you for it.

I just want mention a few things . People please dont judge Kristen just because she dosent wear her feelings on her sleeves like Rob does. Remember shes really trying to keep her personal life private. So shes not gonna give us no clues or tips on her relationship with Rob.

We could tell every time they ask her a straight answer about Rob she answers it but always brings in Taylor or the cast into it. Kristen has said more than once that is important to keep what means so much to her for herself, she does nt want it to become entertainment .She also said that maybe she would had said already the truth about her and Rob if people would nt had maade it a big deal of it. And we cant forget I am pretty sure she's aware of all the people hating on her as it is, so imagine if the haters knew the truth. And lets not leave out that she really loves Rob and dose nt want his career to be affected by their relationship. So please keep this things in mind people.

Someone wrote that they wont watch RM because they cant see him with no one else than Kristen. You should give it a try and watch the movie. I remember that at one point I told myself if it would be kinda wierd to see him make out with other women then Kristen, but guess what nothing cant keep me away from Rob. I love Rob and I'll follow him in everything he'll do. Think about it, do you seriuosly want to miss out on Belami? I really dont think so. If you love Rob you ll come to learn that he's very differnt to his roles you can really feel that he's a complete different person when he's acting and not Rob, thats how good of an actor he is.

Ok now to Roxy you should really learn the difference between a chest and a jacket.

Max I am really sorry to say this but you have really bad body language reading skills.

12:40 Really? Are you serious? I dont know who the dude is but to me he looks like one more of Kristen,s bodyguards.

Now that i got that out off the way. I really have to say I am not only a Robsten Lover but I am an Xtream Twilight fan so please dont bring in the rest of the cast into Rob and Kris relationship. It really is'nt fair for them. They all have work really hard on the saga just to bring it to life for us.And Taylor has to deal alot with the most uncomfortable situation just because he is there in the photo shoot and interviews that really make him look like the third wheel. Yesterday someone said something about Taylor being gay !PLEASE! We all know that is not true. Dude dates a different girl every two seconds lol ok thats a bit much. But he do dates. And Nikki lets give her a brake.If there was or was'nt a Nikki and Rob thats history and if she still does have a crush on him thats just to bad for her and we all know why. She really seems like a good person . So lets cut her some slack.

With taht said I wish you all a HAPPY ECLIPSE PREMIERE!! and let the night bring us all the goodies.

Lisa said...

Oh my.. I've not needed any proof of "Robsten" in a VERY long time. Yet, they keep giving it to me!! LOL

As for Remember Me.. It makes me SO sad that people didn't flock to it. He was wonderful.. But I think much of it was the same way my family felt. "Why would you want to see that again, it's sad" I told my daughter today "Yes, but it's a movie, and Rob is alive and well and looking BETTER then ever" LOL Anyway, I had read many stores were selling out of RM and found that hard to believe. But I was in BB today and sure enough, they only had TWO copies! I of course, pre-ordered mine! :) Anyway, you're right Rose BUY REMEMBER ME! Show Rob we love him, not just Edward!

Just saw this.. Not sure what I make of it, but it's fun to look at! :)


Anonymous said...


The more i read this stuff the more i dislike the idea of robsten.
I was robsten shipper until eclipse promo. So much idiocy.. I cant stand this anymore.

and seriously kristen, why all the taylor love? Come on they are not that good friends..
We only see them together when summit needs them to go somewhere together..

I am not fooled aynmore.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love your post today! The leg nudge was pointed out in a comment last nite on your site, so I looked annnd waay too cute. You can tell he was really trying to comefort her. And if you can't see that for what it was then you really are filled with hate. I can't wait for the premiere, it should be lots of fun to watch. Too bad that couldn't have a no hate guarantee where only real fans could watch and the haters get a blue screen lmao..hmmmm. Thanks again Rose! Go RandK :)

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think it is the shameful PR nature of Taylor's "relationships" with these it-girl-of-the-moments that has really contributed to making people think he's gay. The Taylor Swift relationship? Come on, 100% PR. He had about as much sexual chemistry with her as he has with Kristen. So, yeah, zero.

I don't know what he is. I have my suspicions, of course. But it really doesn't matter. He's a good kid with a bright future and his friendship with Kristen clearly has no impact on her relationship with Rob.

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:40

''You guys are such hyopcrites. Seriously you all say now its ok for Kstew to say those things cause its Taylor. I wonder how'd you react though if it was Rob saying those things to another co-star? Would you be as understanding? No I don't think so. Not after Details''


Oh by the way Rob STILL gets so much hate from kristen fan. I dont get it.

Melinda said...

It's me again! Felt like adding something to the mix. So here it goes.

(Now I am smart enough to know that I probably won't get a response back from the foamers but I shall ask anyway.)

Why oh why do you think you have the right to define Rob and Kristen's relationship for them?

I keep hearing that Kristen isn't as nice to Rob as Rob is to her. Remember the Nightline interview Rob gave? He said that his relationship with Kristen is private. He said that if the public knew his "business" they would feel the need to tell him what they think about it all the time. I can imagine that some crazy people (some who come here) if given the opportunity would love to tell him what they think of Kristen to his face like he would be grateful for the input. You know what I think he would say to you? "Shut up. I want to kill you."

I believe that Rob knows Kristen more than we as the public will ever know. He understands her fears/tics/worries etc. I think all that aside he still loves being around her. I remember a quote Rob said about Kristen putting up with a lot of crap from him and most actresses wouldn't do that.

Here's the deal- they both bring something to the table so to speak and it works for them. It is not perfect b/c they aren't perfect. If you can't understand that it is b/c you have never been in a real adult relationship before.

Okay enough of that...moving on.

The whole red carpet debate that is going on. It would surprise me if they showed any type of PDA on the RC. That isn't their style. It could happen but I am not holding my breath. For the foamers don't get too excited if they don't appear on the RC as a "couple" b/c it means NOTHING about their true relationship.

Case in point: Jay-Z and Beyonce- they are married (or we all assume they are but they have never PUBLICLY announced it so maybe they aren't). They never walk a RC together. When they sit together at functions (bb games, award shows)they don't hold hands and 99% of the time they aren't affectionate at all. Because they don't show any affection towards each other in public does this make them not a couple? Nope.

But this is what you do to Rob and Kristen all the time. Makes no sense at all. Not that I am surprised.

Okay I have said what I felt like saying. Going to meet a friend for dinner. I am sure I'll check back later to see what people have posted about the premiere and to see pics.

Suzy Q and Bex- Hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

to anon 4:37

Very well said!!!

''I get that taysten is not real. But seriously wtf? Does kristen have respect for rob to be saying stuff like that to taylor in front of him.. as if rob feelings wouldn't have been hurt. And don't its ok cause taylors gay. Any guy would be hurt if their girlfriend told her some other guy that "she'd do anything for him" in an interview in front of him''

Anonymous said...

Rose, again a great post. Why is it that people don't understand what a love relationship is. As for Taylor, if he is really for the other side then yes Kristen is very comfortable with him. Any women who has a relationship with a gay man will tell you that they are wonderful. You can flirt, tease, and do all the things you would do with a straight man but the difference is,with a gay man THERE IS NO SEXUAL TENSION and they (the gay men) love having this kind of relationship with women. I have never written this much on any site. Love you Rose.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Rob's smile. With Kristen. Its my new background. Crap. They are cute.


Anonymous said...

Taysten - Love Is In The Air!

Anonymous said...

Taysten - Delusion is in the air.

Anonymous said...

Kristen has said often she loves Taylor. He's like her little brother!

Taylor is NOT the one she crisscrosses the world to spend her free time with!

Deb said...

Well you can SEE that the time is getting closer THE NUTS are getting nervous WHY I ask EVERY thing well be ok If Rob and Kristen COME together All is good IF they DONT ALL is good they have THE REST of the NIGHT to be with EACH OTHER SO AS YOU CAN SEE THIS IS A WIN WIN SITUATION FOR ROB and KRISTEN I LOVE IT.DONT WORRY BE HAPPY. I know they are And to SuzyQ I hope you feel better you to BEX OK LADYS JUST SET BACK AND HAVE FUN . DEB

Bex said...

anonymous 4:37 and 5:09

If you had ever been in any type of secure stable relationship then you would be able to comprehend that no, robs feeling should not be hurt by kristen telling taylor she loves him and would do anything for him.
-my bf and i have been together for 4+ years and share all our friends (9 out of 10 of our friends are guys) and i tell them i love them all the time. He does the same.
it's called loving and not hating.. you should try it some time. it feels pretty good

Also you obviously need a lesson on self esteem... you may not have it but I'm pretty sure rob and kristen do.

Also, there is a HUGE difference between loving somebody and being in love with somebody.

"You love your mom"
"You're in love with your mom"

Anonymous said...

oh my god..i really love Robsten..

1:40 that look she gave him..*le sigh*

soadram said...

Love is in the air, I have no doubt, moreover, never had.
Perfect post with real words and beautiful pictures.
A picture is worth a thousand words
And not just see who does not want.
I is not stupid food (foam)
Rose and you're the one always makes me smile, continue because only one person happy and almonds can write as you write.
A kiss

Anonymous said...

EW interview was fail imo.
Rob seemed like a third wheel..

Whatever people i get that taysten is not real but this is getting to much for me.
seriously how can you blame Rob fans after stuff like this? I like robsten but i am not that pysco fan i think Rob fans are right at some points.
Go check out lj accounts of kristen fans they're swooning over taysten..

TaystenIsTrue said...

to 5.37

LOL what look? She didn't look at him. She loves Taylor. Read the EW interview. When she ever spoken highly of Rob like this? when? But hey keep living the dream if keeps you happy. :)

Taysten4ever xxx

Anonymous said...

Rob fans MUST READ...this journalist is friends with Roger Ebert...he tweeted about this today...she knows what the merciless media will try to do to Rob(and is already doing)...http://open.salon.com/blog/keka/2010/06/24/second_plea_see_remember_me_on_tvdvd

Anonymous said...

Kristen Stewart is not spending her time with Taylor Lautner.

She has said he is like a little brother to her.

Those pushing Taysten need something, anything to ignore the obvious with Rob and Kristen.

Taylor isn't the one defending her now, is he?

Anonymous said...

If Rob doesn't like Kristen's attitude or what she says, he can easily walk away and be with any other woman in a split second. He hasn’t, so suck it up nerds.

Anonymous said...


Well, I assume this is the image that the genuine Kristen wants to give right now.

Kristen wants us to know that Taylor is a fantastic guy who she loves and for whom she'd do anything. OK Kristen, we get it!

What about Rob? No idea, maybe she's fed up with Robsten... If the genuine Kristen wants us to mix her with Taylor, OK.

TaySten exists!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kris is in love with Taylor, nor do I think he's gay. That's just putting yourself at the same level of the kristen haters that say she's a lesbian.
I think Taylor has prove to Kristen to be a loyal, strong friend for her.She loves him and trust him. I do also believe that "Robsten" is not what it was until april. Something has changed. Yes, they can be cute but something is off.

Bex said...

anon 6:07 - preaching to the choir

Rob could be banging 10 different girls A NIGHT. But hes not...because he's only banging one.. and that one girl is named KRISTEN STEWART

SueBee said...

Banging like a screen door in a hurricane...LOL

Okay, that was crass but I was just showing you some support, Bex!

Anonymous said...

To 6.05
Yeah Taylor didn't defend her , it was Rob.. yet she compliented him instead of Rob. Thats what I don't about the robsten fandom. ITS ROB that keeps on giving, not Kristen. Hes the one thats always saying shes amazing and giving hints about their relationship and Kristen in return calls him a good friend and praises Taylor. Yes maybe his her gay friend. But do you ever consider Rob is hurt by these things but won't give her up because hes too into her? Its always been pretty obvious that Rob is more into her. Its not a longshot to believe that even if she was hurting him he wouldn't dump her because he didn't want to lose her.

Anonymous said...


yes sth has changed,they are in love more than before.

Bex said...

haha i just love the term "bangin". it always makes me laugh

Gigi said...

Kids pls play nice with all the other kids ...we adults know more b/c we have lived more it is that simple ...and by the way I say that I don't really care who the heck they are with , really pls give it up ...we all "adults" get what is going on b/c we have been there before it is hard to comprehend if you are 13 ..
When ppl are in love which each other the true love not I'm a thing a possession to be have , there is space for other friends and ppl in our live , the object of our love is to make this person truly happy so we add not subtract anything ...and if you have no idea what I'm talking about then you are way to young to know anything ...final point ..Kristen and Taylor both have said that they love each other like brother and sister ...now why has either Robert or Kristen come out and say ..no we are definitely not going out we are just good friends?? it would be as simple as that ...but no there is a lot of we don't talk about out private life talk but none of no we are not going out ...they both know that if they were to totally denied it and then they get a pict of the 2 of them say in a place together the hoopla would be bigger so it is like no no we don't talk ...in Fact I say good for them it shows maturity ..again there is that word ..MATURITY ...
Hold on guys tonight will be a long night the kids are out and feeling threaten ...ufff off I go ...Chao

Anonymous said...

To 6.11 pm.

I completely agree with you, I get the same feeling.

Rose predicted a splendid and happy Robsten summer, but I'm getting just the opposite. It's like Kristen is trying to keep Rob at distance. In a way, she's using Taylor for it.

True. She went to London and Budapest, but that was months ago.

Anonymous said...

Actually, lets turn it around. Lets say Kristen is there with Robert and Reese. They are doing an intervew and Rob says to the says to the interviewer, I could not have made it through filming without the support of my beautiful costar Reese. You people would be on here calling him disrepectful, bastard or two timer. That is a double standard. Kristen fans call Rob fans stupid for making these kind of observations, but you are no better. Sitting there saying Kristen is not doing anything wrong. Read the entire article. "Your one cute a** m o t h e r f u c k e r." She can get away with anything with you. She kisses Taylor-"That is so sweet". I don't beleive that Taylor and Kristen are together either. I don't know what she is trying to prove. Just my opinion here. Before you jump all over me for saying my peace, understand that I don't dislike her. I think she is a great girl, but I am disappointed with her right now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to 6.07
like I said to the other person. has anyone considered that maybe Rob is hurt when Kristen says stuff like I'd do anything for you to Taylor? In fact I think he did kinda did hint that was a bit hurt in the interview. But even if he is he doesn't do anything about it because hes so into Kristen. Rob has said hes always been in relationships where he gets put down.

Bex said...

**Sigh** i give up trying to explain the different between love and friendship. a lot of you are just too damn mentally and emotionally immature to even begin to comprehend it.

come back in at least 6 years and HOPEFULLY it will all make sense to you then.

SueBee said...

Hyena Chronicles

Dear Diary,

I'm back! I switched my meds for Flinstone vitamins. Got one past Mom again!

Let's see, Diary, where was I? Oh yeah (Doodling Mrs. Robert Pattinson--but in bubble letters this time)

I don't care if Kristen is pretty, she just doesn't understand Rob like I do. She'll see--everyone will see! It's time to tell the world!
(Voices-back me up!)

Oh well, I'll just wait for Rob to look right at ME when the cameras are on him at the premiere. *sigh*

LOL--sorry guys, it just came to me!

Double Standard said...

Kristen to Taylor: "I'd do anything for you" Reaction: Awwwww

Rob to Resse: "I'd do anything for you" Reaction: Die Rob Die!!

Double Standard said...

My point is even if Rob was close friends with Resse like Kristen and Taylor, fans would still cruxifix him for saying the same things Kristen and Taylor and you all know it. He couldn't even do a photoshoot with Emile De Ravin and fans wished for his plane to crash into the Atlantic.

Bex said...

Dear Diary,

Mom said i could only write 1 more time before bedtime.

Robert Pattinson is SOO cute!! when i stole mommys Entertainment Weekly magazine this morning and read it while pretending i was in the shower (shhh don't tell!!) i just knew Rob was talking to me...

Rob deserves someone some much more better than Kristen.. like me, or the me that comes out when i'm frustrated because mommy is trying to slip my meds in with my fruit loops, or the me that starts imagining things like taysten..

oops gotta go! one of the voices just told me mommys coming...

---30 min till the red carpet starts!!---

Anonymous said...

I think Rob and Kristen are fighting to maintain their privacy with their relationship. They have had every opportunity to deny it, they don't!
When pressed by persistent reporters with statements like: "Are you saying that you and Robert Pattinson are just friends?" Kristen says that it's not what she's saying.

Now the standard answer from both is that they are not discussing their personal lives. That statement is the change.

Twicon and the MTV Movie Awards and yes, even Jimmy Kimmel prove to me at least, that
Rob and Kristen are more than mere friends.

Peter Facinelli said that Rob and Kristen should be allowed to have their privacy whatever their relationship is.

Anonymous said...

Was it necessary that Kristen praised Taylor to the extrem of saying that she'd do anything for him? Rob was there, hearing her.

I think Kristen wanted to express something else beyond these words to Taylor. So much praise for Taylor and hardly nothing about Rob's person or his work in the movie. Is it normal?

If I was her, I'd never despise Robert in public this way.

Kristen loves Taysten said...

Funny, I think Kristen actually hates you Robsten shippers cause shes seems to keep giving ammunition to the Taysten shippers. A new Taysten livejournal was just made recently http://twitter.com/taystewfans Gee I wonder why? LOL you should check them out and http://twitter.com/taystenlove They really are loving the EW interview. Well done Kristen. Shes the Taysten shippers new best friend.

Anonymous said...

Well, admit it or not but that's so f@cked up.

Rob has done nothing wrong.
but people didn't see his movie because they don't want Rob to romance anybody else other than kristen!!! details magazine drama..
For God's sake people these fucks want him to get AIDS because he did a photoshoot with a model who wasn’t Kristen.

kristen on the other hand she can do whatever she wants no one says shit.

The kstew fans and some robsten fans have a double standard for everything.

Gyn said...

Sick of this double standard. Thats all I have to say. Sick of it. You do know one day Rob is going to do something like hang out with Resse offset and fans are going to go nuts. They're going to wish for him to die, wish Kristen had never met him, the same old situation. Is it any surprise that Rob hasn't hung out with any females since Katy Perry's birthday? No Rob can do wrong. And sadly Kristen isn't aware of it. Its nice that Kristen has a close male friend. But Rob could never have a close female friend cause if he did he'd be dead. Double standards, double standards.

Anonymous said...

RT @KrisStewDaily KStews stylist told E! the necklace Kristen has been wearing is very special to her as it was given to her by her father

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Beautiful post today.

I read your posts from the last number of days to catch up on Rob and Kristen since I didn't have internet access. Perhaps later I will peek at a few of the comments. Thanks for all your dedication and love shown through your blog.

While traveling home I listened to the Eclipse CD on repeat for a couple hundred miles in order to preview the sound of the movie. What a great collection of songs! "Heavy in Your Arms", "My Love", "Atlas", and "Chop and Change" stand out, but really, the whole album is terrific. There are so many things I love about the Twilight Saga, and the music has really been fantastic.

To those Rob fans who have not seen Remember Me - it is a wonderful film with a haunting performance by Rob. The entire cast is outstanding. The importance of love, family, and friendship that the movie revolves around is lovingly framed through the many relationships that connect Tyler and the other characters in this film. See it to support Rob. Buy the DVD to support Rob. Give it as a gift to others to support Rob. But most of all, watch it more than once to truly absorb the power of the message that this film gives as a gift to the audience. The ending, with Emily seated where she is, ( and remember where the opening scene takes place ), smile on her face, is so powerful, so emotional, so full of strength and hope! I can't say enough about how wonderful of a film this is.

I hope the premiere tonight is awesome for the fans in attendance and a wonderful experience for all the actors, crew, family, and friends.

Lastly, I ran across this post today while catching up on Rob and Kristen news. It is a letter to Rob's parents after the Leno appearance and was written by someone who is following the WFE filming. Her message is beautiful and the comments that follow are well worth reading


Take care, it is nice to be home.
A believer as always.

Anonymous said...

Taysten? Really? Taysten?
People really need something to talk about!

Rob doesn't seem like the insecure type and certainly seems to know what he wants. He loves the girl he's with............that happens to be Kristen Stewart!

I think Taylor, with all the smiles, is the one who needs the positive reinforcement more.

Interviewer: Could you fall in love with Kristen Stewart?
Rob: Oh, yeah! She's amazing!

loris said...

Anon @7:11 is LYING!!!!!!!!!!

They did not say her father gave it to her. Just that it was special to her.

Nonsten = liars.

Anonymous said...

Oh please...

'taylor is gay' 'he is like brother to her' blah blah blah...

How old are you people 12?
Yeah i get that there is not taysten but seriously wtf?

Kristen: Taylor, I would do anything for you.

Rob: that sounded like the most insincere thing"

Anonymous said...

Re: The necklace:
Yes, all they said was that it was something very special to Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Red carpet live streams are boring. Where are Kris and Rob?

Any good feeds for just them??

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:34
This is how the convo went:

–What do you guys think of the career choices Tay­lor is making?

Stew­art: It’s crazy how ambi­tious he is. I’m so dif­fer­ent from him. We were on the plane and he said, “So what do you think I should do about this?” And it was con­cern­ing his mas­sive movie, and I was like, “Dude, I don’t make movies like that. I don’t know.”

Laut­ner: It doesn’t mat­ter. She’s an excel­lent per­son to go to for advice. I prob­a­bly bug her because I go to her for advice so much.

Stew­art: Tay­lor, I would do any­thing for you.

Pat­tin­son: Okay, that sounded like the most insin­cere thing.

Anonymous said...

@Kristen loves Taysten
Awesome, there's a place for taysten lovers to go to. Please, all you believers go there, have fun! No need to come back here and be bashed again and again, unless you like self-flagellation.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jennifer Love Hewitt. Adorable on the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

For all the taysten shippers:


A place just for you :-)

@ suebee and bex... I sorta snagged your "Dear Diary" comments and gave you credit. If you need them removed just leave a comment there... and I will take them down. :-D

Gigi said...

WEll the mystery is solved ...blond with Rob big news ..ready ...his sister ...who happens to be "blond"

Anonymous said...

@ 8:59
Rob is with his sister on the red carpet????

Gigi said...

@ 9:08 Yes it turns out with his two sisters ...Now Taylor ,Rob and Kristen are walking the line and singing ...very cute ...
They are striming live at eonline.com

Gigi said...

Cute ....

Anonymous said...


He's going to work tomorrow at 5 in the morning

Poor Rob.

Anonymous said...

Look at this. Look at how relaxed Kristen is holding onto Taylor while her grip on Rob is more forced. Thats not good. http://media.photobucket.com/image/recent/twilightxchange/71/Kristen/twilightxchange-hq122.jpg

Bex said...

Pics of Rob looking absolutely GORGEOUS!!

http://yfrog.com/af4txj http://yfrog.com/ed5efj http://yfrog.com/jub4cgj

Anonymous said...

Kristen looked amazing and she spoke so well. I'm sure an overzealous fan accidently bumped her with a marker. she still looked gorgeous. AG looked like she was wearing my bed sheet, Please give it back. And what flock of birds landed on Nikki Reed? Yuck!

loris said...

anon @ 10:11

This is love:

Anonymous said...

Kristen leaves for OTR in 2 wks RT @windtic: she leave for OTR in 2 wks .. Bet she can't wait :) Hot times for GarrettStew ahead!

Bex said...

@anon 10:11

i'm not even gonna comment on this assinine statement...

hahaha ok maybe i will... i think this was supposed to be a joke because that is probably one of the stupidest descriptions of a pic i have ever seen

Anonymous said...


Necklace is on but under dress you can see chain here.

Anonymous said...


Red carpet cuteness!!!

Anonymous said...

to loris

LOL Kristen isn't even looking at Rob in that pic. No offence but I've seen Kristen look more fondly at Taylor in pictures. Show me a pic where Kristens actually looking at Rob and then I might believe your Kristen loves Rob theory.

Anonymous said...

Kristen didn't look at Rob at all in any of the pics. Her eyes were too focused on yummy Taylor. Poor Rob will never learn who she truly wants.

loris said...

Don't have time to look through pics, just watch this.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:15

OMFG... its more like she was GRIPPING Rob's jacket. LOL. Hyenas are so blind..... its like amazing.

loris said...

Goodbye Taysten shipper. here ya go:

Now go away.

Anonymous said...

Rob was so tired in his interviews. I think he actually said live on E! that the fans just all wanted to sleep with him. But I may have misheard. It was a live feed so I could have been wrong. But seriously he looks like he hasn't slept in days.

On the flip side Kristen seems more relaxed than I've ever seen her. The interviews she gave were great.

Kristen's more relaxed and Rob looks exhausted... I'm not trying to imply anything here... but I wonder what happened after lunch and before they got ready....


Bex said...

@anon 10:18

You really shouldn't have said that...


It's amazing how little it actually took to turn you (sarcasm)

Bex said...



one down... too many to go

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Kristen has always looked happier with Taylor. He lights up her life.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Kristen ISN'T looking at Rob. Usually when she's with Taylor, she's smiling at him. Not with Rob though. But then of course you guys will ignore the many pics so far of Kristen smiling at Taylor. Delusional.

Anonymous said...


Taysten my ass. Robsten <3

loris said...

Was there even a Taysten photo op tonight?????

Sorry Taysten shipper, Taylor looked very third wheel tonight.

There is no Taysten, you can go away now.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:34

Yes, Kristen smiles at Taylor. She is his good friend. She thinks of him as a little brother.

Rob is with Kristen. They love each other... NOT like brother and sister.

Patricia said...

Well Rose, I was watching the RED Carpet on e-online. Rob walked over to Kristen and they posed for a picture. You probably already saw it. It is FABULOUS to me. Kristen has her arm on his back and her hand is clenched in a fist holding onto his jacket in the small of his back.( she's hanging on for dear life) There are lots of pictures of just the two of them. Another one of my favorites is Rob just looking at her and her smiling (SO HAPPY)




Bex said...

@anonymous 10:34

So its ok for you to ignore every pic of Kristen looking at Rob or Rob looking at Kristen and only the "Taysten" ones matter?

By that analogy then we here have the right to ignore your PR Taysten pics.

However we don't because we are sane and we can tell the difference between photo ops and bubbles

Anonymous said...

This is a pic of Kristen looking at her man! And it isn't Taylor!!!

She looks at him, he looks at her!


I do love that Rob's suit is maroon and Kristen painted her nails red!

Bex said...

so cute!!




Anonymous said...

Why is it always Rob looking at her on the RC? She barely ever look sat him...http://cache2.asset-cache.net/xc/102390317.jpg?v=1&c=NewsMaker&k=2&d=77BFBA49EF87892102A727B1636DE2E6D6AF859C474D99150E702D5451E6708D9A204EB897B73CD0E30A

Anonymous said...

The bubble was in full view in front of everyone tonight...http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/102390317/FilmMagic Someone's getting some good loving tonight.

An AP interviewer said that Kristen's stylist said the necklace was very special to her...hmm...and she was wearing it tonight under the dress.

Lots and lots of pics with Kristen grabbing hold of Rob's jacket for dear life,he calms her tremendously in nerve wracking situations.

Anonymous said...

Well Taylor was definitely 3rd wheel tonight. Even when all 3 posed togther, he was off to the side as far as they were concerned.
About damn time they interacted together and looked great tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well Taylor was definitely 3rd wheel tonight.Even when all 3 posed togther,he was off to the side as far as they were concerned.
About damn time they interacted together and looked great tonight.

Bex said...

it must be really sad and lonely being a hyena.

look at how much fun we are all having over here. basking in the love, squeeing with delight.

you poor hyenas are choking on your foam and scratching your fleas... so pathetic.. grasping for ANYTHING to prove you're right. Even if you were (WHICH YOU AREN'T) you'll still never be happy.

Hate is so over powering. Love is so joyous. i strongly suggest you switch sides now or you're all gonna get ulcers by the time you're 16

Anonymous said...

to 7:11 anon...why do you hyenas persist on LYING????? She said no such thing, she DID say it was from someone special...and it wasn't her father. 20 year old women do not wear gifts like that from their dads,but from their lover.

loris said...

This one is the best. I love it:

Anonymous said...

Lmao at you pathetic sheep bringing old pics over. Rob wasn't even on Kristen's radar in any of the pics. Its as plain as day shes not that into him. There are tons of pics of her smiling at Taylor in photocalls and not a single one of her smiling at Rob in the premiere pics. What does that tell you?

adorable said...

These two are adorable together. Taylor who?

loris said...

moron @ 11:01 old pics? They are from tonight. Keep trying, Oh wait the Taysten shop has closed, no hidden girlfriends so you're fired. Go away now. PUSH!

Melinda said...


That is a great pic. They are HAPPY and not even noticing anything that is going on around them!

Someone I follow on Twitter likened them to Elvis and Priscilla tonight. They kinda did.

Can't wait to see what Rose has to say tomorrow (or since it is Friday already where I am at-today).

Anonymous said...


God you need to go to bed!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Kristen and Taylor did not do one photo together!!!

I like Taylor just tired of him and Kristen's PR photos they have been doing.

Bex said...

@anonymous 11:07

seriously! i love how every pic with taylor and kristen has rob in them... the taystens are all in a frenzy because they can't find a single pic from tonight to show us to somehow prove that taysten really exists

Opytaylor said...

There was not Even One moment tonight just Taysten. Plenty of Robsten moments, then the Summit cockblockers rushed Taylor in for a PR triangle pic, and Robsten got a better squeeze even then.

Major loss for the Nonstens and Taystens. Give up. This score was settled long ago.

Anonymous said...

Rob looked very British tonight, he looked like one of the Mods from the 60's. I almost expected him to wear Beatle boots. Slim cut was very sexy on him. Kristen's dress complimented it well and did I see matching nail polish???

Bliss said...

Ok nonstens, hyenas and other delusional people....this looks like a fucking wedding pic...in fact I've seen many a shot of a bride and groom that don't look this blissful and consumed in each other...GIVE IT UP...they LOVE each other...http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo68/twilightxchange/71/08/pattinsonlife11293.jpg

Deb said...

JuST watch the red carpet and it was ok I would of like to see more of Rob and Kristen but they did interviews with Ashley And Nikkie and all the others IT was ok And they didnt talk long with Rob But they did with Taylor and just a little bet longer with Kristen I hope that who ever mark on Kristens face didnt mean to do that if so i hope (they) get busted for it.She was stunning tonight AND ROB HO MY GOD yummmmmm BOY IS KRISTEN ONE LUCKY GIRL You see Kristen alot with Rob and then she and Rob are with Taylor Rob was not to far from Kristen They did look for each other at times Cant wait for tomorrow to see all the other pic of them And maybe some after party ones to IT was a good night after all IM HAPPY AND YES she had her necklace on and the gold ring ITS ALL GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN THANK YOU GOD.YOU KNOW THE 9NERDS-HYENAS) are going to CRYING THERE EYES OUT AFTER TONIGHT HO well see ya wouldnt want to be ya DEB

Opytaylor said...

Kristen was allot more touchy/feely with Rob tonight than I thought she would be. She is clearly more comfortable with public knowledge of the relationship and she is being affectionate towards him. I believe both will continue saying nothing to the press, and I support that. It's more real this way IMO

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