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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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is purely coincidental.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Robert and Kristen- I Love You More

There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
 All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life I've loved them all
But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more
In my life I love you more
Thank you, John Lennon. 
Bye for now


ssmartinez55 said...

That's so sweet!!

Lisa said...

ahhhhhhh Perfect Rose! With a HUGE smile.. I wish you a great Sunday, Happy Edward Cullen Birthday and Father's Day for those who are, or husbands who are! :)

Oh, and Rose...... THANKS! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautifaul words...love it


sfw10sis said...

That was simply beautiful.

Thank you Rose


Nicky said...

Simply beautiful..........

Jane Apple said...

Beautiful! I love your blog! Every single day you bring to us amazing thoughts and feelings, thank you so much. God Bless You!
PS: I love this song too.

javadreamer said...

Thank you Rose. That was simply beautiful - and the music that played when I entered was 'Edwards piano concert', which was so fitting. Happy Fathers day for those husbands and fathers.

Anonymous said...

I really really love your blog..always have a huge smile after reading it. Thanks!

Bella71 said...

Rose Ily more n more
Beautiful words melt my heart
Thanks <3<3<3

Anonymous said...


What beautiful words ... Your blog is the best.
Thanks for putting a smile on the day.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely sentiment on this beautiful Sunday morning. Thank you Rose!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and beautiful. I <3 IT!

*Suzy Q*

Trisha said...

That was beautiful. Simple, sweet, & perfect. Thank you Rose. Have a great Sunday.

Patricia said...

"your the best" I love coming here everyday and being a part of ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION....

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:16

You wish.

Carly said...

beautiful, Rose, just beautiful. John Lennon was one talented motherlover, wasnt he? pity he died before I was even born. but the awesome thing about music is that, just like love, its timeless

perfect pictures. perfect words. perfect post.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Amazing words! Every time you write here my day lightened up.It is a pleasure to be able to read here. Thank you! I stand behind you.

Caroline said...

Oh Rose...amazing..and beautiful song...
You're amazing and i love, everyday see what you are writing... Miss K and R!Is crazy that i keep a big smile every time i see a picture of than together?!...Love and thanks..


SueBee said...

Anonymous 11:16---Seriously? You can't give it up for one day? Go color a Father's Day card for your dad or something.

Rose--Great post! Big hugs for making smile! :o)

soadram said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful words, wonderful.
a good day for you Rosa

Melinda said...

Rose- what a beautiful message. I have always loved that third pic of Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella. There is safety and love in the arms of the person that knows and loves you best.

I am off to celebrate with two wonderful men (my dad and my brother) who are fathers.

I hope today people can just "give it a rest" and enjoy what has been given to you.

deejon67 said...

Great Post Short Simply And Sweet. Happy Fathers Day Day To All The Dads. They Are Together And They Are Happy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Rose!! Preach it Girl! Love, Love, Love your posts!!! If only the two lovebirds could come on here and read and see what you see!! Wow. Who knows, maybe they do...... :) wINK, wINK

Anonymous said...

Yes Rob loves Kristen more but she loves Taylor.

Anonymous said...

To 12.20

You know nothing about Rob and Kristen.

You know nothing about love.

Dizzle82 said...

Perfect song for a perfect post, Rose.

I am wondering what certain people will say when Rob shows up in Montreal. They know as well as we do that it is a distinct possibility. Or should I say probability?

Anywho, looking forward to the premiere and to seeing Eclipse (although I kind of feel like I've already seen it by this point).

And WTTR! Ahhh, good times ahead.

Love to you, Rose, and to the rest of you. Especially to the hateful ones. You need it the most.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Like why you guys still shipping them? I thought Kristen denied the relationship in one of her tv interviews. > "Like when people ask me 'is it wierd that rob is your boyfriend and then your boyfriend in the movie' and im like i didnt even know i had a boyfriend wow" < Sounds a bit like an denial to me.

Dizzle82 said...

PS. Sirius Radio was using Life and Style as a source. Duhr.

Anonymous said...

This was nice today, Rose. Too bad the psycho loser teenager with no life and no friends is back spouting her BS on Father's Day no less. Hey hyena, no dad that wants to spend time with you On Father's Day? Can't blame the guy, he probably took one look at you and ran away for good at your birth.
Hope Rob enjoys spending the day with his dad(and mum too of course!) His dad is adorable and reminds me of Mr. Magoo. lol

Dizzle82 said...

To Anonymous 1:05- Kristen was talking about reporters trying to trick her into giving an answer about her relationship with Rob. She said "I like to fuck with them and be like, 'Oh, I didn't know I was dating Robert.'" She actually states that she is messing with them. Not a denial. :)

Anonymous said...

Kristen had an romantic dinner in Rome with Taylor then ducked out so that she wouldn't be noticed. Taysten is on :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1fI9AHraz0

Anonymous said...

@12:50- Rob's family is in town. And the women are all blondes, silly. Oh, Candy. You are truly creepy-crazy.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:06
That wasn't very nice. Just ignore the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Rose.

It's too bad some crazy asshat is so obsessed with your blog and obsessed with making Rob out to be something he's not (Their "facts" make me LOL). No surprise what selective memory they have when it comes to Rob and Kristen. Completely had to erase the lovely memories of MMAs and TwiCon out of their mind so they can delusionally continue their bullshit. But, whatever, they are irrelevant in Rob and Kristen's live...thank goodness!! And thank goodness where Rob and Kristen are living is unknown to the public, especially with these crazies around.
I know Rob has been working hard the last few days but I hope he has been able to spend some time with his parents. Rob wants a long, happy marriage just like his parents :) His Mum and Dad are so cute and seem so sweet. And they love their son very much!

Kristen has been looking SO beautiful on the Eclipse promo tour. Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Lucky Rob! :)
All the Kristen and Taylor fans must have been so sad to see that they didn't even spend the day together yesterday. LOL.
They have been doing a great job on the promo tour and good thing they are great friends and are able to bear the brunt of it together.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't catch that at all. Heres the interview. She does curse after she says "I didn't know I was dating .. bleep. Thats what I got. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNUn8cwl53k

ignore the trolls said...

Everyone,just ignore the stupid little girl that posts anti R/K crap over and over again...like someone said yesterday...she has no life and no reason to get out of bed and these convos are the only thing she has going on in her life...pathetic. Don't feed the trolls!

Anonymous said...

Perfect Rose as always...You have such a big heart. I love coming here everyday. I only read your blog until today... I read some of the comments.. :( it's sad that there are so many hateful ppl out there. BUT.. I believe just like you!

Anonymous said...

to 116 anon-hey,if the shoe fits-all's fair in love, war & blogs!

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please explain something to me? In the past year or so there have been countless numbers of tweets about Rob and Kristen out at restaurants, bars, concerts, etc, not to mention pics of her visiting him in foreign countries, including his homeland, and yet, people say they are not together. Not to mention, all the tweets about them being at pubs, etc, in London, and restaurants in NYC during the RM premiere week. And then we get a couple of tweets claiming Rob is at a bar, and low and behold, he is clearly there with his (fake) secret girlfriend, or he is sleeping with every woman there. Or, because Kristen and Taylor are at the same restaurant in a country they are visiting while promoting their movie together, they are madly in love and are a couple. Does this make sense? LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose,I know you are a big Beatles fan. You are probably familiar with the Lennon song"Beautiful Boy" Perfect for Robert. :-)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:10- She is being sarcastic. Did you see the whole interview? Did you notice how she looks down and touches her necklace when she says "Good to know I have a boyfriend"? The thing is, Rob OR Kristen are not going to confirm or deny anything right now. Evidence of late points more to a confirmation than anything. If she wanted to deny it, she wouldn't have been joking around about it. It really means nothing either way.

Anonymous said...

@ Dizzle82 1:05

That's lame. Who uses Life and Style as a source??

loris said...

Great post Rose. :) So beautiful!

Of course the little hyena can't take it.I think she needs a new hobby. I just can't imagine spending my whole life just obsessing with trying to get everyone to believe a couple has broken up or doesn't like each other. I mean, how pathetic is that?

Seriously anon @ 1:05 what do you tell people when they ask you what your hobbies are? I honestly think you need to seek professional help if you truly believe trying to destroy someone's relationship is entertainment.

You mention that Kristen interview, I guess you didn't watch the whole thing. You are only taking the bytes you want to hear. We already went over this last week. She said she likes to "eff" with reporters and was being sarcastic.

Go watch the video Rose posted the other day from Twi-con. Look how happy they look. Of course you won't look because the truth pains you. Watch the Nightline video where Rob tells you he is not going to sell his private life. He said that in a print interview as well.

These gossip news shows are repeating that dump Life & Style magazine which has already been debunked. I mean we have first hand reports from so many people who have seen the two of them in person. All report they are happy and look like a couple. Deal with it.

And big deal that he was out with his friends last night. Sounds like a bunch of fangirls were trying to talk to him. That's what I got from the tweets. Who freaking cares?

You keep coming here and spreading lies but no one is buying it. So you're just wasting your time. You should put that energy to better use. Go help clean up the oil in the gulf or something. Go help your mommy set the table. Make some friends. Go out and play. It is summer.

Dizzle82 said...

To Anonymous 1:05- I know, right? Life and Style is about two seconds away from being the next National Enquirer.

Rose said...

Please ignore the haters.
They are desperate for attention
(among other things)
So let's not give it to them.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Why do people come here day after day announcing that Rob and Kris broke up instead of moving on with their lives to another celebrity couple? 1) It's a juvenile game hoping that they can get a reaction * they are attention seekers; 2) They want to be proven wrong; 3) They have no personal life * Rose's blog and the AT is like a 2nd home; 4) They are obsessed with Rob, Kris, or both of them; and just can't let go. For all those who believe Rob and Kris have broken up, stop repeating 50 times a day, everyday using different monikers. We get it * this is what you believe; you are now free; move on to somebody else and let them become your obsession.

Vampsus said...

Perfect pics and prose Rose.

Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't make sense. I find it all very, very hilarious! People are just so absurd with all of this. And those people who pour over every interview Rob and Kristen give during promos to find a denial---it's amusing to say the least.
I was looking at pictures yesterday of Dev Patel and Freida Pinto. They were just walking...weren't holding hands or anything and Dev wasn't smiling in any of the photos I saw...and I thought if that was Rob and Kristen crazy people out of the gate would have said "omg they are so miserable together"...LOL. Rob and Kristen can't win. They smile and are happy---some people still want to claim they are miserable. Just have to ignore all this crazy shit.

And another thing about Dev and Freida, all it took for most people to believe they were dating was Dev going to visit Freida in Israel where she was filming a movie. The pic of them didn't even show any PDA but people concluded that Dev had no reason to be there and other than to be with Freida.
Now, Kristen does the same in visiting Rob while he was onlocation filming AND she went to celebrate her birthday with him...but people still want to claim they aren't dating whatsoever. LOL. I mean, any other couple and that would be a slam dunk! Who leaves their family and travels thousands of miles to spend their birthday with a friend?! No one.

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, my last post (1:41pm) was in response to 1:23pm.

Melinda said...

I was re-watching the Eclipse scene where Bella tells Edward that he doesn't have to rush, then he kisses her and she responds "okay maybe rush a little" and this song popped into my head:


Kinda fitting...anyway Rose forgot to tell you I love the new background for your twitter acct!

Anonymous said...

Kristen said that in a relationship, there's always someone who loves more the other person. In a fictional R&K relationship(sic)...who do you think love more the other one?

Wonder what she meant with that words... she looked sad...

Anonymous said...

You're right, Rose. Let's ignore the haters. Nothing they say changes the fact that Rob and Kristen are together and are happy :) We can let them live in their house of delusion peacefully. If only they would just let us be as we're not buying what they're selling.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:58, she looked sad because what she said IS sad. Not everything she says needs to be picked apart or analyzed. Not everything she says is sokme secret message about her private life.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon. who said my father run off when I was born...yes, that's exactly what happened altough I bet you were just being mean, but hey...you know what? you don't hurt me :) Some people don't like Brad and Angelina together, I don't like K y Rob together.What's wrong? They're only actors. And there's life beyond robsten world, lots of interviews you don't comment, videos, FACTS! that you seem to ignore. Open your eyes! She is not as good as you think, if you just listen to what some people say about her! Rob is a good guy, he deserves better.

Anyway, I think is fine to have different points of view.

Oh, and I only posted 2 times here today, so you better don't keep saying I'm the only one here with this opinion, posting all over again, because we are a lot!

Tarra said...

I love your blog Rose. It's nice to be on a site where nice things are being said about R/K. I am a Robsten fan, have been since I first saw Twilight. They're intuned with each other to the point that they mimic the other gestures. R/K are soul mates and to find someone that can connect to your soul is rare and should be valued and appreciated. Rob has been crushing on Kristen since he saw her on film and to see him finally get his crush/dream girl is so romantic. It is obvious that they are both smitten with each other and truly a committed couple. It's a shame that there are so many haters out there that spread lies about them. The world can be a cruel place and one would think that seeing two people fall deeper in love with each other would make it just a little bit brighter for us all.

Deb said...

Thank you Rose for posting a beautiful song and beautiful pic Have a great Fathers day with your DH happy fathers day to all you fathers out there and a BIG happy FATHERS DAY TO ME.PATTINSON (ROBS FATHER) AND A THANK YOU TO HIM ......DEB

Deb said...

Sorry MR. not ME. DEB

Anonymous said...

LOL@ the hypocrisy esp these times kristen fans always mock Rob fans and say they're stupid cause they make Rob out to be a manwhore. am i wrong?! but they're doing EXACTLY the same with kristen! kristen fans are just as much to blame for shipping kristen with anyone but Rob.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:35

i dont visit kristen's LJ accounts anymore oh and her imdb profile.
last time i checked 'taylor better kisser Rob' 'it's called sexual chemistry' 'Rob is not that good actor that's why they look awkward'.... and facepalm to all garretstew comments ' i need garretstew in my life' 'I wouldnt stay faithfull if i had love scsnes with this guy' etc.

Great job people.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or do the hyenas always seem to be grammar and spelling challenged?

new interview said...

NEW Kristen interview,excerpts on net,don't know who interviewed her,sounds European..."I'm barely 20 and everyone expects me to handle things like an experienced woman. But I can't pretend to be someone I'm not and this makes it very easy for the media to attack me if I'm not careful with my every word. Everyone expects 20 year olds to be all friendly to the press but if someone is more stubborn and like me, refuses to talk about their personal life then they get labelled as a self-centered bitch."

...She does get asked about Rob. She actually gets asked like 4 times LOL the journalist is relentless. She dances around the question like always, saying it's easier for her to keep her private life private and not say anything because people always expect something from her. So then the journalist says "So you and Rob are just friends?" and Kristen replies "I didn't say that. I didn't say anything!"

Another nail in the hyenas coffin. She had NO trouble saying they were 'just friends' winter of 09. Last time we heard that. ;-)
She also tells the journalist she was off to Hungary soon. ;-)

new interview said...

Adding that obviously this was done right before she went to see Rob in Budapest.

LeslieDaleJrfan said...

So, is that how that works or no? See, I don't understand why someone who doesn't agree would take the time out of their precious lives, a life that ticks away every second of the day, to state your opinions on a blog where YOU KNOOOW the blogger & people who read it see things differently than you. You state it over & over & over & over & over again to the point of overstepping the sane boundary. Why? Is it damaging your life? A blog that isn't bothering anyone or forcing anyone to read it bothers you that much? Whoa, sounds like a personal problem to me. Just sayin.

1-If Rob & Kristen are not a couple. Okay and... As many people have stated on here... it's not that serious. Get a grip. Some people thinking two people have found love in a world full of fucked up shit, should be a good thing. If they aren't together, then they aren't together. If Rob is dating someone else, then okay. If Robert is gay, then okay. If Kristen is a lesbian, then okay. If she's with Michael, then okay. If Kristen & Rob are fwb's then okay. If any of those are the case, then they are probably giggling at the fact that they've managed to trick a bunch of us & are doing a great job at keeping their private lives private. If any of those were the case, then that would mean that the ones spewing 'THE TRUTH' that they aren't together are actually doing them a disservice by spewing to every website, blog, man, woman and people who don't give a rat's ass, the very thing they want private... which is to keep people wondering if they are a couple while they keep their private lives private. Which would mean...*gasp* OH EM GEE, you're doing the very thing some are blasting Rose for doing. Invading their privacy? Kettle meet black. How the hell is Rose invading anything? She posts about how she sees things. You go to HER blog. She's not posting her opinions everywhere, but if "Robert" & "Kristen" did "tell you" they weren't a couple but obviously would prefer not to discuss it, is that really cool to go to every site & tell their truth? Unless they're paying you personally to convince everybody under the sun that they aren't together... who the hell anointed you? Hypocrisy anyone?

I mean seriously...wtf?????

Anyway, I'm done now. Look, Robert & Kristen don't know us. They are just two actors that want to do their jobs & have a life. They can't help the fact that people want to believe they are a couple nor can they help if people want to believe they're not a couple. Since they have every right under the sun to not comment, it's left to be interpreted either way. Call me nuts, but they seem like two people who wouldn't want their relationship to be the reason why some go around the internet taking their private lives too personally, & go around harassing & badgering someone who states her own POV on her own blog, to belittle people who want them to be happy together or apart. They seem like two people who want to be left alone by fucking nutcases they don't know, who have nothing better to do in life than to go to different internet sites to make up shit about them. They seem like two people who like to spend time together & are obviously pretty damn close...dating or not. They seem like two people who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire for being a first class DUMBASS!!!

If you're thinking you're the dumbass, then you're probably right.

LeslieDaleJrfan said...

If you think we're delusional, then fine... leave us to our delusions. There's other more important things you can express your concern over, like the oil spill in the Gulf, or when all the soldiers fighting the war are going to get to go home to their loved ones or finding out just who the hell dropped you on your head so many damn times when you were a baby?
Grow the f**k up.
Happy Father's Day to all the good father's and father type role models out there! Muuah
Very sweet entry Rose :)

Okay... sorry about the multiple posts but I had a lot to get off my chest. lol

Anonymous said...

Rose, could it be any more perfect? Perfect song for all the "looovee" pictures. Thanks for shareing more of your love of all things Rob and Kristen.

The TRUTH said...

Ok, I just talked to my insider and here's the truth about Robsten. This isn't for the faint of heart so please turn away if you can't handle it. Rob is currently sleeping with Tom, Nikki, Ashley, EDR, Camilla, his sister, Sam, Marcus, Bobby and basically every other female and male he's every come across BUT Kristen. Kristen is currently sleeping with MA, Taylor, Scout, Dakota, and basically every other male and female she knows BUT Rob. Rob and Kristen are gay and bearding for each other when they're NOT sleeping with people of the opposite sex. They are in a PR relationship AND best friends who can't stand each other. They're broken up but also back together again. Kristen is a clinger but they also don't spend enough time together to be considered in a serious relationship. Rob likes to pick up every chick he meets while ALSO never being photographed or caught with anyone but Kristen. He's also with Tom when he's not sleeping with every woman BUT Kristen.

Kristen is sleeping with Taylor while also being a lesbian Rob-clinger who also happens to hate him when not traveling all over the world to see him and showing interviewers pics of him. Rob also clearly announced to everyone that he's single and looking to date while ALSO never doing any such thing and being in a serious relationship with Kristen, when he's not having undocumented, unproven one night stands with every female within a 5 mile radius. Kristen is still with MA while ALSO being a covert lesbian with Dakota, Nikki, AND Scout. Rob and Kristen never see each other except when they see each other all the time. Rob doesn't care about Kristen at all except when he's ALWAYS staring at her, looking behind him to make sure she's there, and basically worshiping at her feet. That is, when he's not repulsed by her. Rob is currently living in a house AND a hotel where EDR, Camilla, Nikki, Ashley, and a few random blondes live under the bed but NO Kristen. Hope that clears everything up!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:12

omFg. LMFAO!!!!!

That was AWESOME!!



Anonymous said...

@ Rose.

I always have my computer muted... and today when I had the volume on I finally realized that there was music on your blog. I was wondering about the "Jessica" song on there. Was that an original piano composition from Rob? Or was he just the pianist? Where is it from? I couldn't find anything online and it is really pretty :-)


*Suzy Q*

LeslieDaleJrfan said...

I know I shouldn't but I have to ask before my brain cusses me out then jumps to its death to end the torture of trying to comprehend wtf is going on with folks in general but especially on the internet and this blog.

I've been coming here reading the comments of this person, people, or person with many people living inside their body, for months now. Spewing on about how Rob & Kristen ARE NOT a couple & how you & everyone that believes they are, are a bunch of delusional "shippers". I must say, I found it amusing. Yesterday & today it hit me, & I became dumfounded & creeped the hell out about how they think. I know I shouldn't go there, but I'm really trying to figure this shit out, so bear with me...
So, I have an imagery, & maybe the person and her voice bff's can tell me if I have this right...

So you wake up, & while you're eating, or breaking out of your straight jacket you start to think, "Pffft... that Rose is so stupid with her dumb opinions & dumb dumb blog. Grrr, how dare she see things her way??? It's in her damn face! They aren't together. Not the way she thinks they are. Damn, why am I not getting through to her? Why aren't any of them believing me & the conversations I have with Rob & Kristen in my head??? Grrr...makes me so mad!! No, actually... makes me laugh...heeheehee... the poor dumb, stupid sheep. I better go see what dumb opinions she & the others have to say today. Heeheehee."

You waltz over to your desktop or laptop, turn it on, wait for it to do it's loading shit & while you're waiting, you sit there & say, "I just don't see how Rose or her fellow sheep do not believe the truth!!! I mean, the voices in my head don't lie! Ha! They say I'm the delusional one. Well, fine. I mean, yeah she states that it's her blog, & her POV, & it's all not to be taken too seriously. Sure she may say that she isn't forcing anyone to believe her beliefs, but shit a camel, I'm just gonna have to go to her dumb dumb blog for the 1,265,867 millionth time & post my 1,265,867 millionth post about how Rob & Kristen ARE NOT together because the world is shitty. Shitty & crappy because idiots believe two human beings are in love, when my voices tell me otherwise! Ha! Not to mention the truth the Rob & Kristen voices tell me! Idiots!"

Now you're online & go to Rose's blog. You read her opinions & all the other comments that are harmless opinions. Uh oh... the majority of the people are STIIILL posting their personal opinions about how they believe Rob & Kristen are a couple? *Gasp* "OH EM GEE!!! How can they be so stupid?? Why just last night, the Robert voice told me he was trying to distance himself from all things "Robsten". Aggggh.... Wake up & smell the psychotic in the air morons!!! The Kristen voice told me that Rob DID NOT give her that necklace!!!! OH EM GEE.... what are these fools thinking??? Why oh why, do these people continue to think Rob & Kristen make each other happy??? Do they not understand that the looks & the smiles they seem to generate when they're together is a lie??? So what if there's videos & pictures of them looking happy & glowing? That's all photoshopped in!!! Arrrrgh... these people do not know shit. I can't stand the lies these people make up!!! Rose is a liar!! They are all liars!!! So what if nobody forces me to read these lies every damn day of my existence. So what if nobody forces me to my computer to read a blog that I think is a bunch of worthless, pointless bullshit. And so frappin what if I take the time to read all of the comments of these foolish sheep while my life ticks away? The world will end & humanity will be lost forever if I didn't come to this blog everyday & post my shit! Only me & my voices speak the truth!!!"

Um... how intelligent. haha

Anonymous said...

Good morning to ya Rose ...We celebrate Fathers Day the first Sunday in September...so any American Fathers out there H/F/D...
I love the last pic of E & B in a tight embrase. E is so onto B even the way he tilts his head....theres no room for distance in that embrace....ahwwwww
Those words where sweet and so fitting.....nice....

@4.12 hehehehehe yer that sums it up alright....

@ Lesliedalejnfan your epic comment had the same sediment to my little vulgar comment yesterday...yours was more explanitory mine was a little more crude...hey i realy couldnt give a RATS....But so many of us have the same /simlar view and tell these Unwanted so and so's ...but they still come back...nobodies forcing them to read, comment and bullshit. But they love us soooo much they cant keep away, they keep coming here to try to fill us us with such trivial crap and we just overloook it or argue back.....so mundane.....so sad...

Patricia said...

To Here's the truth 4:12:

That was wonderful...My stomach hurts from laughter...'Spot on'

That's how these haters sound...

grazie for that !!!!!



Anonymous said...

Just another thing STOP and Notice this angle for a moment...Has anyone ever questioned the FACT....
Why are sooo many fan Videos made of Rob AND Kristan.....the amount with detail, One with a sane mind can see the attraction these two have for one another...That and the amount of views each one of those videos get....thousands and thousand and they are always gettin updated...Rose isnt pushin that down our throats....Hell I didnt even know Rose existed while i was enjoying the view of all those youtube Vids out there....
They are not PUPPETS Staring in the VIDS..they are to ppl who are unconditionally attracted to each other....made by thousands of ppl around the world who also think that they R & K are worthy of the time to make a short/long VIDEO ABOUT....

Anonymous said...

Not sure if true, but sweet nonetheless!

On Sunday 20th June 2010, @Ate_Ofie said:

OMG! Thank you: Robstenlove...#966. Rob's parents Sun, Jun 20, 2010, 6:58 AM

FYI, my friends met them outside jay leno and they signed autographs for them! ha ha ha! They actually signed their names like celebrities, and laughed about it. Supposedly, the were really nice and adorable. My friend said, "Rob won't talk about his girlfriend to the media. Will you at least tell us what you think about her?" and his mom said "If his lips are sealed, mine are sealed" and laughed. Then she said "do you think she's a good actress at least?" and his mom said "yes, she's very talented" My friend didn't mention Kristen by name, so notice how his mom knew exactly who she was talking about!!!! Unless she's talking about some other actress, but I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

@4:12 WOW .. Love it :D haha

Just soomething i noticed and wanted to share..

The second video, starting 1:45.. I love how she like kisses the necklace.. its cute :D



Anonymous said...

One of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

its not just millions of fans around the world that believe that r/k are dating so do the media, as for taylor and kristen alleged hot romance according to the few taysten shippers, well..........crickets....

Anonymous said...

Shhhh I have a secret! Wonderful things coming for Rob and Kristen.
Believers are going to *Sigh*
Haters are going to *Cry*

Don't tell anyone ;)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:27

Believers are already sighing, and haters are already crying, but there can never be too much goodness. :)

Anonymous said...

@ 8:03

Amen to that! Love the comment!

Anonymous said...

Leslie Dale Jr-

I don't know who you are but your post was brilliant!!!!! Please stay around!!!!

To Truth- my stomach hurts after laughing so much while reading your comment! Thanks for pointing out the idiocy that is out there.

Anon 5:11- I read that as well. I can't imagine why people would think it was anyone other than Kristen. Well actually I do b/c those people are blind.

Saphire1231 said...

Rose you did it again... just when I think life truly sux, you post this beautiful set of pics, accompanied by Lennon's wonderful song and suddenly, I can smile again.

Rob & Kris' faces epitomize happiness and love and they give me warm fuzzies and put a smile on my dial from ear to ear.

Thank you Rose... I believe you to be a really nice and loving person yourself.

Anonymous said...

Rose...I love your blog and this the first time I comment on your blog. I LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN BUT I LOVE MORE KRISTEN CAUSE SHE'S 20 YRS OLD YOUNG LADY AND SHE'S NOT STRONG GIRL. ROB, I KNOW HE'S STRONG MAN!!! I believe Robsten's together and I don't care stupid hyenna said!! Sorry my English and THANKS ROSE FOR YOUR LOVELY BLOG( LOVE FROM ASIA)

Lisa said...

@LeslieJrFan, what a riot! That's about exactly what they must do!!!

And by the way, I'm a huge Dale Jr fan as well! ;)

Go Junebug!


Anonymous said...

@the truth


Anonymous said...

I second the motion what Anon 9:31 been said.

LeslieDaleJr - you are now one of my favorites here. I love your comments. Stay around.

To Truth - you are very funny. I love the sarcasm of your comment. You too becomes my favorite. I love sarcastic people.

To Rose - as usual, you are the most of my favorite ones. There are no words to describe your blog and the way you put them in words. It takes a genius to do that. Three cheers to you.

Greeting from A'dam, NL

Anonymous said...

Rose - "In my life I love you more"
This was so sweet and endearing. I love this more than you will know! I'd like to pass it on to those two!

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite song of all time, and put to those pics makes me love it even more. Thanks, Rose. YOU SO TOTALLY ROCK. ILY!!!!