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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rob and Kristen- It's Not a Big Deal?

It's NOT a big deal...

It doesn't mean anything...

It's all PR!

It's NO big deal!

It doesn't mean a thing...

It's PR! PR!

It's no big deal!!!


It's no big deal...

It's PR! PR! PR!

It's not a big deal...

Doesn't mean a thing...

Please be PR.

No. Big. Deal?








Bye for now.


Purple83 said...

Private Relationship is being kept private...that's all I'm sayin`...

Love R and K, together, separately, no matter what!

Cote de Texas said...

Love the recap of the pictures, all for PR, of course. you should add the picture of them from the black carpet where they show them from the back and kstew is clinging to rob's jacket - just grabbing on it for dear life. his brand new expensive suit - wrinkled under her touch. do you think he cares she was ruining it? do you think she would grasp jacob's suit jacket like that? i think not. that one picture spoke volumes to me.

love you!

Anonymous said...

LOL Rose love ya and on a lazy sunday such as this, with all the wonderful photos and looks and smiles we can say to ourselves, 'really it is not a big deal, they're in love, they're happy, they're a couple...not a big deal at all.'

bye for now xx

Cote de Texas said...

oh sorry! I see you actually DID show that picture of her clinging to rob's suit jacket on an earlier post. my bad.

about the necklace - in one picture it looked like the figure 8. or two circles joined together. it has to be symbolic of something. i need to google what it stands for. does anyone know?

i think she hides it when she can - but with some outfits it's harder to do? just wondering, do we know for sure rob gave her that for birthday? just wondering.

Anonymous said...

to Cote de Texas , if the necklace is an 8, it means infinity, eternity

angelica1 said...

LOL! Rose, I love you so much

Noiva Feliz e ansiosa! said...

You rock my world Girl :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely, just lovely. Thanks so much Rose. It's great to see all those photos in one place.


Patricia said...

'Spot on again' Rose ...YOU ROCK !



Lisa said...

brilliant post!!!! thank you again, rose, for reminding those who need it what a load of crap the whole pr angle is.

jen said...



If it was like one or two things, I'd get the pr thing. But when you say it's no big deal about 200 times in the last year regarding these two fraternizing together yet again, that excuse doesn't work anymore.

It's not one thing they do. It's the acculumation of things they do together outside of actual promotion duties.

Rapper said...

Spread LOVE not hate. This is a beautiful song. Ray LaMontagne, anyone? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LWpw3CMCEg&feature=related

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...beautiful post..i think is one of my favorites...
Did anyone notice the shoelace in their hands?Sooo cute!!!


Lisa said...

haha I love it and you Rose! You know, you could do a blog just like this for days. There are THAT MANY pictures.. ;) NUFF SAID!

Lisa said...

Oops, now there is another blog Lisa.. I have to try to remember to put @meee611 to keep us apart..

Thaís said...

Rose...I really enjoyed the post today!!!So many evidences that we can see LOVE and some people can see NOTHING 'cause they are blind!!!

Love Robsten!!!

Have a nice Sunday!

Kisses from Brazil

Anonymous said...


*Suzy Q*

sfw10sis said...

Oh my god Rose I love you, your brillant and that post was priceless.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

PR my ass, the only PR I see is
(P)rivate (R)elationship, but I guess whatever gets them through the nite, lol.

Rose you enjoy your Sunday, I know I am, I'm still looking at the pretty.


Anonymous said...


Someone posted an article yesterday in regards to Rob and Kris being a PR stunt, it was on popeaters website. The article as since been "debunked" by Gossip Cop, in a fabulously snarky attack. If I didn't know any better I would say some of us here wrote it because its what we are constantly saying to the hyenas. LOL. It also goes perfectly with Rose's post. :-D Just thought I would share.

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

I hope Rob and Kristen continue to enjoy their relationship on their terms.

It's like Rob said:
I learned that if a relationship is honest it can last through anything, despite all the challenges we have to face and everything that happens around us.

Thanks Rose!

Tarra said...

I'm glad that Rob/Kris are appearing to be more relaxed and at ease. Their playfulness,genuine friendship along with mega chemistry we witnessed in BTS Twilight footage, interviews, etc had disappeared once they were catapulted into stardom. The easy flowing style of their relationship that made Robsten well Robsten had became awkward, uncomfortable for them and us to watch because they knew everything they said or did would be analyzed. I don't know if its the natural progression of their relationship where they're tired of hiding their feelings for each other or if it is their trying a different approach of showing without the telling part that is behind the more relaxed Robsten. As a Robsten fan, I am grateful for the bubble we saw during the Eclipse premiere. They don't owe anyone anything and frankly, I hope that they don't give an admission those of us that are adult, mature minded can see the obvious and shame on those that are small minded who can't, won't or just refuse to acknowledge that they are claiming each other right in front of our faces.

Melinda said...

What a great post to see today!! It is wonderful to see a HW couple who won't sell out their private life to the highest bidder. That's why their relationship works.

As Rob said in a recent interview there is no amount of money that could be thrown at him (and Kristen as well)from the gossip rags to sell his story. He also said that when you do that it leads you down a bad road.

There are countless people in HW that have gone down that road and look what it has gotten them.

My hope is that both Rob and Kristen (together or separate) continue down the road "less taken" and have continued success and happiness. That's all I want for them as a fan of both.

Here's hoping for a negative free day of comments.

FYI- the new People this week has an article on Kristen where she answers questions by fans if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...


Loved the (P) private (R)relationship comparison! Got me thinking....



All better definitons on what hyenas revere as the Robsten explanation!

deb said...


Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose...Brilliant as always......So little said on today’s….. But so much information shared....Short but Sweet and Informative....love the simplicity...
Suits me......kudos to ya Rose.lol

The simplest things in life are often the best....dont you think????

Anonymous said...


hey ladies, just thought i'd keep up with the theme...thought you'd like this short vid....

Anonymous said...


and this one...i havent seen it for a while...so when i came across it ....just wanted to share....one of my 'favs

Patricia said...

Kristen just left for New York. The paps took pictures of her at LAX and commented on her giving them 'THE TWO FINGER SALUTE RATHER THAN JUST ONE.' I can just imagine what those ass holes were saying to her to make her do that !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome post Rose! You sum it up perfectly. Love the pictures too! The cherry on top of the ice cream? Gossip Cop's take down of Popeaters **ahem** article. Seriously good stuff.

SueBee said...

What's up with the bad publicity for Rob and Kris?

First there was the retarded article debunked by Gossip Cop and then the one I just read about Rob that said he was bored with Twilight.

Were they just looking a bit too happy for the media?

Anonymous said...

@ SueBee

I think that was that stupid NYT interview that twisted Rob's words because he had been doing press for eight hours straight and the NYT interview was at the end of the day. And he said something like "it can get a little boring talking about it after awhile." or something to that extent but he had been answering the same question for like eight hours. I mean even criminals crack after eight hours of interrogation. LOL.

*Suzy Q*

iacris/recife said...

ROSE i love love this pics i´m from Brazil and i read every day your blog i love it thanks !!!i love ROBSTEN so much...

SueBee said...

@Team Sprockly

It sounded twisted when I read it. Seems as if the media are manipulating things for the salacious headlines Rob was complaining about.

I also noticed that the fans are getting insulted on top of all of this. Making us out to be empty headed 10 year olds.

Melinda said...


I just wanted to say thanks for taking off the ANON button. I will admit I used it quite freq. but not to spew hate as did the nons.

It makes me sad that you have to do this b/c people can't stand to keep their misery contained to places that welcome it.

It has been so peaceful today. Am kinda enjoying it.

Oh Patty...about Kristen's salute to the paps...maybe she was just cracking her knuckles...ha ha.

This is a tweet from the guy that was in plaid at the Eclipse after party with the funky hair(which I liked). He is friends with Sam. He sent this tweet to USweekly. I am thinking he is kinda ticked by their cover story of R/K last week. I think I love him now! Ha Ha.

Tabloids are crap, don't buy into their bullshit, it is tainting the youth of tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Robsten is PR PR. PR PR = Perfectly REAL Private RELATIONSHIP!

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

hey Rose wont this put a spin on things.....w/out Anom posting left right and centre...i think its great....at least we will have an idea who's posting now... i wonder if they will still have the balz to post????

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzy Q



Anonymous said...

What pretttty pictures, they look so happy. I can't wait to see what happens next for them. Thanks Rose.

Lisa said...

The guy is Sam's band member. He also posted this blog http://twoshoesx.wordpress.com/
It seems it was his first experience with R & K.. He liked them :)

I liked how subtle K was with the popz! LOL I do not know how she wears Robs knit cap as hot as it is in LA! LOL It's been so nice and quiet here today.. I hope it's because they can't post anon. but they can get around that. My best guess it is because they're not awake on the other side of the pond yet.. :(

Rose, there are enough pics, I think you should do this same thing for another day or two! ;)


Jam said...

MTV asked Rob about that on the Black Carpet, and he said it was BS.
Here's the link:

Melinda said...

One more comment and then I am off to bed...

Kristen made it to NY. Someone tweeted a photo of her in the airport at JFK.

The chick that tweeted the photo said Kristen was made as H*** at two paps that kept riding her butt as she was walking. Apparently she said something to the effect of "take it already". She knows they want the photos to sell but it is beyond irritating that they can't just take a few and go away.

I think if they wouldn't surround her she would be much more pleasant. There should be a law that says they have to stay back "x" amount of feet or something. It is really ridiculous that they can get that close.

Rootsie said...

Great post, Rose!! Or I should say awesome, awesome post. Perfectly stated. And so many lovely photos of Rob and Kristen together.

Anonymous said...

Love it. Haha! Private Relationship.

Carly said...

my post didnt make it on here for some reason :( and I dont rellay remember what I wrote. I hope this time it works

it sure is more peaceful here this way :) and what a beautiful post Rose. if this was a case at court the jury would have had a verdict a long long time ago. and it would indeed have been Precious Romance

@Melinda: I totally agree. I think there should be a law stating how close a pap can get to the person he is taking a picture of. because those sleazes are just ...

Lisa said...

Correction.. The guy I was talking about (he's in the pics from the Eclipse pri with Sam & band) I don't think he's a traditional member. I saw that because tonight he was tweeting pics of Sam & band on stage while he was not. One he's in front of them and the other he was off to the side. Anyway, just wanted to clear that up. :) What a nice day it's been here today!

R-lynne said...

Good morning everyone... It's almost 09:00CET in A'dam...We have such lovely weather today and hoping to stay that way for the whole summer.

Rose, you did it again... Beautiful. I will say it again I love your blog. It may sound pathetic, you blog is open all the time.

I see you took the Anonymous button. Guilty as charge. I oftenly use this button especially to piss off the non-Robsten believers.

Nothing to contribute at this point. What happen to Lilly or Lily by the way?

olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Love yesterday's post as always. Running a day behind but I wanted to thank @8:03 for the link to the wonderful vid "Robsten/Mercy" which is so beautiful, and thank you to rosie said @6:52 for the heads up on the tweets from one of the important characters from the WFE set, Tai ( also known as Rosie the Elephant.) Her tweets are "funtastic" and I so appreciate the link.
Be back later to read the blog for today.
Love to all from a believer.

Opytaylor said...

Did I just read all comments " foam free" ? Nice

Mom In the Subburbe said...

Hey,Rose, I've just recently discovered your blog. Yeah, where have I been, right? Anyway...I have deep admiration for this couple, just because they are genuine and they have integrity. You sound defensive and protective of them, and I'm glad someone is vocal about that.

I saw the live stream of the Eclipse LA premiere and the look on Kristen's face when she first saw Robert was beyond priceless. She just totally lit up and came alive. The jacket clutching was so cute. It again testifies to the support they give to each other amidst all the madness.

Looking forward to read more of your blogs...as it is, I have a lot of catching up to do!