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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Together.

I've had a busy couple of days...
And the rest of the week doesn't look any better.
What do I have to say?

1. This picture of Rob is one of my FAVEs.
I know, I know... I say that about every damn picture.
But I've had this picture forever but it had lame
marks all over it.
Always kinda pisses me off that people put their
name on someone elses pictures.
If you didn't take it?
You don't 'own' it.
Don't mess with the pretty.


2. Batten down the hatches.
Batten. Is that the right word? 

A narrow strip of wood used to fasten down the edges of the material that covers hatches in foul weather.

  1. That works.
    In this case the "Foul" weather is the
    ever increasing amounts of foaming that will soon
    be covering everything.
    The haters just keep flitting from one
    cling to another.
    It's actually quite comical.

    Rob now has a 'blonde' girlfriend
    I don't even remember her name, 
    but supposedly she has been dating him for a while
    and they are coming 'out' in July.
    Something like that.
    But then...
    Emilie de Ravin is on the list to the premiere
    of Eclipse.
    Of course... Rob and Emilie have been
    carrying on since Remember Me.
    I guess now she is the 'blonde' girlfriend??
    I don't suppose the fact that Emilie has worked 
    with Summit on RM, that is being released today...
    Has anything to do with her being on the list?
    Oh but wait...
    Britney Spears is on the list too...
    Is SHE the blonde girlfriend??
    Well... it doesn't really matter...
    Any blonde will do.
    Haters are so frantic about the upcoming premiere
    They will CLING to anything.

    3. And yes... Kristen is STILL wearing Rob's necklace.
    She never takes it off.
    Obviously it means SO SO much to her...

    The frenzied haters are saying Oregano gave it to her...
    You know...
    The 'deliciously handsome' guy in her ipod picture?
    Oh so so futile.
    Yes, Oregano and Kristen are in a secret relationship...
    when she's not busy being a lesbian.
    One thing I don't understand...
    Why would Kris and O have to be a secret?
    They were together through the Twilight promotion...
    Oh right...
    Michael found out she was a closet lesbian.
    But wait...
    They are still together.
    How do the haters keep this shit straight?
    See what Rabies does to you?
    So sad.

5. Foamers are always all about how 'miserable'
Rob and Kristen are when they are together.
Look at the way she is looking at him.
And I would love to see his face in that picture.
I'm sure it is just as connected.
They are always in their own little 'bubble'

Magnetically DRAWN to each other.

6. Robert can't keep his eyes off of Kristen.
He is so completely smitten with her.
He has been from day one.

8. And did you ever notice how AWARE of Kristen, Rob is?
It's like he has an inner radar...
He's always looking at her.
For her.
He waits for her.
Walks with her.
Leans towards her.
Sits near her.
And if she is not next to him...
He is always searching to see where she is.
It's adorable.
It's lovely.
9. I've never seen Rob more happy and giddy than
in the last few weeks.
I've not seen Kristen this calm and smiley in a while.
Why do you think that is?
Kristen is glowing with happiness...
She has looked absolutely stunning on the latest press tour.
Robert has the biggest smiles on his face all the time.
They look miserable?
Or are you just seeing your own reflection?

10. Final thoughts?
The Haters can whine about "PR" all they want.
Although Rob said he wouldn't sell it.
And how convenient that they pick and choose
over what they want to believe.
Rob saying he wants to go on a date
is their definition of a 'denial'
But Rob also said Kristen was pregnant...
He can't find anyone
to hang out with him on Sat Nights...
He lost his car...
He never saw Twilight until recently...
And that he never washes his hair.

First Rob and Kristen were only together for PR.
Then every picture of them was 'staged'
Now they are supposedly breaking up for PR?
Is PR the answer to everything?
The foam reeks of desperation.

The fact of the matter is simple logic.
There isn't ANYONE else that Robert has spent time
with on a continuous basis more than Kristen.
She has flown to Budapest, London (more than once),
The IOW and NYC just to be in his company.
They have shown up together coming and going
from public events...
When they are together in public...
They can't take their eyes off of each other
and are in their own world.
But the key word here is 
That's what I see.
You know you see it too.
Otherwise you wouldn't be so angry.

One more thing.
Remember this picture?
Kristen 'caught' by the paps...
looking for houses?
She looks pretty damn happy
Doesn't she?
Wonder if she found anything?

Bye for now.


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Anonymous said...

Amazing Rose! :) Just saying thinking how their reunion makes me happy! fuck the haters! :D

Trisha said...

Well done Rose. I get so giddy looking at those pictures. I love those two and can't wait for the premiere.

Hey Hyenas, be sure you watch that too. It should be quite a show.

Love it Rose. Have a great Tuesday.

Trisha said...

Well done Rose. I get so giddy looking at those pictures. I love those two and can't wait for the premiere.

Hey Hyenas, be sure you watch that too. It should be quite a show.

Love it Rose. Have a great Tuesday.

the awful truth said...

Rob is very much in love NOT with Kristen,but with a very cute blonde girl from England.Her name is Fiona Stapletton and she's actress and musician in a small group.They met when Rob was filming in London and they'll come out after Eclipse's premiere.I don't give a shit if you believe me or not or if you call me a hater,a hyena or crazy.I know that's the truth,like it or not.

deejon67 said...

They Are Together And They Are Very Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

Ohhh Rose...i just love you!!!Perfect...perfect..

I receive this video and it's so lovely...wanna share whith you girls..

Ah one more thing...i know you know about "some house"...Please feel free to tell me..lol...
Oh and Rose, did you see when she say "i miss him"in the interview?!Oh so sweet...


Love , Carol.

KJ said...

Bwahahaha! "How do the haters keep this shit straight? See what Rabies does to you?" AWESOME. This week is just the beginning of greatness. Despite her exhaustion at the punishing promo tour schedule, she has been luminous and calmer than I have ever seen her. He has never looked so giddy happy either. YES. They're about to bring it to a whole new level. Thanks, Rose. xo

Anonymous said...

as usual Rose you sum it up in wondertul words Rob looks exceptionally happy, happier than i have seen him in a very long time and that was when he was 17 and starring in a wizard movie in the UK. Then he was young and ready to embrace the world, now he is happier being in the world as long as he has what he loves surrounding him - work and someone who loves him just as madly and unconditionally as he does her. yes the nonstens are rabid right now, seriously the stench from their leaky hinds is disgusting and desperate - teaming him up with anything that has a pulse and a less than stellar reputation now they are turning on his family too the desperation is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

So, it was Teresa Palmer yesterday, now today it's somebody named Fiona Stapletton? Jeez guys...you are really grasping here...afraid of something? Me thinky so!! Great post Rose! Happy Tuesday!!

-Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

12.16 wow how many boards have you posted her name on now god almightly hunny but your desperate clinging to you lies is beginning to make you go blind, lie down girl for pitys sake before you do yourself a brain injury, oh that's right you have to have a brain to do it any damage bwhhaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose,

You can't see it but enclosed in this comment is a blog umbrella just for you....because I have a funny feeling that your comment section will be particularly foamy today.

"One more thing.
Remember this picture?
Kristen 'caught' by the paps...
looking for houses?
She looks pretty damn happy
Doesn't she?
Wonder if she found anything?


"That's what I see.
You know you see it too.
Otherwise you wouldn't be so angry"

Is going to make them SLOBBER, YAP, AND WHINE so badly... it will just be ridiculous!!

I LOVE IT!! :-p Their always so funny with their tail chasing.

*Suzy Q*

Leah said...

Good post Rose. I do wish the nonstens would stop bringing Emilie and Oregano's name up. Although I'm not a fan of either I think its unfair that they use them in their games and they get hate because of it.
Thanks Rose x

Anonymous said...

Oh one more thing the actress singer you are referring too has only one t in her surname but you knew that already hence you gave her two tt's and she lives in New South Wales not the UK but then again your rabid lies also know that, just so you know the spreading of her name smells of desperation clinging in the air just like your filthy claws are desperately clinging to nonsten hope.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, great post as usual. This is an exciting week for sure. I am so happy Kristen is back in Roberts arms again. She looked like she was missing him on the tour. Looking forward to seeing Eclipse, I will probably go after a few days to see it. I can't stand noisey theaters and screaming wenches. My daughters are going at the midnight show, I'm sure they will come with me to see it again.

As for the hags who come here to your blog and spout garbage because they are bored on the blogs of hate, you see it is no fun for them because everyone is a hater there.
We all love Robert and Kristen here and that is enough for us, we can get along with each other. They can't, once you start to hate I think it consumes you like a fire and in their minds it has to be spread. So sad to live that kind of life.
Thank you Rose for always keeping it real, you are the best. MelenaS

ciro said...

wow can't wait to see RC premier too rose...and hope kristen would had a nice landing in LA and rob already give her TLC..be safe baby...he..he...

also the list so lame, how come there so much fame whore on those.. what in S mind 'face palm'
ooh..let see the hyena will clinging rob with blode let's count and play game already??? let say...EDR move Avril move Britney move Lindsay move Jamie king move Marissa Miller move and so much blondes bwahaha...how phatetic and insecure hyena during premier the foaming would every where....

Anonymous said...

Rob met his blonde girlfriend last night at her house dream house. She's blonde and beautiful. Her name is barbie. And she loves Rob. I don't care what you crazy shippers say! And they are real not plastic... I don't care what my doctor says. You don't have to believe me. I know I'm right.

Gina said...

Oh please the reason why Kristen looks so relaxed and happy is because of Taylor not Rob. Shes always looked happier with Taylor. Trust me, in Jimmy Kimmel she couldn't keep her eyes off him. I've never seen Kristen look as happy as she does with Taylor. Taylor has done her the world of good. They belong together.

prajitha said...

this is the first time i am commenting on your blogsite.but i have gone through your works before also...i love robsten(don't know y)..and you keep writing the things exactly what i wanted to read about them..so i thought it would very bad to enjoy your work without appreciating it ..so great work...keep doing it...

Anonymous said...

gina at 12.33 i think the bus to your school is waiting for you, make sure to pack your lunch now deary and see make sure you have a lovely day in kindergarten BYEEEEEEEEEE

Karen said...

Rose, I love the pictures you posted of Rob yesterday. Just when I think he can't get any yummier-he does! And Kristen...she's such a beautiful woman. I love that the two of them have been so happy and playful. What a sweet homecoming this will be for them.

Carol, the video is great. Very fitting indeed!! I wonder who wrote the song and who sings it. It sums up perfectly Rob's feelings for Kristen, doesn't it?


bex said...

you nonsten/crazies sure did come out early today. oh thats right...its summer vacation so you have nothing better to do than troll all these blogs/websites posting your made up psychic stories.

please tell me what the winning lotto numbers will be since you are all so great at telling the future. hah.

Patricia said...

Rose: You are 'spot on' with everything that you posted today. I love you.

I know in my heart that Rob loves Kristen and Kristen loves Rob and they have been together for well over a year now. SEEING IS BELIEVING AND THAT BUBBLE THEY'RE IN IS WONDERFUL !!!!

It doesn't matter what haters post, they are together.


Anonymous said...

@2:17 You wish. Thay are manteining this PR pseudorelationship in the closet until BD2 release.

"And yes... Kristen is STILL wearing Rob's necklace.
She never takes it off.
Obviously it means SO SO much to her..."

Jesus...It's just a necklace. Why you and the other shippers are ALWAYS bringing the ****** necklace over and over again? It's a Rob's birthday present? Ok, big deal. Do you(and I mean shippers in general?) have to mention it every single day? JUST A NECKLACE, not sacred gold wedding present of eternal love given to her in her wedding day! Geez...

And thanks, she already has a house, and he doesn't need one, as when WFE is done he will be back HOME, LONDON, EUROPE, THE WORLD, THE UNIVERSE.

@12:16 never heard about that Fiona. I think Rob is being very secretive about his (real) private life, sadly we have to wait at least 2 long years, until the d*** saga is done.

Anonymous said...

i think recent gossip points to taylor lautner being in the gay community on the downlow so i guess you could say that kristen is actually bearding for him LOL

Anonymous said...


Rob's gf.

cookie said...

anon 12:40,why so angry?Are you PMSing or you're just pissed?Relax,dear!Embrace life or find a good therapist and get some meds.

tom said...


Actually that's his real girlfriend,morons.

bex said...

anonymous 12:41 - hahaha thats some porn star.

Its amazing how many of you ship rob with ANYBODY except kristen. none of you can even keep the "mystery girlfriend's" name straight.

i think this porn star is mystery gf #3 or 4 TODAY only.

and yet none of you have any proof whatsoever. no pictures, no NECKLACES, no trips across the world on birthdays... nothing!

Anonymous said...

wow it is rabid overflow tonight what is it with the blondes in the world seriously hasn't it occured to your half wits by now that if any blonde no matter who it is becomes his gf dont you think the media would have sniffed it out by now? Of course you do hence you run around in your wild rabid theories posting crap everywhere LOLZ i feel so sorry for you....NOT

So its gone from fiona stapletton to hilary scott-luke they all look like his sisters wow next you will tell us he is an incestious relationship with his sisters (GASP)

Anonymous said...


This is the future Mrs Pattz.

Anonymous said...

I see that Rob really likes porn stars.At least,they're hot not cold fishes like KS.

Anonymous said...

Well...obviously ANY blonde will be more caring, sweet and beautiful than b****face. Just saying.

And if she could be british or at least european and Rob could be back home FINALLY... *sigh*

This post got me nervous Rose. Can't see why, oh why? you all can embrace the truth!

Anonymous said...

to the rabid anon poster i shall say this again, you need to take your meds hun because you are seriously foaming at the mouth here and frightening the little kiddies in the sandbox, come along now it won't hurt much and after that you can have a nice long nap, i'll even give you your soother if you be good.

SueBee said...

Stop the presses!!! I've got it!!!

Oregano is the blond!! He cross dresses so Kristen can do him and be a lesbian at the same time!! He puts a blond wig on so Rob doesn't feel left out! That way he can be gay and with a blond actress!
It's a win/win situation!

I knew I would figure it out.
(Insert sarcasm) LOL

Lisa said...

BRAVO Rose! :)

Bex said...

on a lighter note...

does anybody know if Kstew is back from Sweden yet? it doesn't look like shes got anymore promo to do until the premier but i could be wrong.

Also, is Rob on set for WFE today? if so i hope we get some pics :-)

Gigi said...

hi Rose ..I'm totally going nuts with a project that I have going on tops of the my kids who are at home but always look forward to your postings ..brilliant as always ..
I don't get how come all this ppl are willing to believe to even assure the world that Robert is with this girl or the other , but can not even conceive for a second that he may be with Kristen ...why would that be ?? I have seen a lot of the videos of Kristen and Taylor of all the conferences they are going and events she is happy and I think better in her own skin ...she smiles and have little talks with Taylor but come on it is not the same as to when she is next to Robert, they are truly in a zone even is it is for a second every time ..they may or not ( I believe they, are just saying ) be together but they sure look it to me ...
OK that is all ...will check latter so ...off I go for now ...

jjj said...

Angelsslave,go back to Robsten angels and your crazy patiens.I know that you like playing the "I know everything,because i'm an expert in the body language thing",but please don't sell your crap here,nobody wants to sell it.

soadram said...

I love your blog, every post every day becomes better.
The right words with the pictures to prove how much those two love each other.
And when Rob and Kris look it, does not need words, the eyes do not lie, they are the mirror of the soul.
But there is something funny in the comments is that every day changing the name of the blonde lololol
Anyway ....
Rosa continuation of a good day

Anonymous said...

jjj 1.01 oh dear have i hit a nerve in the nonsten camp bwwhhhaaaaa good, excellent my work is finally done sorry hun but you can troll around boards and i can sit back and watch as you all scuttle into the night, which troll where you that came on to stir up shit we have had so many and they all sound the same, pathetic, clingy, desperate and filled with kristen hate must be sad to live in your shoes, sad and incredibly lonely LOL

Anonymous said...

why is it so hard to accept that rob is in a "happy place", with someone who offer and share with him love, fun and tears in abundance. kristen, if u ever read this: thanks for those awsome moments and happiness that is so visible just by looking at u and rob. mwah

Deb said...

To Gina dont they say that a dog is a mans best friend.Didnt she just say that she see him more as a dog then a wolf. I to hope that Kristen is safe at HOME Where she belongs- SAFE- Everyone is saying how good this movie is AND i cant wait for 9:45 JUNE 30 to come I well be seeing it and loving it Great post Rose like always nothing but the BEST for our 2 They are happy WE are HAPPY HO by the way didnt Kristen say she was dyeing her hair? maybe a lite BLONDE for her next movie/ did any one hear that To? Well my friend have a good day and THANK YOU ROSE for being one of the #1 FANS ....DEB

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you haters and nonstens are definitely fucking crazy. It's called having a life. You know after you're born, you grow up, and you try not to piss people off and most importantly, you learn to be mature along the way. Something all of you haters ARE NOT.
Because explain to me HOW enjoying hating on someone's relationship is mature? Go find a boyfriend or something. Unbelievable. Before WANTING a guy to be with someone else (a guy that will never even meet you, and that is IN LOVE with a girl for that matter) , try to find someone YOURSELF.

Then, you all look ridiculous. Seriously if you want to find him an imaginary girlfriend at least try to all say the same name. You're desperate.

On another note, easy to see in the comments who are hating the fact that Rob brought her that necklace. You must be pretty dumb not to realize it's from him. But then again, if only you knew some of the things a few shippers know you would be angry as hell. So it's a good thing some people don't know everything. They would be even more annoying.

It's sad that some people still don't realize that Oregano is a done deal & trying to make Emilie happen won't lead you anywhere either.

IT'S BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR! IT'S TIME TO ACCEPT IT AT SOME POINT. You will a lot more times on your hands, just saying!

kharma1 said...

Happy Tuesday everyone..
And Hi Rose, another wonderful post. You always put me in the best of moods.
Why, because you write about two people that are in love, in their bubble, giddy and happy.. it's a beautiful thing. Isn't that what life's all about, to find someone to make you happy and they found it in each other.
And they are so beautiful together.
I love the VF picture you have of them on top of your Blog. I bet they have that picture framed in their bedroom..lol. I wonder how they choose which ones to frame, there are so many. They must have pictures of them spread all around their house and a few with Jella..lol.

It's hilarious how much foaming is coming from the hyenas. They are definitely getting desperate, it's pretty funny.
What I don't get is why it affects them if they are together. Do they honestly think they have a chance with Rob.. wow, if they do, you can honestly say they are "rabid dogs" and do need to seek professional help. No one can be that stupid but yeah, me thinks they are, and so do alot of other people.
Whatever.. doesn't affect Rob and Kristen's relationship no matter how much foaming they do.

Keep doing what you are doing Rose,the majority of us are living in the real world and we can see what's right in front of us...Rob loves Kristen loves Rob..

bex said...

i think JJJ was trolling around so much that she forgot what blog this was....not to mention her post made absolutely no sense

most of us are pro rob and pro kristen. together OR apart. and we can all appreciate the together because rob looks SOO happy when hes with her. she always looks great too. Being with the one you care about will do that to you :-)

SueBee said...

Awful Truth and Gina---

Are you seeing planes?

Is your name Tatoo?

Why? Because I swear you're living on Fantasy Island!

Anonymous said...

@bex she was aiming her poison at me but that's okay i'm a big girl and can take care of myself she is anti robsten and lol i am pro so of course she will go after the one that is not drooling haplessly over R Patz because he is with kristen and happy but she is one of those screaming hormonal tweens that believe he belongs to her or EDR because she feels he had real passion with his co star (rolls eyes)

mamabear said...

Another beautiful presentation.....Does anyone know when Kristen and Taylor will be back in the states? No pictures of them leaving for this Europe Promo tour, and so far so pictures of there return....Robert and Kristen have to be missing each other.....we saw the video where Kristen did state she missed him....and no pictures of Robert from WFE or evenings out lately...I know his parents are in town, but he has learned to go under the radar....hope they are together soon......

mamabear said...

One more thing Rose, why do haters come on this site and argue with the true Robert and Kristen believers? Why so negative and full of hate, life is to short, enjoy the good things in life, live seeing Robert and Kristen's love for one another, this is one of the little things in life that make me smile, so haters please leave this site and take your comments elsewhere, we only like happy items on this site.........

Gina said...

Fine don't accept the truth idiots. Even some kstew fans have admitted Kristen looks more content with Taylor. Can't wait to see her beaming next to him at the Eclipse premiere like she did for the NM one. Don't hold your breathe, waiting for Robsten pics. She always looks miserable next to Rob.

Anonymous said...

LOL! At this point any blonde will do!
It's really desperate!

Anonymous said...

Here's a point of reference for those who say Kristen always looks miserable with Rob.
You don't have to go back far.....
Total Eclipse-Jimmy Kimmel preview.
AND Rose's latest blog post!

Misery should look so happy!

Anonymous said...


Are you blone?...lol

Anonymous said...

To Gina i know it's so pitiful isn't it, even when they both agreed to admit they missed rob it was kristen that looked so crestfallen as she turned to the one she has the hots for (in your delusional world) and said 'I Miss Him' pretty epic love for taylor now isn't it? sorry hunny go sell your story to IMDB both rob and kristen's boards any nonsten board that will let you in, be careful at AT though robsten fans are patrolling in there you might be hacked out of the forum but good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Gina, just wow. First off... I don't want to have to post links to the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of pictures of Kristen beaming and smiling at Rob at premieres and all other events just to prove to you what everyone else already knows. She is happy with Rob. That's why she's dating him. That's why she flies all over the world to be with him. It's actually pretty simple.

I think she loves Taylor. As a brother, just like she's stated over and over. And, just like she stated, he's like a dog. Who's not happy with a little dog around that likes to play?

I find it highly ironic you said "fine, don't believe the truth, idiots." You want the truth that everyone but you seems to have accepted by now? Taylor is gay. That is the truth. Surrender the dream, pre-teen.

Jesus Christ, this comment section is like the AT now where any old loon can post the most ridiculous shit. Poor Rose is becoming more of an obsession with these dipshits than even Rob is at this point.

~ Sydney

jen said...


The hyenas are losing their sh*t!

The only thing they can keep straight though is his secret girlfriend he hides from the world is blonde.

They keeping giving her different incarnations though. A blonde actress from Australia. Oh no, wait-I mean Britain.

They met this winter in london and fell madly in love- oh no, wait--I mean she's come to the last three premieres with his parents!

God, it's so entertaining, I love reading this stuff-way better than fanfiction!

Keep them coming hyenas-hopefully we can add a pet chimp named Bubbles into the mix who is Rob and the blonde girlfriend's secret baby too!

Anonymous said...

Well...obviously ANY blonde will be more caring, sweet and beautiful than b****face. Just saying.

And if she could be british or at least european and Rob could be back home FINALLY... *sigh*

This post got me nervous Rose. Can't see why, oh why? you all can embrace the truth!

Jamie said...

For all the haters, in Rob's own words "how can you hate someone you do not even know?' Well can you answer that? You only hate Kristen because she has what you want..that is why. Grow up. BTW Rose I love your blog this is my first comment but I do read it everyday...you are wonderful

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:56...

Yeah, yeah, you already posted this once. And nobody responded because nobody cares what you have to say. Aren't you guys tired of embarrassing yourselves yet? None, not one, zero, nada, less than zero, a terrifyingly low number, not even one time have you guys EVER been right about one single thing. The more you post, the more everyone knows things are going in Robsten's favor. Just give it up already.

loris said...

Can you show me where Rob said he only stays in hotels in a quote from Rob?

He has stayed at hotels for press stuff, events, weekend getaways but that doesn't mean he is always in hotels. And that also doesn't mean he stays there alone.

SueBee said...

Rob is dating

K aren
R enee
I sabella
S usan
T racy
E lise
N atalie

No matter how many women's names you try to spew, it always comes down to Kristen.

Get it straight for once.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought... I wonder if some smart ass on a nonsten board said something like "Rob will have a blonde girl on his arm in July"

And all the nonsteners lapped it up thinking this will *finally* be a confirmation of their imaginative blonde "true love" mumbo jumbo.... not even realizing that the sarcastic person meant Kristen.


Anonymous said...

Whether your team Robsten or team Nonsten... team sane or team crazy...

I hope everyone hear... even delusional Sybill... will be buying their copy of Remember Me today. Because more than our words or opinions... the best way to show Rob support is to show support for his artistic endeavors... by seeing and purchasing his movies :-D

Anonymous said...

sorry...correction... "here" not "here"

and I already have my copy of Remember Me :-D Yes!

Anonymous said...

Delusional people. So if we could know some things you shippers know, we'll get angry? How is that? Fanfiction? Secret weddings again? BWAHAHAHAHAHAA. Laughing my ass so hard.

There's no pics of Rob in that fantasy house of yours. There's no such house. HO-TEL. Do you want me to repeat that? HO-TEL

Ans she can be locked in her house forevah, that I don't care.

vanlicous said...

Oh no, not Fiona Stapletton again How is the old news doing? :-)

Well, Robert has a blond girlfriend...I mean, soon he will have...cause Kristen said she has to change the color of her hair into blond for "On the road" :-)

Well done Rose. Finally premiere...I'm so happy.

Anonymous said...

Nonsteners: since you refuse to stop coming here and polluting the board with your nonsense, will you at least learn to spell and write properly? There must be some link between terrible grammar and spelling and nonstens. Oh wait, that link I'm looking for? It's intelligence.

Anonymous said...

The 'blonde' chick on Rob's arm in July will be Kristen since she'll have her hair dyed blonde for OTR. She said so herself! :)

I believe R&K are together. My opinion. You can think what you want and match him up with any other actress you can think of, but as Rose said he always looks for K and spends time with K when he can.

Anonymous said...

OMG. "here" not "hear"

Clearly I have Robert Pattinson Intoxication Syndrome... and it has slightly affected my coherency.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry shippies. What ODO meant with July Independence is that NM+Eclipse contract will expire. That's all. She is messing with nonbelievers. And she is not being succesful...I have to say...like the Today Show interview...big fail...another insider bites the dust...The lovely summer with Rob in LA+London and Kristen in Montreal...wow...lovely for sure...as much as their lovely new fiction nest...lol. And that necklace doesn't match with those Rome/Berlin/Stockholm dresses. But hey, PR is PR. She has to wear it. Their PR team read you shippers. They´ll give you what you want until 2012.

Anonymous said...

ROTFL Oh Gina. You're funny guuurl. I don't even know if it's because you're delusional.. Or I don't even know how to say it. Wishful thinking?
Because you don't have any arguments now you're trying to put Taylor & Kristen together? Jesus. He's like her little brother, but of course, you already know that. You're already saying that to make people doubt. Not working honey. Try again. I can't people some people BELIEVE she's with Taylor. Oh my god LOL.

Plus the whole "she's so miserable with Rob and more happy with Taylor" is old news. And show some proof. Because I actually don't see it. :)

loris said...

Oh yes, I remember that night Kristen and Rob were spotted at a hotel TOGETHER! Acting close and like a couple. WTF does it matter where they are staying? Does not change their relationship no matter where they are.

And I don't believe in secret weddings. But it's very obvious to anyone with a brain that R&K are a couple. Just deal with it already.

But I am still waiting for the actual quote from Rob that he's only staying in hotels.

Anonymous said...

Hey nonsteners... you believe what ever bedtime story you need to believe to get yourself to sleep at night. The Tale of the Blonde Girlfriend. PRella. Taysten Ever After. The Adventures of Beard and Beard. As long as when you wake up in the morning you realize that those are just stories you tell yourself, that all that is FICTION...that its not real.

Because the TRUTH... the REALITY... is Rob and Kris are together. It simply IS. Its not something that is "shipped" or "believed" its just the reality of the situation. They may not be together forever but right now... and for the past year... they have been TOGETHER. And it doesn't matter how many times you draw a blondes name out of a hat... it won't change the REALITY of the situation. Because Rob and Kris are a REAL COUPLE who love each other and no amount of your drool will alter that reality.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:30 rob already told you losers that his private life is not for sale. Did you watch Nightline? I am guessing no because it was pretty clear to the rest of the world exactly who and what he was talking about. If it was for PR they would actually be acting like it was for PR. Not hiding.

And Taysten shippers, did you see Kristen whisper to Taylor how she really missed Rob yesterday? It was very obvious. Someday when you little kids get a real relationship, maybe you will understand. Maybe it will be easier for you to see what love looks like. Taylor and Kristen? No love there. Just friendship.

Anonymous said...

Always on point Rose.

jen said...

anon: 2:30:

God, you're precious. lol It's almost charming how naive you are.

You realize, don't you, that you have no concept of what PR is or how it works or what it's mission is?

You realize, right, that trying to focus "PR" on shippers is the dumbest idea ever? Like whoever would be in charge of such a plan would be fired asap??

Because SHIPPERS ARE A GIVEN. Their asses are going to be first in line for Eclipse. Trying to market a PR campaign towards shippers is preaching to the choir, silly.

You know what REAL PR looks like? Making sure Kristen smiles and smooths over earlier interview gaffes she made this spring during this promotional leg. Making sure she only says positive things and doesn't complain one bit.

THAT'S PR, honey.

Not necklaces that no one else notices save it for some fans--WHO AGAIN, ARE GOING TO BE THE FIRST ONES IN LINE FOR ECLIPSE.

You're sweet, though, really. lol

Anonymous said...

Always on point Rose. Good job. They are awesome together!

Anonymous said...

@2:22:00 PM oooh I feel like you're talking to me. :)
HAI! So you called yourself a hater without me needing yo say it (at least you're a little smarter than the others, but then again, after that comment maybe not.)

Well you don't know what I'm talking about, so beside you here who talked about a house and a wedding? :)

Now, explain to me something. How a man who doesn't want to talk about his relationship to the media, who wants it to stay private is going to say "I'm living in a house with my girlfriend"? Exactly. That's why you didn't hear it anywhere. Why isn't there any pics of HIM in that house? It's kind of obvious but whatever. I guess we're back to the "pics or it didn't happen time" :) Then again. Even if it's disgusting, there's a picture of the house on the net.

AND then again.. There are still little things that you don't know about them. But I don't see why you would know about it anyway. That sure proves that he loves her lot. If you're not capable of seeing that the look on Rob's face when he's looking at Kristen is pure adoration then I don't know what to do for you. Go eat some meat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, another blonde for Rob. Reese Witherspoon.

loris said...

What kind of PR is it to have two people pretend they are seeing each other but not tell anyone they are seeing each. Just pretend you are dating, but don't admit you are dating, don't get photographed together. Oh but don't date anyone else for 3 years, all in the name of PR. And then you can tell everyone the truth. Um, would any of you remain fans of someone in that type of charade? I can't believe these hyenas are even fans of Rob believing he is a part of something like that. It is beyond pathetic.

Amanda said...

Rob said twice now that it isn't PR, he isn't trying to 'sell' anything. If you are spewing "PR, PR!" aren't you basically calling Rob a liar?

As for the hotel/house debate, in that article the interviewer got a lot wrong. It said he was in The Order of the Phoenix when he was in the Goblet of Fire, that he was Hermione's love interest when he wasn't. They even got how much it took to make RM wrong. Changing hotels six times wasn't a quote from Rob, and you can bet wherever he is staying Kristen is there sometimes too.

Why didn't the blonde girlfriend go to IoW with Rob, visit him in Budapest, go to the RM premiere? One delusional nonsten made up the blonde girlfriend (even most nonstens recognize this girl is crazy) and now they're going around embarrassing themselves spreading this around. I guess once you get desperate you don't care if something if logical or not.

BTW the Kristen "I miss him" video is cute, she's back now though.:)

Anonymous said...

Patricia Arquette is another blonde. She is Rob's first crush in Hollywood (probably Kristen was still unknown)...

aledeuruguay said...

Gina: look this video and shut up....


mamabear said...

So is Kristen really back in LA?

Bex said...

I can't believe some of them are still trying to stick to the PR thing...

A few things that are considered PR:
1. Taking photos together at press events
2. Going out on public dates with tons of paps around
3. Talking to the paps to give them more of a story (TMZ)
4. Calling the paps to let them know where you will be (ex: Spencer and Heidi, Lindsey Lohan)

Rob and Kristen didn't even pose ONCE together at the NM premier.

They never talk to the paps. They either ignore them, flip them off, or run away from them.

They certainly don't call them to disclose where they will be. They have both said they got "very good at hiding", hence no new pics.

Let's also not forget that Rob flat out said he would never sell "IT".

Both Rob and Kristen are not in it for the celebrity so there is no benefit for them doing this whole PR charade. They are in it because they enjoy their job... which is acting.

They don't like being photographed, they don't like being interviewed.

One thing they do like though is spending as much time ALONE together or with mutual friends as possible.

And Summit does not have all this control over their lives..if that was the case then wouldn't every studio they work with have just as much control?? (sure they have contracts stating they have to do this press event or that photoshoot but nothing about who they can or can't date) If anything Summit has to do what Rob and Kris want. They are the money makers.

Anonymous said...

Kristen's interview with 'Good Company' http://bit.ly/boMdFJ

'taylor is great he is awesome, i love him'

'Rob is funny, he is weird' etc.

She can't say anything nice about Rob.
Whatever people i am tired.

Anonymous said...

Top of the mornan to ya Rose....GREAT POST AS ALWAYS...
Im going to get my Trilogy Tics today.....all three at once....that will be a FIX and a half...dont ya think.....I wonder how my arse is going to take it.....sitting down for that long i mean...lol ......
Finally i have something in common that draws me closer to Rob....Hey im blond and im from friggin
New South Wales...i dont however flaunt my tits like that pic...but hey what the heck....2 outta 3 aint bad...aint it lol..


Gina said...

Kristen loves Taylor! She says it in her new interview saying hes fun, awesome and that she loves him. She says Robs ok and that his sense of humour is weird haha. Yeah she really loves Rob. Time to wake up Robsten shippers!

Anonymous said...

Anom 1.56 New SOuth Wales is a state in Australia....Get your F..ken facts straight...if your goin to start your shit this fine morning....Australia MAte Australia......lol FFS

Anonymous said...

LOL she loves Rob. Not! I think she hates him after watching that new interview.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i'm really sick of this.
she can't say anything nice about Rob, always brings up other people in the conversation, bitchfaces anyone who dares mention him.. This is so f-cked up.

amy said...

Okay guys bare with me here.... I've been doing some speculating after my husband brought up something to me..... If the rumor is true about them(R&K) coming out with some big surprise in July do you think it may be a baby is on the way?? Okay, hear me out

1- she's not taking on films right now, only 2 and one of them she actually has to be pregnant in.

2- have you seen her little bump in dresses??? Go to her websites with recent pics, especially the blue dress, could be time of the month bloat too...

3- during the twicon Rob mentions babies when asked about his breaking dawn scene he most looks forward to and you should see Kristen's face. he also mentions how he wants his son to play him.. watch kristen again..

4- Rob brings up babies alot...

Look, again its just speculation but wow how cool right??

Wondering if anyone thinks like me..all I'm sayin...

Anonymous said...

Ah I'm sick of this. Rob is always saying nice things about Kristen, saying how sweet she is and what a fantastic actress she is. But would it kill her to gush about him and not Taylor? Seriously Rob's best quality is his weirdness? Taylor is awesome, I love him. JFC no wonder Rob thinks so low of himself.


Amanda said...

Of course Kristen is going to be more guarded when it comes to Rob. They are in a relationship that she wants to keep private. Sorry if people don't like that she doesn't gush to the media about Rob, but like she said she wants to keep it for herself like she has said over and over again. When she gets uncomfortable talking about Taylor, and starts saying she doesn't want to 'cheapen' what they have, then I'll take "Taysten" seriously. Oh yeah, and when she stops describing him as 'like a brother' to her.

TaystenIsBetter said...

"Rob is wierd" Go Kristen! Kristen loves Taylor. They both are in love and thats true love. Look at her smile and flirt with him. It's beautiful. Hope they used condoms on their press tour. They seemed so tired. Don't blame her, look at Taylor's abs.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Gina...

I imagine it means much more to Rob for Kristen to tell him she loves him in private.

Gina...you're only proving our point about Kristen and Taylor being friends. How many times has Kristen said she would never cheapen her relationship by speaking about it publicly? She's not in a relationship with Taylor, so has no problem speaking well of him. When it comes to Rob and Kristen and talking about their relationship...well, in their case...the silence is positively deafening. Get the picture? They won't sell it or cheapen it. Why when it comes to Nonstens does 2+2 never equal four?

Anonymous said...


Taylor is gay.

Anonymous said...

I am not troll or hater. It's called having an option, please dont hate me.
I have to say i can't blame Rob fans that much...
I watched on interview with kristen and yes she cant say anything nice about Rob.
She can't even answer that stupid question about jbieber vs. rob.
This is getting OLD and BORING

Snowqueen said...

Hi people... I read this blog a lot, but I rarely comment. But today I want to share some thoughts.
And sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian.

We know why K doesn't say nice things about Rob anymore, 'cause people are dissecting every sentence that comes out of her mouth, trying to prove they are/aren't together... it hurts hearing her saying nice things about Taylor all the time and weird things about Rob, but... it's our fault if she does that.

I really don't get why so called nonsten come here to say crazy things about Rob's real girlfriend (LOL)... they should use their time to do something else, but... it's their time. They can do whatever they want.
I think it's totally useless trying to explain the PR thing to those people... Just ignore them. If they WANT to scream PR, so they can scream it... it doesn't make it true. We all know that (and R/K said it a lot of times).

About the necklace and rings... I think we couldn't read too much into those things. We don't know anything. And I think it doesn't matter, if she wears them or not, rings or necklaces are just things. For example I'm married, but a lot of times forget to wear my wedding ring and it doesn't mean anything... or, I really love a necklace that somebody gave me a lot of years ago, it's not my hubby's present, but I wear it, a lot... again, it doesn't mean anything. Just saying.

Bye all. :)

P.S. Rose, your posts are great.

Deb said...

Anon 3:14 I dont think thats she going to have a baby NOT YET she has a lot going on with other movies. YA in a way it would be nice because it would shut A lot of people up. But she is ONLY 20 and hes 24 I think they have a lot of time for that to happen (LATER ON) But IF you are right Well I hope its a boy cause thats what Rob said he wants I AM NOT SAYING SHE IS OK. but like Rena said to Bella you being safe hhahaha I hope that kristen is home and resting . DEB

Anonymous said...

to amanda 3:23

ehhh it's getting boring and I am SO not buying the whole 'i'm so private' thing anymore.

It's called professionalism.

Bex said...

OMG is it so hard to see?? she closes up like a clam the SECOND Rob's name is mentioned. SHE DOESN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, SHE DOESN'T WANT TO SELL IT. She freaked out once she heard Rob's name because she can only assume that the "Big Question" is going to be asked next, like it has been time and time again. Her relationship with him is the only thing she has left that is private.. everything she says or doesn't say about it gets twisted around anyways.
You don't have to be a "body language" expert to see this. You just have to have a brain.

The only reason she talks about Taylor is because there is nothing there to ruin or sell or feed. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN THEM.

She was all about talking about Rob during the Twilight promos because at the time she was with MA and NOTHING WAS GOING ON between Rob and her then.

If you'll notice, the second proof (not just rumors) of them being together started to get out she stopped talking about it and about HIM in general. She talks about Edward but the second Robs name is thrown in she closes up.

You're all honestly clinging to the "I love him" comment about Taylor? She has said time and time again that she WILL NOT DISCUSS HER PERSONAL LIFE. If her and Taylor had ANYTHING going on, which they DON'T, then she would clam up about him just as she does with Rob since she refuses to talk about her personal life.

This is hillarious how delusional and immature all these hyenas and nonstens are.
They've obviously never been in a real stable relationship.

I personally don't know if Rob and Kristen are in love, and I will probably never know unless they get married or something which I'm not going to hold my breath for either however one thing is just obvious... They ARE dating and they appear to be HAPPY TOGETHER. Only they know how serious they are with one another.

If they're happy, I'm happy. I like surrounding myself with happy people not hate like those hyenas.

Anonymous said...

If any of your nonsten retards actually bothered to listen to that interview she was talking about Rob's best qualities and she said he's funny and sharp and has a weird sense of humor that she thinks is funny. How is that bad? Good Lord Nonstens: you have to actually lie and twist everything in order to suit your agenda. Shouldn't that be your first clue? You literally have to lie and leave out all context in order to try to convince others. Pathetic much?

Anonymous said...

Oh please people anough about 'kristen is a private person' crap.

it's called professionalism!

Rob always so nice to her i am not saying she should be fangirl over him 'omg i love Rob, he is so sexy,hot' etc. Just a few nice words about HIS CO-STAR! They are promoting a movie for god's sake!

SueBee said...


This is about the most extensive Robsten proof video I've ever seen!

Amanda said...

@3:35 I think you're right in the fact that Kristen should be able to let her guard down a little while promoting the movie. But if you have a close personal relationship with someone and people are asking questions that would hit a little close to home (what are the best qualities..) I imagine for someone so young and guarded it's hard to find a balance. I do believe she goes a little overboard sometimes and she should be able to act normal, because honestly answering things the way she does is way more telling than acting naturally. I can see why she does it though. And really it's not that big of deal.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose! I am finally getting online today and, wow, what craziness.

The most logical, rational, and sane conclusion---

Rob and Kristen are together.
Rob's real and only girlfriend is Kristen.
Kristen's real and only boyfriend is Rob.
Not women Rob is never seen with.
Not men Kristen is never seen with.

We have seen plenty of Rob and Kristen TOGETHER for over a year now. I don't think Kristen would have ever stayed in London after the BAFTAs and flown to NYC with Rob if she wasn't his girlfriend. And I definitely don't think she would have flown to Budapest to spend her birthday with Rob if she wasn't his girlfriend. Simple as that. Makes the most sense.

Anyone saying Kristen is always miserable with Rob is just being ignorant and I conclude they are actually the miserable ones. And the same for people saying she hates Rob. They can't be serious with that, can they?!

Also the same to people saying that it's all PR. You're ignorant to what PR is about. And to think Rob and Kristen would do this from 2009-2012 is ridiculous, especially for movies that DON'T need that kind of PR to sell.
Rob and Kristen are not insane. They are healthy people with healthy, smart minds. They are not going to go along with something as absurd as this.

People thinking Rob and Kristen have secret relationships with others and will come out with these relationships, either soon or after BD--uh, do you realize what you're saying about them? The crazy Rob fans--do they even stop to realize what they're saying about Rob and spreading this crap all over the internet? I am sure he appreciates it. He hates the tabliods and all their garbage but he has fans that sit all day and post lies about him, linking him to everyone under the sun. Great fans!!

Kristen and Taylor--they are great friends. That's all. Kristen can say nice things about Taylor. She can smile at Taylor. When it comes down to who she spends her personal time with and when it came to her big day---she chooses Rob. Very simple as to why. She just doesn't feel comfortable gushing about her boyfriend to the media. She was very lovely when speaking about Rob in RM when asked. I think she gets nervous and closes up. I doubt Rob cares since he knows Kristen (and knows her VERY well) and how she is with the media.

And, yes, Rose--Rob can talk out of his ass a lot and can contradict himself. It's wise not to hang on his every word. LOL. But when asked about the question on Nightline and Rob knew exactly what the interviewer was asking and asked it respecfully--Rob gave a serious, thoughtful answer. But, of course, some of his fans act like that interview never took place. Easy to understand why.

And you ever notice how BADLY they interpret and twist Rob and Kristen's words? Ugh. They come here whining and attacking about an interview and they just leave things out or are way off on what Rob and/or Kristen meant!

I was a big fan of the show The Tudors. It just ended it's run on Sunday. Jonathan Rhys Meyes, as Henry VIII, said on the last episode---"What loss, your grace, is to man most irrevocable?” he asks the duke of Suffolk, Charles Brandon (Henry Cavill). --- He tells him, “Time, your grace. Of all losses, time is the most irrevocable.”

I post that because people who come online and 99.9% of their time is wasted on hating on Kristen, someone they don't even know, or posting BS about Rob and Kristen's relationship--- I feel sorry for you. That that is how you choose to spend your precious time. Time that you cannot get back.

Sorry so long. Just had a lot to say.

amy said...

Suebee... That was a great video... al though I dont need proof, its so obvious they are together, that video was so so awesome to watch!!! :)

Bex said...

From Robs co-star in remember me:

Also real was the British hunk’s chemistry with leading lady Emile de Ravin. But although they were close on-set and off, Tate says that they were NOT dating (good news for all you K-Stew fans!).

“They pretty much laughed off [the hook-up rumors],” Tate tells us. “There was one day where Emile kept on getting texts about it and she was just all like ‘Oh, good lord!’ Their chemistry on and off was great. They definitely worked a lot and took it seriously to do a good job at presenting themselves as a couple.”

Source - http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/06/22/robert-pattinson-is-funny-says-remember-me-costar-tate-ellington/


Bex said...

This is how sane people read the interview with Rob's costar from Remember Me:

Also real was the British hunk’s chemistry with leading lady Emile de Ravin. But although they were close on-set and off, Tate says that they were NOT dating (good news for all you K-Stew fans!).

“They pretty much laughed off [the hook-up rumors],” Tate tells us. “There was one day where Emile kept on getting texts about it and she was just all like ‘Oh, good lord!’ Their chemistry on and off was great. They definitely worked a lot and took it seriously to do a good job at presenting themselves as a couple.”

And this is how the crazies (not necessarily nonstens) read it:

Also real was the British hunk’s chemistry with leading lady Emile de Ravin. But although they were close on-set and off, Tate says that they were dating (NOT good news for all you K-Stew fans!).

Their chemistry on and off was great. They definitely worked a lot and took it seriously to do a good job at presenting themselves as a couple.”

**notice how they twist words around and ignore complete sentences**

Anonymous said...

It's a complete waste of time to debunk the stories about new Rob's girlfriends, taysten etc etc

Don't you realize that every day the nonstens will come up with new inventions?

Let the nonstens post whatever crap they want. If you just ignore them, they'll go away sooner than later.

TaystenIsBetter said...

Taylor is not gay! You're all jealous. Hes ten times more handsome and cheerful than Rob and Kristen prefers him to Rob. Kills you does it?

Bex said...

True, however it gives me something to do while at work... it's EXTREMELY slow today.

and it's really entertaining seeing their comments. If you couldn't tell my job is super boring and gives me tons of free time.

Anonymous said...


Taylor is gay.

And if Kristen prefers Taylor to Rob, show my one picture...just one. ONE is all I'm asking. Even a tweet. Anything at all. Anything. Show me one instance where Kristen was seen out with Taylor when it wasn't about work? Just one. I beg you.

Oh, and Taylor is gay.

Anonymous said...

In Rob's latest interview he says he feels like the third wheel and is always aware of other guys. Poor bloke always putting himself down. Guess Kristen is always telling him hes an idiot and can't do anything. No good for his self-esteem. Yep Kristen doesn't seem that much into him. Shes thousands of miles away from him and having the time of her life with Taylor. I've never seen her so happy.

Anonymous said...

I'll bash Rob just to even things out since Kristen is being bashed. Remember Me is out today. Interesting Fact: Rob was called 'opaque' and 'incapable' by LA Times critic in Remember Me. Poor bloke can't even open a movie by himself.

Melinda said...

Wow Rose your post today really made some people go a little crazy!!! Way to go!!!! PUSH, Rose, PUSH!!! Such HAPPY faces on both Rob and Kristen. I bet she is HAPPY to be home. There is nothing better than being with the one you love.

I read the comments from the miserable people and for the most part they make me laugh b/c you can see that their IQ/maturity level is really low.

Then you get the people that are pretty nasty that I feel like calling out (ANON 12:52 Both of you unless you are the same person). I have a problem with you calling Kristen a cold bitch. There is no justification for that comment. And if you are a real fan of Rob's (which I don't think you are) then you should be ashamed of yourselves for calling someone he loves that.

My conclusion is this. The people who keep shipping Rob or Kristen with other people don't really care about R/K at all. They may have in the past but it is now just "we just want to piss off the people who believe they are a couple because we have no life" game.

WE KNOW WHAT WE BELIEVE AND NOTHING THEY SAY WILL CHANGE IT. So don't engage in the nonsense. Only call out the people who say nasty, vile things about either Rob or Kristen. Pretty soon hopefully they will give up and go somewhere else.

I would like to point out one thing that makes me shake my head at the nons...I love when they write a "mans" name down (i.e. Fred said). If you have a brain you understand why this makes me shake my head. If you can't figure it out, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Again.......Kristen didn't fly to Budapest to celebrate her birthday with Taylor nor was it his arms she turned around and ran into at the MTVMA's after she slipped.
Nor was Taylor the man she left with after the MTVMA's! That man was Robert Pattinson!

Anonymous said...

PR= Emilie de Ravin going to the premier. The Remember me DVD is out that’s a good idea. Some of those other guests on the list are, shall we say, RANDOM.

Just to let you know. Not everyone wants to get with Robert Pattinson (I know how shocking). Hard to believe that all these ladies that he works with have their own lives. How dare these women do that? They are supposed to leave their lives behind once they meet Robert (please).

Oh and did you know that Kristen Stewart is really………….a Blonde !!

Anonymous said...

OMG you hyenas have me laughing so hard today. How many more blonde bimbos are you going to dream up? JFC. Angelslave keep giving um he##
You rattled their cages lol.

Anonymous said...

Do the psychotic hyenas patrol EVERY single Rob/Kristen site out there for info? So far in the last few days I have read about Imdb,Ted's AT, Robsten boards, Delaney and ODO. You freaks know more about Rob/Kristen than their fans.

Pathetic much? Get a fucking life.

Anonymous said...

I’m going to the drug store to buy some blonde dye, hop on a plane to LA so I can get with Robert Pattinson because he loves himself some blonde women. Oh, but shade of blonde shall I pick? I guess I doesn’t matter as long as it’s blonde. LA and Rob here I come. (rolling my eyes in every direction)

LeslieDaleJrfan said...

Okay, I know I had a field day with nut job & her personality body mates the other day, but I really would like to know just what would happen if everybody just ignored the idiots that post here. I know ignorance & stupidity is soooo hard not to pounce on, but in reality, we are giving them exactly what they want when they come here... attention. Let's not give it to them... I mean, why "reward" them with our acknowledgment?
We know they're pathetic...we know they're liars... & we know they've been sniffing paint fumes for a long ass time now, so like the first poster said...
Fuck em ;)

Anonymous said...

Can the guest list for the Eclipse premiere get any more random? It's like Summit invited some of the most irrelevant people out there. LOL. Definitely a lot of people that need the PR.

Anonymous said...

This is what Kristen says about Rob
'his got a really really good mind, but his really funny...but his sense of humour is weird...I think is really funny'

She just more guarded of what she says about Rob...because she know what people want.

Anonymous said...

Now you now where he is going after he's done with WFE
From a new interview:
Do you go often in England?
As soon as I can

Happy summer shippers :)

Deb said...

SUEBEE I LOVE,LOVE that video IT SAID IT ALL. WHO can NOT SEE that and say they are not together WHO? are you that cold hearted that YOU can NOT SEE real and TRUE LOVE.(haters) I really feel sorry for you. NOT TO FEEL or SEE the Love that Rob has for Kristen and that she has for him.PLEASE GO WATCH THE VIDEO OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK I mean REALLY LOOK Thank you AGAIN SueBee.ALL IS GOOD WITH ROB AND KRISTEN DEB.

SueBee said...

You're welcome! ;o) Just sharing the love!

Anonymous said...


I agree 100%. Let's all of us completely ignore all the nonstens. Do not take the bait. Be above it...as we all are anyway. Don't engage in the hatred and instead, bask in the cute happiness of Rob and Kristen.

Amanda said...

I LOL at the people who come here and say things like 'Happy summer shippers' ..Creepy. If you don't believe they are together, or don't want them to be together how pathetic is it that you are here at a pro R/K site? Time to get a life. Seriously. Go play at nonsten.com, not many people there to talk to, but your insanity will fit right in. Same goes to the hater of Rob that keeps posting over and over. YOU.ARE.PATHETIC. This is ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION. If you keep spewing crap about him here, you just show yourself to have no life.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rose again another wonderful post from you. Smile, smile.
Angelsslave please keep up the pushing. I "see you" on other sites and love everything you have to say. Keep up the good work. ajr

Anonymous said...

@ Bex 4:49 Amen! To the boring as crap, lots of free time job. Same here!! I totally have a "life" but while I'm at work... Robsten keeps me entertained! :-)

@ 5:07 Kstew is naturally a blonde. Dude. Explains so much. See. Fandom in Unity. Nonsteners and Robsteners finally unite…. Kristen Stewart IS a blonde, problem solved! :-D (somehow I don’t see the nonsteners running to come give me a hug… but hey… I didn’t want rabies anyways)

@ 5:27 I’m right behind you with my blonde wig. I’m going with the Marilyn Monroe style.

Okay. Just finished Remember Me. (Go buy your copy- NOW! :-p) Every single shot of Rob in that entire movie could be a poster he is so gorgeous. Kristen… I know Rose said it earlier this week… but HOLY CRAP. Luckiest. Girl. In. The. UNIVERSE.


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

@SueBee 3:44

After watching that video the only logical conclusion I can come to is either Either Kristen is Rob's girlfriend (most logical)OR she has been flying around the world just to steal his clothes.

loris said...

I d0on't doubt at all that Rob will go to London somewhere between WfE and BD. But since the two lovebirds have not been apart for more than a month, I wouldn't doubt that he would visit Kristen at some point as well. It's all about balance.

Anonymous said...

Wow hyenas/haters have a new name again.Fiona Stapletton,ha,ha,ha.There are gonna be more names coming,trust me because they want to convinced us with all the lies.Teresa Palmer didn't hold up because this girl was been dating Topher Grace.They want Rob to be with someone who is fame whore than to be with Kristen.They getting desperate because they know that something will be coming up soon.

Anonymous said...

What are you their "relationship PR person?" As much as you accused the "hyenas" of not believing in the relationship, you do the same the opposite direction. I think they are together, but It does not mean much to me, but you seem as obssesed with it being true as they are obsesses with it being false. Just sayin'.

I don't believe Rob's with Emilie, but she's much nicer and easy going like Rob, and I don't think she would care wether people know he loves her. Kristen has admitted "I'm a control freak." If that's what Rob likes than he gets what he likes. Good luck with that Rob.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:14

PUH lease

Both Kris and Rob have openly admitted being control freaks and stubborn. They are alike that way.

And if you think Rob is being abused by the evil Kristen while she tells him not to talk about their relationship... that is a load of shit. He has said before that they agree on how to present yourselves on public and that she is generally on the same page with what he thinks is right but that she is more gutsy than him... that he normally doesn't have the balls to say what she does. Not to mention despite Kristen's non-commentary on the relationship... the one and only thing she was crystal clear on was "I don't tell Rob what to do."

Melinda said...

I was thinking about a couple of things and wanted to share:

In a new interview the interviewer asked Rob "So are you dating anyone?" Rob's response was "I know you have to ask me that, but I don’t talk about my private life."

Here is another example straight from Rob's mouth that shows he is not in a PR relationship with Kristen.

I am happy to call myself a fan of both Rob and Kristen (together or apart) because one thing they won't do is "sell" themselves or each other for the sake money or more fame. They have both said it time and time again.

I believe what they have found in each other is special enough that they won't let the public/media consume it. Kudos to them!

Look at Heidi and Spencer. They sell their relationship to the highest bidder and look what they have to show for it. Their relationship is superficial and loveless (I personally think they love themselves more than each other). Why would you want to be a fan of that?

Another thing about Taylor. Some on here have talked about his sexuality which I don't think is right. I understand that some people want to point out how he and Kristen would never be a couple b/c of said speculation. Still could people be a little more nicer about how you state things. He seems like a great guy. He has been a great friend to Rob and Kristen and they know he won't sell them out.

Back to Rob and Kristen. I watched the Twi-con video when it came out. Remember the question (for those who watched it)about if any of them have ever been star-struck. Taylor jumped in and said Tom Cruise. What I loved from that part was as soon as he said that Kristen immediately looked at Rob and smiled. To anyone watching that isn't "blind" it was cute. You can see they (R/K) can look at each other and "talk" without saying a word and know what the other is saying. Just another example of how close they are.

Anonymous said...

See Rob could have been a rapper. LMAO.


Anonymous said...

Rob is confirmed to sam's concert tonight :) Kristen is not going, she is heading to another party this evening. Pics of both events will show up later.

Anonymous said...

Kristen said she's going back to her normal hair color for her next movie in July. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't she a blonde at one point???? HMMMM

Anonymous said...


Wow. Just. Wow. A Robsten Rob's POV youtube.

Anonymous said...

It's like Summit said "let's see how many famewhores we can get on the red carpet for the premiere!"
Embarrassing. Do they ever think to invite people with class and/or relevancy? Like Rob's current co-stars? Or Sam Riley, Kristen's future co-star? I mean, I know these people haven't worked with Summit as far as I know BUT jeez spare us with the famewhores.

loris, I agree. I have no idea where Rob is going after WFE. People can post whatever they want about his plans but I always take a wait and see approach. He can go visit Kristen and then go to London for a bit or he go to London for a little bit and then visit Kristen. Whatever the case may be, he and Kristen always seem to work it out so they can spend time together.

And P.S. why is someone always wishing the posters here a happy summer? LOL. First, I loathe the "s" word. And Second, I am having a VERY happy summer, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Rob. I think half of tent city is going to be at that concert tonight.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:30

Of course Rob is going. I doubt Kristen will be going anywhere tonight, unless she has to.

Cawley Gabocci said...

hey Rose, i've been reading your blog posts recently since i was curious, and i finally found someone who thinks as i do THANK YOU SO MUCH! i LOVE all your blog posts and the way your speak up your mind on them, u rock! keep it going, cause today and yesterday, your blog MADE MY DAY! :D

Anonymous said...

8:58pm. For real. I don't think it's a good idea for Rob to show up. Kristen is smart if she stays away!

I have been watching Weeds on Showtime OnDemand and I would LOVE to see Kristen work with Mary Louise-Parker. She is amazing.
New older woman girl crush (she joins Diane Lane).

Also, Justin Kirk is awesome and Hunter Parrish is adorable. I'm harboring a lil' crush on both.
I think Justin is close friends with Elisabeth Reaser so maybe he will show up to the Eclipse premiere and the red carpet won't be a total fail of guests.

Weeds is a really good show, I have been pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

lee claims writing credits for that song and said it was about falling in love with someone who doesn't love you back. it wasn't complete when he performed it in july 2008--yes that was his first performance of it. he's made some lyrical and stylistic changes since then though. i doubt he'd claim writing credits if he got the original lyrics from someone else. i agree that it does sound a lot like rob's feeling for kristen when they were first together on the twilight set. maybe he just found the song pognant since it mirrored his own situation so closely. that doesn't mean he wrote it. cullinezme is either mistaken or lying. i'm not sure which.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose and to all Robsten Lovers.<3<3 I do hope you all had a great day and that our fave. couple are finally together again.

Well I just want to point out that , I really belive that this nonsten that even bother to take the time to view a blog that they claim to hate so much but then again still have the need to comment in each and every post that Rose writes.

So I have come to the conclusion that they have realize that there unfundamental, nonssence, hypocritical blog is just that.
(In simplier words for the foaming k-9 could understand ) THERE BLOG IS FULL OF LAME A** BULL S***!!!! Things they claim to know but then again no proof of. Because not once have they showed us any evidence of what they claim.

So here's the thing since they know for a fact that they're full of crap and that there blog is going down the toilet ( note * They really should get a plumber that belives there crap to help them with that. lol i just had to say it. You know movie awards.. toilet Tom Cruise and Rob. lol anyways ). So they tell there selfs 'Hey I might as well post all this stupid full of crap comments just to pull there chain and while I am at it pore all the hate and foam that i can . Why ? Because I am a pathetic loser with no life whats so ever left with just wet dreams of Rob that would never come true. O and I accuse Kristen of being gay and repeat it a million times to myself so I could belive this is true because I want her as much as i want Rob.

So my good Robsten follwers pitty these poor delusional blind(cough hyenas cough)peoples. Its not there fault that the rabies dosent let them see what's staring right at them in there face.

Rose like always great post and thank you for being the voice for all Robsten Lovers .

Lisa said...

THIS should be ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rose, what a great post, I love that you always stay positive especially through all the rabid foam being sprayed around here lmao. It is amazing to me that people who call themselves fans can justify slinging so much shit. I love the comment ystrday about the mystery blond being an urban legend. I totally agree, show me one picture...and not of his sister lol. And I also want to see a picture of Tayor and Kristen doing anything other than work....hmmmm not gonna happen haters. Taystenisbetter, that's is such a trashy comment. I'm sure your idol taylor would be so proud to meet a skanky talking fan like you. Go back to the hater blog you came from, cause you don't belong here. Thanks again Rose. Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow yeaahhhh!

Deb said...

Can some one tell me something ?WELL you be able to watch the red carpet on tv ? if so where thank you DEB

Anonymous said...

Here is the lyrics of the song:

If you're sitting comfortably then let me begin.
I want to tell you a tale about the mess that I'm in.
And it all starts with a girl.
And shes breaking up my whole world.

Shes got these big green eyes, and there as wide as the moon.
They can take you to bed without you leavin' the room.
I would kill just to be her man,
but she's too cool to give a damn.

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.

She makes me feel like a king,
she makes me feel like a freak
She plays on me because she knows that I'm weak
And she knows just what to say, just to brighten up my day.

So now I'm feeling sick,
and shes still having fun
I guess she thinks that I'm thick, or maybe a little dumb
But it makes no use to me,
I'm a fool for misery.

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.

I'm falling in love with a girl...

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.....

Carly said...

I love his profile. and hers as well :)

yesterday, in one of the magazines my mom is buying there was a 2 page article on Rob & Kris. it was so full of BS you wouldnt believe it. I think the only thing they got right was their names. it was about how Kris loves Rob so much and wants to settle down and have a baby and Rob is basically sleeping his way through his co-stars and other random starlets that cross his path. I wrote them a letter and adviced to better check their stories later but its not like it was some serious journalism involved in that mag anyway. it just kinda pissed me off. it kinda reminded me of the hyenas here. and there. and everywhere :) it doesnt have to make sense as long as it stirrs shit

on a more pleasant note I woke up to a really interesting piece of news most of you probably came across while I slept :) but I share anyway


the song was supposedly written by Rob back in 2008. about Kris. and he then gave it to this Lee McDoughall fellow who is a friend of his sister Lizzy. whether or not its true, the song is beautiful and fits them to the T. so however you decide to take the accompanying story, enjoy the song. (the video is awesome too. I wish I had the talent and patience to do something like that)

Anonymous said...

Here is the video of Lee MacDougall


Anonymous said...

Here is the video of Lee MacDougall


Anonymous said...

Lisa that illegal picture of yours has already been copied on my iphone.....arrest me if you'd like...oh my are there words to describe.......grrrrrr lol

Deb said...

So i just read this - IT had a lot more but I liked what this was said -Por Ti Magazine (Mexico) --(Translation) .1) How did you prepare for the fight scene in Eclipes? .Kristen: I gotta Feeling by the Black eyed Peas(laugh) .ROB:Somebody to love by Queen. .2)kristen what was it like to kiss Taylor so passionately? .Kristen: it was Very Weird kissing someone else,Because Bella loves EDWARDso I dont know what the HELL she was thinking PLUS it was WEIRD to me BECAUSE Taylor is like MY little BROTHER there you go her words not mine if you read it you can see the love Kristen and Rob have for each other . I just wanted to put that out there. thank you. DEB.

Anonymous said...

I just heard that song awwwwwww didnt Rob also supposedly write another song for kristen whilst in NY filmimg RM....

Lisa said...

Louisa.. I meant it should be illegal to look that good.. Really, it's unbelievable! LOL

Everyone has been talking about those songs today.. I had never heard the story period??

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey i understood ya i realise what you meant....i know you know im blond ...but give some credit for Gawd Sakes.....lol
I was only being stupid...and thats nothing new...

Anonymous said...

@8:20 aka Kristen's PR relationship person. You're full of crap. You're loaded with details aren't you? I only heard Kristen said she was a control freak. She said she reads the net to see what people are saying about her. People in her camp and his camp have already confirmed she's a beotch and pretty much CONTROL the mood of that relationship. I personally don't care. Some men like to be controlled. Rob is obviously one of those.

Anonymous said...

to 4:57

stfu you ugly krisbian.

It's called Robert Pattinson Intoxication why are you here?!

You are such a loser!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:38, wow~ The song is breathtakingly beautiful!!~

We all know Rob has great musical talent. I have always been thinking that if he will write something for Kristen.

Wow~ If the song is truly written by Rob, about kristen, that's really perfect!~

Monica from Asia

loris said...

So no Rob at Sam Bradley last night. Still never found out what this so-called party was that Kristen was supposed to be at.

Nonsten insider = Fail.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:29.
Rob too has admitted that he reads what is said about him on the Internet and even finds out what his schedule is via the Internet when he can't reach his publicist on the weekends:)

People who know Kristen say only wonderful things about her, including her co-stars and those who have actually worked with her and know her. The list is long and impressive.

To quote Rob: "She is the sweetest, smartest, strongest girl I know."

Anonymous said...

@ 3:29

Everything in my comment was from quotes made by Rob. Not Me. I'm not an insider and I don't claim to be. But I do have two eyes and two ears.... and mine are fully functioning. Maybe you should have your eyes and ears checked... or do your research better before you go poppin' off at the mouth with untrue and unverified BS.

Anonymous said...


Apparently #WFE Rosie/Tai is in love with Rob.. She's smitten with him. Every time he goes near her, her trunk goes up, right to his face and he holds it like a vacuum to his nose.. it's really something..

Anonymous said...

Hey candy/sybil! I was so looking forward to new pics of Rob at Sam's show, and Kristen at some party. Put up or shut up! Ooooh, and please tell us what's next! Can't wait....lol

Melinda said...

ANON 10:44

Please show me or link me to the information where Lee is taking writing credits for that song.

I don't know for certain that Rob wrote it either but I am certainly not going around trying to PROVE that he did.

The fact that Lee is friends with Lizzy P. (Rob's sister), he performed the song in the summer of 08 after Twilight wrapped, and the lyrics fit to a "t" as to what Rob was feeling about Kristen during that time period I can see why people would think that Rob wrote it. And truthfully it wouldn't surprise me if he did.

Anonymous said...



loris said...

While the story fits to a t, it doesn't sound like the way rob writes. But who knows.

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:44 PM-

I just wanted to clarify I am not saying that you personally are trying to PROVE Rob didn't write the song just that others seem to be.

Truthfully we probably won't ever know unless Rob comes out and says he did.

Anonymous said...

lol reading some comments of shippers thinking Rob skipped Sam's concert to stay with Kristen lol
He was partying last night, just not in a place full of fans. He went clubbing with friends, guys and girls. Again he seems to spend his free time far away from kristen lol the only time you see him with her is when they are working together or promoting. Long gone are the sappy times when she traveled all the way to see him and hang out together almost all the time.

loris said...

Pics or it didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

lol 9:12

let me guess. was he at the boom boom room?

Anonymous said...

@ 9:12

Why would Kristen travel "long distances" to see someone who is in the same city as she is in?
*rolling eyes*
Where was this party, insider?

OH WAIT.. that's right! You don't know ANYTHING! You just make up stuff at random. I thought he was at a concert. But then since that was proved he wasn't there you just decide to make up somewhere else he was at? PATHETIC LIES!

Anonymous said...

The more lies you spew, the more validity you give to Rob & Kristen being together.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:12
Spare us the nonsense will you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ 10:44
bwhaha grain of salt as always.

Anonymous said...

Hanging with him where? In her living room with her cat? She posted earlier she was hanging out at home. I don't call that clubbing. Stop Facebook stalking people who are watching Remember Me at home.

Anonymous said...

We knew sooner or later she was going to crack and finally she's opeening her eyes.
She's right about the statement too.
Did you see it all unfold and then think, I have to issue an apology?
STEWART: No, I was in Korea when it all got bad. My publicist called me and said RAINN had issued this terrible statement.
STEWART: You know, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.
PATTINSON: None of those associations came out and gave a statement [criticizing Kristen] without being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specifically to get hits on their websites. That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone. All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twilight films because you have to give so many interviews all the time, you can defend yourself. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs.
STEWART: See, if I said that? Crucifixion. You can say so much more than me. It’s insane.
PATTINSON: That’s not true at all. When did I say anything [controversial]?
STEWART: You’re really good, but you could say, “I just took a s***on the Queen’s face,” and people would be like, “Oh, I love him! I love him!”

Even that he is defending her a little, she feels alone and by herlsef in the haterade category.
Everything keeps adding. The truth is clear as water.

Anonymous said...



loris said...

I love Rob defending his girl. :) And she is so right about the double standard. Sure Rob got some backlash from details, but nothing like what Kristen got.

Anonymous said...


More websites that will be live streaming the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

Just read the EW excerpt where Rob publically defends Kristen against the 'hateful internet journalists and bloggers'(paraphrasing here)

Funny how the nonsten hyenas started that outcry and emailed Perez Hilton, they bragged about it. Rob hates your guts hyenas and defended his girl. Good for him!

Bex said...

did anybody else find it hillarious (probably just how i read it) how rob said "Who's Rain?" like he wanted to go kick his ass for talking shit on his girl? when i read it i was totally thinking of that martial arts guy.

Yay for rob defending his girl! I CAN'T WAIT for this issue to be released. Barnes and Noble here i come on my lunch break on friday!

loris said...

I feel like my July wish came early. LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well seems like Rob publically called out nonsten.com amongst other hate filled sites for bashing his girlfriend with hate filled comments. And he was being very PC with "nerds" when you know he wanted to say fucking bitches.

Deb said...

Why to go Rob you tell them ALL (more or less DONT FUCK WITH MY GIRL) I love it. And why you ask your self WHY would he say any thing BECAUSE HES I LOVE WITH HER.Like Eward would say SHE IS MINE..DEB

Anonymous said...

Isn't Rose going to write a blog today??

SueBee said...

anonymous 2:02

I was wondering the same thing! I guess I was more used to reading Rose every day than I thought!! LOL

Anonymous said...


I know, Right?!?!??

I feel deprived of my daily Rose Post. Its normally up by 1:00EST. (not that she's required to do anything of course) but I just notice that normally that is when there is something up by.

I hope something didn't happen :-(

Edith said...

Kristen just gor back from the European tour.I bet she's tired as hell.Do you think that she would like to go out and party?I'm sure she would like to sleep.Rob on the other hand could go out.His family and friends are in town,so why not?He must stay at home with Kristen 24/7 just to prove to some morons that he's with her?How old are you who are posting this BS?10?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:13

LOL. I know right? It would have been fab if he wasn't so PC with his language AND called out particular sites for being HATERS.

SueBee said...

Ooops! I meant 2:01!


SueBee said...


Hope everything is okay with you!! Are you all right?

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of you are insiders and pr plants. This is hollywood after all. fan manipulation for as much money as possible is the goal.

Look at the EW. Rob is defending her and she's trying to throw him under the bus by claiming He gets away with everything he says. As if comparing "rape" to pap's pics and saying "nerds" is the same thing. Her example of the Queen is terrible? and Rob would never say that. She just DES NOT know how to freakin' speak. Kstew you might want to drop the "attitude" too. Maybe people would be more attracted to you.

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