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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Robert Stands By Kristen

Random thoughts.
(or are they?)

1. JFC
So fucking beautiful.

2. THIS is one of the major reasons
I find myself so completely intoxicated by him.
This is why I'm still here.
Almost 2 years later.
Because every new picture...
keeps blowing me away.
I'm still affected by him.
I'm still fascinated by him.
I'm still addicted.

I haven't been able to spend my usual 23 hours a day online
the last few days.
Life does have a habit of getting in the way of being ROBsessed.
Woe is me.
(That is completely sarcastic by the way...)

 I get online just now and I am hit with some
EW interview with Robert and Kristen.
Discussing the rape comment...

You got a lot of criticism recently for comparing the intrusiveness of the paparazzi to rape. The comment got blown out of proportion very quickly, and you apologized.

STEWART: I’m so sensitive about stuff like that. That is the one subject that means a lot to me. I made one movie directly concerning it [2004's Speak], and I made another one where my character has a horrible history of rape [2010's Welcome to the Rileys]. I talked to a lot of people about it. I used the wrong word. I should have said “violated.” But I’m young and emotional. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I just feel like people got so excited once they saw that it was me. It was like, “Sweet! Let’s get her!” And then for the people to exploit it under the guise of being morally upstanding is disgusting — and it embarrassed me because I was a part of it.

Did you see it all unfold and then think, I have to issue an apology?

STEWART: No, I was in Korea when it all got bad. My publicist called me and said RAINN had issued this terrible statement.

STEWART: You know, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

PATTINSON: None of those associations came out and gave a statement [criticizing Kristen] without being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specifically to get hits on their websites. That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone. All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twilight films because you have to give so many interviews all the time, you can defend yourself. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs.

STEWART: See, if I said that? Crucifixion. You can say so much more than me. It’s insane.
PATTINSON: That’s not true at all. When did I say anything [controversial]?
STEWART: You’re really good, but you could say, “I just took a s***on the Queen’s face,” and people would be like, “Oh, I love him! I love him!” 

 And the reaction?
Hilarious as always.
Rob basically called the HATERS out.
Oh how I wish he would have called them HYENAS!

Kristen felt bad about her 'rape' comment...
she apologized... but that wasn't enough for the haters
(and we all know WHO they are.)
And she was RIGHT...

It was like, “Sweet! Let’s get her!” And then for the people to exploit it under the guise of being morally upstanding is disgusting — and it embarrassed me because I was a part of it.

That was EXACTLY what a lot of the haters did.
They used it as an excuse to attack her.
I love that Kristen is SO aware of how the haters work.
Exploiting any topic to hate on her.
And Robert?
He defended her. He stood by her...
He understands what Kristen was trying to say...
and he also understands how 
where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate.   
I love that he knows about the "HATE" sites.
The people who want to rip out Kristen's throat
(or his)
When they don't do or say what they want.
I also wonder what Robert thinks of these people 
who are so angry and bitter...
And so venomous in their hatred for someone
he obviously cares very much about.

So there are a lot of angry people out there right now.
Blaming Kristen for existing.
Blaming Rob for defending her...
Trying to cling to anything that will let them carry on 
their whole 'PR' bullshit.
"Of course Rob would defend her, they are friends"
" I would defend my friend, too... I do it all the time"
"Rob can't wait to be away from Kristen!"
"Kristen is so mean to Rob!"

I'm sorry...
But the rationalizations make me LAUGH
And that is always a good thing.

Kimmel tonight!
Eclipse Premiere tomorrow!
Life is good.
And it's getting BETTER everyday!
Pretend you are as happy as 
Rob and Kristen are when they are...

And so it goes.

Bye for now


Trisha said...

Thank you Rose. Well done again. I love the way he defends his girl. I love these two squeeeeeeee!!!!!

Have a great Wednesday Rose. Thank you for such great words. i enjoy reading everyday.

Stacey said...

I'm glad Rob defended Kristen but I do think Kristen was a bit harsh on Rob saying he never gets critized. I mean come on, what about the vagina comment? Rob got attacked brutally for that. It was brought up in every RM press interview he did, even in front of his won mum. I'm just saying its not like Rob can get off all the time. He does get hate too.

mamabear said...

Rose you had me worried.....I guess I am obsessed with your site, I can't wait to see the pictures and words. Good for Robert defending his girl.......in other words shut the f - - k up!
And the pictures of Robert, god this guy is just is just......no words can discribe him.......Sam Bradley signing the La burning song last night and Robert's sister were there, you know Robert and Kristen were there..........just getting good at hidding.......love these two and glad to see your site up again Rose, had me worried.....

jen said...

Don't forget the part about little hateful nerds behind their computers blogging shizz all day.


I'm sorry, but that one was for all the bloggers, pro and ama, who get this sick sense of power of anonymously spouting hate.

He's calling such people cowards.

Do I think he's including Perez there?


Do I also have a feeling he realizes that places like nonsten.com exist and are doing very hateful things in his "honor?"


This is a one post a day blog. Rose isn't opening forums for us to discuss how to organize to further our agenda. We realize we are just gnats on the side watching two hot stars.

But places like nonsten.com - they are trying to BECOME a part of the story.

And that's the difference between us and them, folks. Sorry, it's true. I don't contact perez or RAINN like those other chicks. I post here, and taht's all.

So, you know, what comes around goes around.

Robert's spoken. He finds hateful bloggers to be frustrated, intrusive, selfish nerds.

Straight from your boy's mouth.

Can you handle it?

I bet not.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Rose, for you, the presence in LA of the Pattinsons mean that they will be present tomorrow at the Eclipse premiere?

Amanda K. said...

Great post Rose! I don't know why I say that, all your posts are good! I love you! Hope you have a good weekend, one week until Eclipse, weeeeeeeee! I'm so excited! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that the whinning and clawing will be unsufferable right now because they are literally licking their wounds after being slapped in the face by Rob and called out for thier ridiculous behaviour those that hit AT, Perez and all the other sites claiming a witch hunt on poor Kristen who didn't deserve their wrath. They are both fully aware what is written by them by those so obsessed about spreading lies and hate for laughs and then don't like it when people call them out on their bullshit. I am proud that Rob stood up for Kristen and defended her because she didn't deserve the hunt of her head and have to resort to apologizing to those hypocritical beings that use the word 'rape' in their everyday obsession of drooling over Rob Pattinson like some sexual object and post up their ludicrous fantasies of a man they will never have in a million years. Well done to both of them for talking about it and Rob for coming to the woman you love's defense. xx

Anonymous said...

YES! I thought Rose wasn't going to post today... and I was seriously disappointed. I'm glad you didn't let real life get SO in the way that you weren't able to post :-D

Great post, as usual. If he would have said HYENAS. I would be dying right now I would be laughing so hard. Can not wait for the full EW article.


*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Question: WTTR premieres at LAFF on Friday. Will Kristen attend? If she attends will Rob be in tow? I hope so!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another wonderful post Rose. I love that Rob stood up for Kristen in public and that he called out the haters and let them know what he thinks of them. Sad thing is they probably won't believe that he was actually referring to them. But he was, and it's obvious he can't stand them. I love Rob and Kristen separately and as a couple, but I especially love them together when they present as a united front. Thanks again-

iacris/recife said...

thank you Rose i love your comments i love your Blog cause i love ROBERT AND KRSTEN..ROBERT is awesome man brilliant and gentleman.....i enjoy reading eveday

Anonymous said...

Let's remember what was talked about yesterday: if, sorry, WHEN (cause you know it's inevitable) the haters come here, let's not engage them in any way. Just ignore them. Do not give them the satisfaction of responding to their hate. Rob already handled it himself pretty darn well.

KPattz said...

I'm sorry to say,that hyenas are so blind that they'll never understand that it was them that Rob pointed out.I'm sure now they'll start a new issue emaling the queen,because of Kristen's comment(lol)or they're gonna say that she hates Rob or is jealous of him that why she said that.They're so psychos they'll come up with anything.I wish they could leave Kristen alone.

Karen said...

Thank you Rose. This was a great blog. I love the way Rob defended Kristen. I,too,am glad he called out the haters and made his feelings known to them. He made it abundantly clear that no one is going to mess with her and get away with it. That's as it should be.

The pictures! What can I say? The man has it all. They sure made my day!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Post Rose....This post this morning is news to me.....has it got a lot of media coverage there????
This is why we come and comment on here Rose...I myself am Not interested in commenting anywhere else....I respect your values, thoughts and addictions....As they are if not the same But so, so similar to mine....Even when I say I Won’t come on here today to myself....Is so incredibly difficult Not to.....Intoxication is an UNDERSTATEMENT...sometimes so many of us have the need to defend Robert and Kristen....and we don’t even know them on a personal level...How is that? They have drawn us inn, as supporters and we pay them back with ADORORATION,DEFENCE and RESPECT..I FOR ONE AM NOT BEING DIRESPECTFUL WHEN I JOKINGLY SAYING SILLY THINGS ABOUT ROBERT
PHOTO SHOOTS....as someone mentioned in the past 'highlighting Robs crouch'..WT hell.....i just look at his eyes and enuff for me....
Rob defending Kristen is YET ANOTHER NAIL IN THE

SueBee said...

Glad to see that you're okay, Rose!

soadram said...

Post Great, wonderful.
Who loves advocates always loved ..:) And Rob does not hide it ...
And I do not have any doubt that Rob and Kris know very well what is written about them good and bad.
I was very happy to interview cm
Live And Love:)
a good day for you.

Anonymous said...

I never get tired of saying it
robert is disgusted by nonsten.
EW interview is a proof.

Anonymous said...

I just became pregnant by the 2 new pix of Rob. THOSE EYES!!!! My God he is beautiful.

mamabear said...

one more note, isn't Kristen just in LA for a few days and then off to New York for awhile? When does she go to bootcamp,, mid-July, when does Robert finished WFE? Hopefully they have some time to spend together before being apart again.....But then again I think they make the most of the time they do spend together, both seem to gravitate to one another. Robert I am so proud of you for speaking up for Kristen, some things cannot be kept private when one of them is getting such hate for only being a girl in love with a guy!

nicole said...

TOTALLY agree with you, Stacey! I dont like what Kristen said to//about Rob.

Honey said...

I've been so proud of Robert when I read this interview..So proud of both obviously, but I admired Robert because of the way he defended his girl..his amazing, beautiful, intelligent girl..Kristen is not a simple 20 years old girl, but she's awoman already. And Robert,well, he's a man. He knows how to make the person he loves, protected and safe. And Kristen needs and wants Rob's protection and endless love..and Robert just wants to give her all this. They are made for each other, they have been like it since the very beginning. Everybody knows it..:)
So, I loved the way in which Robert put the hyenas at their place: they'll go on insulting Kristen without reason, but the important thing is that they know that Robert is disgusted by their shameful behaviour, and that he blames and considers them just "nerds who spend time and hide themselves through their computers and blogs.." he couldn't find a better definition for them..I don't need to say anything else. He has just said everything :) Love Robert and Kristen. They're a real team. They deeply love each other and they're showing it through actions, they don't need words to explain anything..It's just pure love, theirs. And Love doesn't need to be explained..it just is... :)
Thanks for everything Rose, as always, and Love Robesten..guys you're great, and we love you just because of that..please, never change...:)

Amanda said...

That's why I never understood 'nonsten' if you are a fan of Rob. Rob would be disgusted by a site dedicated to hating Kristen. I have a feeling he is very aware of what is said about her by his own fans and probably finds it really creepy. I love how in 2 other interviews he shot down the PR thing and here he is defending her from the haters. And him saying 'nerds' .. SO funny and TRUE. Hating a 20 year old girl from behind a computer is pathetic and weak and Rob called them out on it.:)) We saw protective Rob come out.

Anonymous said...

You can tell in the interview that Kristen depises Rob. Its not love, she hates the fact that he gets away with murder and wishes someone would attack him once in a while. She is annoyed that Rob got away with the vagina comment and was allowed to pose with naked models. He hurt her deeply and she still can't believe she is going out with him. She got herself into a relationship with a man she now hates and cannot break up with him for fear of breaking his heart.

Bex said...

@anonymous Wednesday, June 23, 2010 3:27:00 PM


Deb said...

Hey Rose Im glade you posted today I LOVE the way Rob defended Kristen To me it only shows how mush he cares for her and that HE DOSE NOT LIKE all the SHIT thats been said about her If others can not see that Robert Pattinson IS in LOVE with KRISTEN STEWART then they are blind Why would he say any thing at all if he didnt? ask your self that question.I cant wait for tonight -Jimmy Kimmel- And tomorrow I hope we get to see them TOGETHER. Thanks again Rose for your post and being a #1 FAN of ROBERT PATTINSON WE LOVE YA . DEB

Anonymous said...

nicole and stacy are ridiculous.
you heard the voice of Kristen?the way she said ?NO
Robert thinks you are a nerd; think about this and not on funny jokes of kristen

JFC I'm tired of these Dumbass people

Anonymous said...

to 3:27 - Anonymous

Someone forgot to take their medication today.

Anonymous said...

I'm not an insider, but I think Kristen is starting to realize that being with Rob may not be worth all the trouble. She is only 20 and this is her second serious relationship. I'm just saying how I would feel in her situation and her remarks in that last article are telling. She is tired of being bashed while Rob has women screaming that they love him, want to marry him, have his children and offer to date him. She is probably remembering how easy it all was with Michael. I just hope she realizes that the mad focus on her isn't completely due to being with Rob. Some of it is because of Twilight and she will never get to be as anonymous as she once was, no matter who she is with. If they do part ways, I think they will both be fine. I'll be curious to see what kind of people they each date next.

Anonymous said...

I'm never surprised when Rob speaks up for Kristen and complients her. Another example of something we'll never see from Kristen. Rob stood up for Kristen, now about Rob? I'd like to see Kristen comment on the hate he got cause he went to a birthday party. I highly doubt it'll ever happen though. Even talking about him in the company interview seemed to give her indigestion. Sorry but Rob does not get off all the time like Kristen says. Is receiving death threats for Details getting off? I'm actually surprised she said that considering she was with Rob during the promotion for RM and the "vagina controversy" was brought up in all his interviews.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous Wednesday, June 23, 2010 3:27:00
you are a n e r d


Anonymous said...

Rose, I love what Rob and Kristen said in regards to the rape comment. They are smart and "get it"...they are aware of the ugliness that resides in the fandom. And are aware that the 'bitter and hateful' called upon the media to go after Kristen. They egged it on. And it appears Rob finds these people pathetic.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with what Kristen said to Rob. She didn't say he never gets critized. She just said he can get away with much more than she can. And she's right! So many instances have proven that to be correct. Not only with Rob and Kristen but with other actors and actresses in the industry. It's how the media and fans handle it, she's not upset at Rob because of it. She knows it's not his fault. Kristen spoke about double standards when promoting The Runaways because it was brought up in interviews as it related to the story.

And I have no words for bullshit posts like 3:27pm.

Cindy said...

Sadly I think you have a point and I say this as someone who supports both Rob and Kristen. I think Kristen is getting tired of the fact that her boyfriend is so coveted and gets it so much easier than her. I also wouldn't be surprised if shes ever wondered what it would be like if she wasn't dating a huge heartthrob. Shes only 20 and it is a huge cross to bear.

Anonymous said...

GET A LIFE nonsten/hyenas
lets free robert and kristen
Enough with the interpretations .

Bex said...

I don't see where ANYBODY is getting a vibe that Kristen is getting tired of Rob or whatever...

She is simply referring to the double standard in Hollywood that men can get away with saying and doing a lot more than women can; and in the twilight fandom which consists of 98% women she is really calling out the fact that all the haters try to rip her to shreds for anything and Rob can do no wrong. She's simply stating the facts.

Also, what vagina thing did Rob say? was it about being allergic to them or whatever?? because I found that funny as shit..it's called having a sense of humor and knowing how to take a joke. (if there was something else he said then please feel free to let me know what it was)

Being a sane girl of 23, I wouldn't give 2 shits if all these women were throwing themselves at my boyfriend, screaming that they love him etc. If anything, besides being mildly irritating after a long time(although this really only happens when they are at press events with fans present... so what 2 months out of the year?), I would feel proud that I have such a hot piece of ass at home waiting for me and that he is choosing me above all the other girls that want him. (Kristen is most likely secure enough with herself that that kind of crap has no affect besides a positive one on her)

girlsnamehere said...

I dont know how I feel about Robs comment.... I love him to pieces and Kristen too, I think he's a stand up guy for sticking by his lady, but the "nerds behind their computer blogging" statement hit a cord with me. Is he refering to all blogs with Kristen and their name on it, or just negative blogs... I'm confused about his statement and alittle taken back by his choice of words. I feel he could of used more apropriate words then nerds and blogs... Just my opinion... He lost some brownie points in my book, but like he cares!!! LOL. I'm still a die hard robsten, twilight fan though!

Melinda said...

Yet another reason to love Rob!!!! Beside the fact that he is easy on the eyes, he stands up for what is right. For him to publicly call out the haters is fantastic. I'm sure they were prepped on what EW would ask and once again they presented a UNITED front. How could you not support these two?

As for the negative BS comments so far, (and I am sure there will be more to come b/c they can't let go) we all know they have NOTHING left. Let's try to ignore the nonsense BS. That all it is...BS.

My hope is that as more and more come out showing that R/K are together they will ride off into the sunset with anger and bitterness at their side b/c that's all they have.

Melinda said...

Girls Name Here-

I believe he is only talking about the negative blog/gossip/media sites on the internet.

Also calling them "nerds", well personally from my standpoint he should of called them something worse. I think he was trying to be a little more polite.

Plus a lot of Kristen/Rob fans call them (R/K) adorkable b/c they are. "Dork" and "nerd" are the same thing in my book.

Deb said...

BEX RIGHT ON you said it all AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT so true. Wasnt it just the other day that they(hyenas,nerds)was saying that Rob never stands up for KRISTEN?SO what now there mad because he did. WTF make up your mines or better yet just dont come here.WE love Rob and Kristen END OF STORY. DEB

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post comment posted on yesterday's post. He just said nerds because "fucking bitches" just isn't PC.

Anonymous said...

Okay i love how he defends her BUT you guys need to visit kriste's fans livejournal and twitter.
They still finding crap to say about him efter this.. He can't win for nothing!

SueBee said...

How do some people think Kristen is ready to move on??? Huh?

She just used a hyperbole by saying that Rob could get away with saying anything.

Comparatively, she does get crucified where as Rob will get a general "WTF?" when he makes an off statement.

He stood up for her and maintained a united front. Sounds pretty solid to me.

jen said...

girls name here--

I actually laughed at the nerds reference, but read the whole paragraph in context with the nerd comment.

He's talking about hatred and negativity on the internet. How people are able to hide behind their computers with no accountability and cause so much damage to real people.

So his set-down is aimed at specific people. Not crazy twihards in general, cause you do need a little crazy in you to be a part of the fandom. lol

He's talking about those who mean harm and hide behind the anonymity of faceless blogging to do so.

SueBee said...


Anonymous said...

Quote Rob: "All of us stick together, as well......
All of us stick together.....you know what i thought when reading that line....No-one comes out and tells the media shit about there personal stuff...they the cast Dont spill what they know....and this is WHY...a perfect example of they keep there own privacy theirs...and dont have the problem one of the cast spilling to the media, What the media want to know....they stick together....

Anonymous said...

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Did Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart confess their rumored romance backstage on “The Oprah Winfrey Show?”

That’s what one online report suggested in the wake of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” stars’ appearance (with co-star Taylor Lautner) on the show in May, but Kristen told Entertainment Weekly how things really went down.

“She glided over to me – and she was strong, by the way, really firm hands – and she said, ‘How are you?’ I said, ‘Good.’ She said, ‘Good. Are you nervous?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I am, but I think I’m OK.’ She said, ‘Good. We’ll have fun,’” Kristen told the mag. “And then she just walked away. And that was the most I talked to her backstage.”

Every interview of this press tour is giving little clues that tere is no robsten. They sounds more friends than lovers. Last year was different.

SueBee said...

Can't believe I'm responding to this, but---

didn't Oprah save the relationship question for Rob on screen because she knew Kristen was shy? So it goes to say that IF the question was asked backstage, she would go the same route.

Just saying...

Bex said...

@anonymous Wednesday, June 23, 2010 4:28:00 PM

How on earth did you get "they are more friends than lovers" from that statement??

All she was saying is that nobody ever blabbed to O about if they were dating or not... it's nobodys
business but their own and guess what? they still won't talk about it, not even to Oprah.

are there no rational thinking nonstens? That statement doesn't confirm or deny ANYTHING about their relationship. All it confirms is that Kristen didn't tell Oprah anything about her relationship with Rob.

Quit twisting things around to fit your agenda and read what is actually written in that article.

Anonymous said...

FYI- Oprah's camp already shot down the rumor that Kristen and Rob told her backstage they are dating.

So what Kristen said in the EW article about Oprah is probably what happened.

It just goes to show that the mighty Ms. O can't get them to talk about their private life anymore than any other media outlet.

Mitchi213 said...

Fuck me.
He is so fucking hot/handsome/good looking/sexy/gorgeous...whatever.
These two frist photos make me wanna jump him if I only knew where he is right know.
I don't care what everybodys says, I'm just as addicted as you and I could totally stare at him all day.
Hes hoooot!!

kristine.hills said...


The haters...sigh...
Have you watched that vid where Chelsea slams Kristen??? It was DISGUSTING! How (for God's sake) an old woman make such lame comments??? Tell me! It was so depressing, i regretted when i watched it. It was 4 vultures talking/slamming/attacking her.

Jeessss, what a b1tch!

How (in name of God) a middle aged woman has to do it? It's beyond me.


Thank God she has a wonderful and strong family and an amazing boyfriend/partner by her side! A man who knows when stands by his woman!

Jealousy/envy may not kill us, but it mistreats our soul.
I can see a case of bully here, a lot of 'grown up' people (can we can them adults?-i have doubts) attacking (verbally) a 20-year-old girl. Really?

Kristen herself said 'because it's me' and this is enough reason to people slam her.

Sorry, I LOVE ROB, but she is RIGHT, everything he says the vultures,blindenas think is so sweetie and scream 'ilovehim'.It's a shame Rob has such stupid fans.

Ladies, it's so good to come here and read/see the world has people so nice as you(the most of the girls here are RK fans-unreservedly- intelligent and sane people).

Rose lots of love for you my dear!
Loved your post today!

XO from Brazil!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Rob defended Kristen and basically called out the haters. I am sure he is sick of the BS and hate she gets. She gets it from some people just for existing.
And how are people getting anything other than Kristen knows there is a double standard from her comments? Sure she is annoyed greatly by double standards and dislikes it but to say she's analyzing her relationship over this is a bit much. I don't think she will ever let the public or asshole fans dictate her relationship with Rob.
She will unfortunately have to deal with double standards regardless of who her boyfriend is. Sure it's heightened now because she is the only female lead with 2 male leads in a huge saga that is followed by mostly women, and the fact that she's dating Rob off-screen... but I don't think she lets this weigh heavily on her personal life.

It's clear Rob and Kristen are a team. Rob probably would have loved to say a lot more to the haters.

kristine.hills said...

Rob is so aware of what's going on on KRISTENLAND...and i bet he is possessed of anger.Who wouldn't be?
Could you cross your arms and see people attacking the person you love?
Do these old vultures really believe Rob is going to date them?DO they believe they have a chance in his love life?

Oh, that CHelseasnake was talking about Megan fox too. I'm not her fan but not a hater either. The video is morbid/unhealthy.

Sorry, i'm really depressed right now. urg!

Sorry Rose!

But i needed to unburden!


God Bless RK and Rose!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the first 3:39 and Stacey. I'd like to see Kristen defend Rob for the crap he gets from her fans. But that will never happen. Her fans bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the hate Rob gets. Rose certainly does.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the EW covers.

Kristen looks GORGEOUS!

And Rob and Taylor--They looked good...but...I have been LMAO for a good 15 minutes now. Who thought that would be a good cover? Just no.

EW better have taken shoots of at least all of them together!

Anonymous said...

Ted is so full of shit, Go kristen for calling him out! Now you know everything he says is BS, including the romactic Ritz getaway.
The Robten bubble vibe is long gone.Next week she's off to Montreal after taping Lopez. Finally she can relax and get away from this madness.

Patricia said...

Rose: You scared me also...I was "Where's my Rose" ????

Your very much loved.






Anonymous said...

to kristine hills...who is Chelsea?

Bex said...

@anonymous 4:53

Did I miss something? Why is Ted full of shit(well besides the fact that he never has concrete proof of anything) and when did Kristen call him out??

Please link where you are getting this from... because how you put it, it sounds like a load of crap you've just made up...

On a side note...
Why do all the haters cling to rumors and ignore the facts when they present themselves?

Personally, I take everything with a grain of salt (and usually forget about it within a few hours)unless something is proven by photos or respectable news source interviews...

Do I believe they're dating? Hell ya
Do I believe they are in love? No..no concrete evidence of this has been presented
Do I believe they care strongly about each other? Yes, their actions and statements speak volumes

Anonymous said...

That’s right Robert is calling the haters out on their sh!t. In my neighborhood we call that giving it to you STRAIGHT WITH NO CHASER! Anyone hating on Robert and Kristen on a daily basis are not just nerds but SICK nerds. Step to the left and take a dose of your meds while your at it. On second thought, take the whole bottle and get lost.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about Ted. But Rob and Kristen were spotted at The Ritz by a non-fan. Ted didn't post about it out of the blue.

And whatever happened backstage at Oprah, doubt we will ever know exactly what was said and by whom, if anything. But like I said, I don't care about Ted. He is just there and has no effect on what I believe about Rob and Kristen. And if they didn't say a single word to Oprah about their relationship? No surprise there.

Anonymous said...

Celebuzz's take on what Rob said http://www.celebuzz.com/robert-pattinson-blames-kristen-stewarts-s218001/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Anonymous said...

Go team_kbitch and you will see then how disgusting kstew fans are.

''Can you stfu? Thanks.'' These comments for Rob. You know why? He is defend her that's why.

So sick of her stupid fans already.

kristine.hills said...

This should be the EW cover!


OMG! Speecheless! ;)

30yearoldtwifan said...

I am so glad Rob said what he did. What makes ME sick is it was HIS jealous,nasty fans who initiated the attack on KS. The hyenas were the ones to email the blogs, to get them on her, and it worked. People with a brain and common sense new what she meant. I love Rob, I love Kristen, but for the most part, I HATE there fans. Not all, some good fans out there, like Rose and people on E.org but the others are an embarrassment to the Twilight fan community. AND that's THAT.

Anonymous said...

Rose, thank for addressing this, I cannot believe they made such a big deal of her comment. I read it in our local paper and they didn't even quote it right, making it sound alot worse than it was. I'm not trying to be insensitive, it's just some people jump on every little thing people say just to give them shit about it...whether they really care about what was said or not. I'm glad Rob defended her, he knows her in a way none of us do and it's just unfair to judge her negatively because your jealous of her life and her boyfriend. Suck it haters.Great post as usual Rose!

Lisa said...

UGH! Those pics are almost too much! God, as I said last night.. It REALLY should be illegal to look like that!!! I can't WAIT for the full EW interview.. Poor Kristen, again she tells us how aware she is of her haters. And now they both show us they know WHY 'girls' hate her. Because she's WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN. What a terrible reason to hate someone! :(

Thanks for another SPOT on post Rose..


Bex said...

Is everybody getting excited for Kimmel tonight?? I can't wait to see the bubble in full force!!

I also can't wait for the screeching and foaming Kimmel is gonna cause, plus the red carpet for Eclipse!

So much excitement coming up tonight and tomorrow!!

sfw10sis said...

An absolutely perfect post, I love the way you call it like it is.

Thanks for keepin it real.

Been very busy, more time in a couple days, I miss checking in everyday, I'm missing all the good stuff, but I'm still smiling, Thanks


vanlicous said...

Hey Rose, this is definitive one of your best post.

It's exactly what I feel and think about all the craziness around these two people. I have thought about a lot and you know what...I think finally they handle it very well. It doesn't meen that it's easy to deal with, but they are bright enough. Intelligance is the magic word, which makes them so special.

And you are playing in the same league. That's obvious. Thank you for being so grounded.

Anonymous said...

if someone posted it sorry for my overlooking it...But does anyone know [ how about you my faithful Anom] who keeps us up to date on links.....For the kimmel show tonight...Does anyone know if it will be livestreamed??? for us over here at the "end of the world" lol

Bex said...


not sure if theres a live stream but you can watch it on hulu.com later. it looks like they update/add episodes pretty quickly.

Not to mention once it airs on the east coast here, it will be all over the internet and youtube in minutes.

Deb said...

I just hope that Kristens safety is ok I just love that girl She is a good actor and she love Rob.She is a lot of what some others out there want and want to be. I for one am glade that Rob knows whats going on around Kristen I think that is why hes all ways looking after her to see if shes ok.Dont WE all do that for OUR LOVE ONES?And IM sure that ROB and KRISTEN KNOW that there is ALOT of FANS out there WHO care and love them THAT WE THE TRUE FANS have there BACKS .AND I want to thank thoughs who do care for Kristen and love ROB I am a ROBERT PATTINSON INTOXICATION first BUT I LOVE KRISTEN because HE LOVES her and I think she is a good and loving person AND A VERY LUCKY GIRL.LIKE ROB has said people are going to say shit And he knows that BUT to HATE someone YOU DONT EVEN KNOW that is whats so PATHETIC . DEB.

Kyl said...

Tweet >> RT @BritKStewfan
I wonder if Rob getting hated on for defending Kstew will finally change the opinion of those Kstew fans tht think she's too good for him...

Anonymous said...

Love the post Rose. Love that Rob called out the haters and stood up for Kristen. Love them together. Go Rob and Kristen!!

Kyl said...

Tweet >> RT @BritKStewfan I wonder if Rob getting hated on for defending Kstew will finally change the opinion of those Kstew fans tht think she's too good for him...

Gigi said...

@ Louisafrmdwnundr...
I got told that this will transmit it ...


Anonymous said...

@ Louisa

I don't know of a live stream for Jimmy Kimmel. But I'm sure as soon as it is done airing there will be youtube with it up. Or it will be posted at Jimmy Kimmel's website:


robstenation.blogspot.com Also, seems to post things pretty quickly.

I do have links for live stream for red carpet tomorrow night :-D



On another note. My best friend has never seen Twilight and knows absolutely nothing about it other than I enjoy it... and she read on the cover Life and Style that said Rob and Kris were breaking up... so she said to me today... "Oh I read those people from that Twilight thing are breaking up (she doesn't even know their names LOL)" So I just laughed and sent her this youtube video:

Her response... "Oh my gosh... that is so sweet... they are so in love." and I said "yeah, you can't trust tabloids for any real celebrity news." And then of course I rambled about Robsten and Twilight for a little while and she pretended to listen. But I found it very interesting that someone who knew nothing about them was able to deduce that they were in love just by simple observation. Thought I would share :-D

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

Rob and Taylor's cover for EW looks like an advertisement for gay internet dating site. I love them. Seriously. But whoever put them on the cover looking like that should be shot. Either do a Trinity or an E/B cover because Rob and Taylor .... ESPECIALLY that pic of rob and taylor... LOL...

Kris looks gorgeous though. Love the smile.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. Rob attacks bloggers http://www.hollyscoop.com/rob-pattinson/rob-defends-kristens-rape-comments-attacks-bloggers_24271.aspx

Tarra said...

Well Rob has spoken and it sure as hell sounds like he is disgusted by the bloggers, not all just those that purposely spread lies and hate about Kristen in particular. I truly believe that when Kristen apologized for her "rape" comment that was the final straw. I believe that they probably had the mindset of just ignoring the haters but when those people expressed faux outrage over Kristen's comments that crossed the line. It signaled what could become a trend of going after Kristen for each and everything she would ever say. I believe that not only was Rob defending Kristen, I think that this was a defensive strike as well, warning internet bloggers and outlets that they can't just say whatever they want and Rob and Kristen will remain silent. I am also going to go out on a limb here and say that I do think that there will come an admission of them being a couple. I think that they'll admit to it to a respectable outlet but they will not go into specifics and they will not talk about it again with any other news source. Things are just aligning up in such a way that I could see them making the admission.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Kristen will ever want her and Rob to come out as a couple. Rob maybe but not her. Thats my opinion.

Lynn said...

Um is Kristen even aware that some of her fans actually hate Rob? It is nice to see some people twitter are now taking note of it.

Comment from a Kristen fan on perez's blog: Yeah, the little fairy is right. You are a nerd, and you're hateful and lazy. I still think he has a thumb dick though and can't pleasure Kristen successfully like she should be. damn waste.

SueBee said...

Something to make you smile


Anonymous said...

Rob sounded pretty damn pissed off when he made those comments. Good for him for sticking up for Kristen. You know it had to hurt him, knowing he wasn't able to address the hate aimed at the girl he loves before this.

Anonymous said...

Lynn @ 8:10 PM

Well at least that person got one thing right...that Perez is hateful and lazy b/c he is. He takes any chance he can to hate on Kristen. I think it is b/c he wants Rob personally.

As for Kristen knowing that her fans say such things about Rob. I don't know b/c they don't seem as vocal as Rob's fans. At least that is my perception.

At the end of the day if they are saying such hateful, vile things about either Rob or Kristen they aren't true fans. They (the haters) are not really defending their idols honor they are only trying to tear the other person in the equation down in hopes that their idol will get out of the relationship THEY don't approve of. Funny thing is this will most likely only makes Rob and Kristen closer. As Rob said "they have each others back and have since the beginning".

Anonymous said...

Sue Bee:

I love this video. One of my favorite parts is seeing Kristen sitting on the floor listening to Rob play. It is a sweet moment. No talking required just enjoying the quiet moments.

I would be doing the exact same thing if I were in her shoes!

loris said...

I agree Tarra. I think that will happen as well.

Anonymous said...

When Ricky Martin came out of the closet a few months ago, everyone was making a joke out of it because it has been so obvious that he is gay. I don’t think they need to officially admit to anything, it would be anti-climatic.
Oh yeah, there are crazy Kristen fans too and she knows it. Remember the one who knocked on her hotel room door and asked if she could light her cigarette. There will always be extreme nut cases on both sides.

Deb said...

SueeBee THANK YOU for the video IT made me cry why because you can really see the love they BOTH FIGHT for for so long The ending was SO ROB and KRISTEN it was just BEAUTIFUL. and I thank you. DEB

Anonymous said...

thanks ladies for your instant reply. i knew i could rely on you...

Suzy Q, I’m still waiting for my answer you know....ever since Rose made it sound soo damn sexy that Rob could smell like DIOR/Cigarettes...if it where anyone else’s odor i wouldn’t flint an eye lid.....

Anonymous said...

Too bad his girl is MORE THAN WILLING TO THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS BY CLAIMING HE GETS AWAY WITH EVERYTHING CONTROVERtIAL HE SAYS. Seriously "nerds" is the same as comparing paps to "RAPE" REALLY KRISTEN! He's defending her and she's trying to get him in trouble. What's with the sh!t on the Queen's face comment. Rob would never say something like that. Kristen of course would. Then she does not understand why she makes people mad. Rob is funny, easy-going, and approachable. Kstew is just not. For one thing she needs to stop taking herself so seriously like acting is Brain Surgery or something.

I remember Billy Burke was asked if he feels protective of Kstew since he plays her father. He made this face and said "oh I'm afraid of her" It's all about the vibe you give off to people Kstew. Try to work on that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Kristen seems out of it (Kimmel)

Anonymous said...

Just watching kimmel and AG, ER and NR just came on. OMG Nikki is very large and can Ashely be any more full of herself. Please! Thank goodness we only have to put up with them for 20 min. (they didn't come out until 10:40}. Cant stand either one.

Anonymous said...

Just watching Kimmel and ER,AG and NR just walked out. OMG NR is huge and she could lay off the spray tan already. AG is just so full of herself its pitiful. Thank goodness they came out at 10:40 and we only have to put up with them for 20 min or I would have turned it off. Cant stand them. They just come off as better than everyone else. (Love Kristen, you go girl!}

Anonymous said...

There were some cute moments on Jimmy Kimmel when it was just Rob, Kristen and Taylor. I did like Xavier too. He's a cutie. Him and Bryce seem to be great friends.

Rob was trying to help Kristen to not be so nervous and calm down. Did you see him press his leg against Kristen's when Taylor was talking about swimming with sharks? And several times he whispered to her or looked like her wanted to touch her. He knows her so well. And tries to take care of her. It's really sweet.

The show went downhill once they brought the rest of the cast out and the Q&A wasn't that great.

Anonymous said...

@Anonumous 9:44:
If Kristen had said the very same words that Rob used in defending her, she's right, she would be crucified. She isn't throwing him under a bus. What she and Rob are doing is showing the horrendous double standards that exist between male and female, celebrity or not and it's frightnening! The anonymity of the internet has spawned a shocking level of bullyiong and lack of any responsibilty to the truth or fact checking at the most basic of levels.

I like Rob but let's face facts here, annoyance at flubs he makes are short-lived.

Kristen said this in an interview on press junket to Australia recently:

Interviewer: The negative attention must be bruising.

Kristen: It is what it is. People say, why don't you just play a part. Choose a public persona. But I'm not that good a liar. I would hate myself more if I did that. If people have a problem that's fine. I'm glad I don't have the problem with myself.

Anonymous said...

I felt the same about Jimmy Kimmel as well.
In all, there wasn't much to it. Kristen, Rob and Taylor were the best part of it.

Anonymous said...

Kristen is at the Love Ranch premiere. Went to support her friend Scout taylor-compton

Anonymous said...

well,well,well.kristen is not wearing her necklake today,guess there is trouble in robstenland..

Anonymous said...


Anyone else find it interesting that both Rob and Kristen wear bands on their middle left fingers?

Anonymous said...

ANON 10:52- interesting

The one on Rob's finger is obviously way too small for him so I wonder if it belongs to someone else and he put it there for a reason.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:46

Well well well, look who's wearing her necklace.


Anonymous said...

@ 11:04

Or he normally wears it on a different finger? JS.

loris said...

I don't think that is a ring that Rob has on. He only had it on for a minute.

Nonsten = fail with the necklace.

Another nonsten fail, they were saying the other day that Kristen wasn't wearing the shoelace bracelet anymore, she had on a hair tie because Lainey said so. Looking at those Getty images from tonight, sure looks exactly the same as what she had on at JK, and that is not a hair tie.

Anonymous said...

10:46pm. LOL. *facepalm*

You know, there probably will be a time where she doesn't wear it to an event or something...and it doesn't have to mean anything's wrong with her and Rob for pete's sake.

Anonymous said...

to Bex
I always agree with your comments!!! Do any of you have twitter accts? I like following sane, intelligent people **like our Rose** who love R&K and all things Twilight!!

Anonymous said...

I am 11:04-

I don't think that ring would fit on any of Rob's fingers at all.

I don't think it is his. Is it Kristen's- don't know, don't care.

All I said was that maybe someone asked him to hold it and he threw it on his finger so he wouldn't drop it or something.

Maybe an audience member threw/gave it to him as he was leaving. Who knows.

It is funny that both of them have a piece of jewelry on the same hand, same finger at that moment. Doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous said...

And just have to say how awesome Kristen is to support her friend. Scout invited her and I am sure Kristen is super tired but she went anyway. And she looks gorgeous and happy. I think she had a very nice welcome home greeting from a certain someone who loves taking care of her.

Opytaylor said...

I am saying this as a guy. Nonstens, Taystens, and anyone who tries to dispute the obvious --- you are so pathetic. If you were right, what's your prize. You will win no guys. That for sure. Your behavior on these boards is so unatrractive. Rob himself was quoted mentioning you losers and your hate. You see one picture of K without the necklace and get your hopes up. Why? You see pictures with K and Taylor that look like me posing with a female co-worker and think that means something. Get off it. The Robsten relationship is very real. If it wasn't, then there is no gain for you. You must have a very unhappy life. And you are so unattractive. Destined for a life of loneliness.

Opytaylor said...

Outside of politics, no one is criticized like Kristen. You haters are intent on spoiling her happiness because you'll never have it.

Bex said...


I do have a Twitter but you'd be greatly dissapointed. I don't post much. Mostly just follow twilight news sights and reply rarely when I feel I have something of importance to say and can fit it in 140 characters. If you'd like to follow anyways it's @Bordt

Have a wonderful evening and I can't wait for the excitement of tomorrows post. The hyenas are gonna be in a tizzy over ring, necklace, and leg nudge speculations. I can't wait.
Not to mention the "black" carpet tomorrow evening!!

Jimmy Kimmel in t-minus 3 minutes!...

Carly said...

seems like I always miss all the "fun". I guess this will be another one of my favorite interviews. they give the best ones when together

her comment is so spot on. Im sure there were people who were offended by her choice of word (I found it quite fitting. and who are we to tell her how she should feel anyway?), or felt a bit hurt. but I do also think that those who cause the riot were doing just that, causing a riot so they could hate on her. and Rob saying what he said? could he be any sweeter? he stood by her firmly, he called the haters head on. he was being his usual wonderful self. they gave another proof of how together they are just more. stronger. they are good for each other

and the fotos ... oh the fotos. they left me speechless. I think my heart actually skipped a beat. or two :)

thank you, Rose. thank you so much for your wonderful words. thank you for loving Rob & Kris. thank you for calling it like you see it

Lisa said...

OMG Kimmel! Did you all see Kris was nervous.. Really bouncing.. When they start talking about the sharks, she's looking at Taylor. Rob, looks down at her legs (bouncing), uncrosses his, twists towards her, spreading his legs wide so his touches hers. She immediately responds to him! It really is the sweetest thing I've seen. Youtube will probably have a better view (this one has the damn d/l in it) later but it's at 4:33

Also, funny how Rob knew all K & T overseas stories! ;)

Lisa said...

Better quality!


Deb said...

Lisa I seen that to how sweet of him he really knows his lady .And as for the ring I though he was playing with it before they came on (when he was walking on) I think he put it in his pocket then took it out he had it on and off through the hole event I dont know it just look like it But who cares I just love the way they were together and the new pic of Kristen she looks SO happy AND that is making me even happier than I am now.HAVE a good night . Cant wait for tomorrow to come DEB

Anonymous said...

Rob is a true man, to protect and stand up for his lady!~ Kristen had some harsh hard time last couple of weeks and I have always beening thinking that Rob should say something. He really did and this makes me appreciate him more~

Louisa@3:02, I'm thankful too cuz R&K give us so many happy moments. As a fan, I definitely feel the need to protect them by retorting the mean comments posted on websites and blogs. Apart from supporting their movies, that's a very little thing we can do. It's our way to pay back.

Honey@3:20, yes, we do not need verbal announcement. Actions tell it all~

Stacey@2:29, Nicole@3:16 and Anons, oh please!~ What Kristen said is again a metaphor to show how serious and unfair the double standard is. Be honest, you know Kristen's right. People hate her b/c she dates their dream man.

Anon@10:31, I love this interview of Kristen too. I'm glad she's still so self-assuring after experiencing so much hardship. No one should ever change himself/herself to please the others. Staying true to yourself is the way you earn self-respect. Kristen's persistence is always fascinating to me.

Anon@11:35, sure~ Kristen is always nice to her friend~ ;)

Monica from Asia

Anonymous said...

Haha look at this jimmy kimmel robsten bubble. Rob goes near Kristen and she looks replused with him and turns away. And you thinks shes gonna wanna pose with him at the premiere. She won't even let him touch her. http://i46.tinypic.com/11b16i9.jpg

Anonymous said...

Loved the Jimmy Kimmel show. As usual Kristen had her eyes on Taylor, ignoring while Rob paid her lots the attention. Lovely way to repay the man who defended her and is now getting attacked by bloggers for his remarks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kristens so happy with Rob. Not. Time for you to eat your words Rose. Funny how she looked so nervous and unhappy sitting next to Rob all throughout Jimmy Kimmel but when she was happy with Taylor throughout promo it was because of Rob. It'll be interesting to see what gibberish you'll say in your post today.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:38
@ 5:59

bwhahaha you guys make me laugh.wtf are you talking about?TAYLOR SAID THAT THEY WERE FRIENDS they ARE friends get it!You guys are so angry lol.I wonder when you will gonna accept RK as a couple.The answer is:never.lol. So this is not our problem.We don't care lol.

Jaymes&Thomas WE LOVE YOU :P

Sun said...

To Lisa

I'm sorry but how exactly was the knee thing between Rob and Kristen sweet? She didn't even turn to him and looked down at the ground like him touching her made her stomach turn. She was all smiles for Taylor though. Its a good thing Rob didn't put his hand around her in case she pushed him away.

Anonymous said...

@ Sun

look at this and shut up.



Anonymous said...

To Anon 5:31:00AM

Refer to Lisa's comment at 12:31:00AM. So it's either you're in denial or you're blind, desperate & stupid.

Anonymous said...

WTF @ 5.31,


Anonymous said...

to Sun 6:31:00AM

Same goes to you too. It is either you're in denial, blind, desperate & suntupid.

Probably you don't have a lot friends or none at all. You have a lot of negative vibes coming out. A person like you has to be avoided.

Anonymous said...

sorry not @6.29 i got a bit carried away..lol

Sun said...

to 6.40

I will not shut up. Is that all you have? Pics of her looking like shes replused with him. Yes they're so going to last in the long run.

Anonymous said...

cause sun @7.11 your such a clairvoiant arnt you...tell me what other notions you have for the future.....piss off and stop trying to raise attention to yourself...'NERD'............. DONT WORRY ROSE... I LEARNT FROM THE MASTER......I BELEIVE IT GOES LIKE THIS......

Anonymous said...

Rob defends Kristen and the anti's are up in arms!
Priceless! Just priceless! :)

Anonymous said...


No it is not.I have got many pics dont worry :D But i'm not sure you can perceive LOL

Go to your blog dude.And plz not to be angry lol.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha Kristen hates Rob. She looked like she wanted to throw up when Rob touched her leg. I bet they don't even get inimate in private. Rob just follows her around cause he can't bear the thought of living without her. I bet she kicks all the time and refuses to sleep with him. Hes so pathetic. Eat that Rose. Is your boy getting any love? No I don't think so lol.

Anonymous said...



are u ok?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:19
ROB: There are so many little nerds behind their computers.


shut up (:

Anonymous said...

What's the word that Rose uses? Oh, yes.......Foaming!
They're foaming to over-flowing because they have nothing now........NOTHING! :)

It's way too early in the AM for me to be this happy and without any coffee! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose. I can't wait to see what crap you come up with today. Let me guess. You'll say Kristen looked sick when Rob touched her in Jimmy Kimmel because she thought she smelt something bad lol. Delusional much? By the way Rob did call you out as a nerd. Bye nerd lol

Anonymous said...

I think Rose will continue to say what is pretty damned obvious............Rob and Kristen are a couple!

Some Just -Can't- Handle -The- Truth!

Wake up Rose said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't see any bubble on Kimmel last night. What I saw was a girl who was a little uncomfortable with Rob and more calm with Taylor. Everything keeps adding up, the lack of sightings, how they used to spend almost all their free time together, etc.
At the premiere of "Love Ranch" is where I saw a young woman, having fun, relaxed and just happy to be supporting her friend.
What concerns me the most is be the witness of the thinnification of Kstew. I understand that the pressure, the hate and her crazy schedule plays a big part but I hope she has the right people by her side and take care of her. Must be hard to be the target of constant attacks all the time.

Anonymous said...

@7:44 AM
No, actually it's people like you Rob is calling a nerd. People who use the anonymity the internet offers to spew insults and vile accusations.

Anonymous said...

She wasn't even moving her legs when he "touch them to relaxed her" please shippers.
If you think she hates Rob, I wonder why she does? maybe one of the many rumors of him cheating wasn't just a rumor.
What I saw on this press tour is that Rob and Kristen are not what they were last year. NM tour was full of cuteness and adorable moments everywhere, this time around show us a different reality.
Last night we got proof that Kristen can be happy and having fun when she is with the people she wants to be. I know some of you want Robert to show up at the WTTR premiere, I don't think he will, but I expect to see Kristen surrounded by true friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Rob has spent alll of this year so far filming..........Bel Ami from London to Budapest to London to Vancouver to LA.
Kristen as she has admitted, had the most time off she dhe has ever had between projects in years and how does she spend that time? Aside from a road trip planned months in advance, she crisscrosses the globe to see Rob and with promotional duties for Eclipse .

Rob had said previously that he and Kristen would be spending a lot of time apart in 2010 because of work.

That bubble you speak of was clearly evident at MTV MA's, Twicon and yes at Jimmy Kimmel too. She had to be exhausted after Australia and Korea.
They left the Kimmel show together.

Kel said...

Wake up. There was no Robsten bubble last night you stupid sheep. Kristen smile at Rob while he touched her. Wow I agree with 8.08 Kristen looked extremely uncomfortable with Rob and more calm with Taylor just like during the Eclipse promo.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any "bubble" on Kimmel last night either, and I'm pro-Robsten.

The more Rob tries to show up his feelings for her, the more she tries to hide her feelings for him.

And I'm assuming that Kristen has feelings for Rob, cause I actually don't know what to think.

Up to this point, after more than one year of relationship, there seems to be a kind of "war" between them. He wants... She doesn't want to acknoledge their relaysh.

And I'm already wondering if the real reason is that Kristen doesn't feel sure about her feelings or the relaysh itself.

Anonymous said...

The only part of the Eclipse promo that included Rob was the LA press junket.

The promotional tours for NM included all three stars equally.... Eclipse promo is 99.9% Kris / Taylor because of WFE filming.

I notice people are completely ignoring how Rob and Kristen were at Twicon and the MTV MA's............How convenient!
Wasn't the JK taping a week ago?

Anonymous said...

Kristen puts Rob down once again. Never seen her do with it Taylor. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2010/06/24/cover-twilight-kristen-stewart-robert-pattinson-taylor-lautner/

Anonymous said...


wow angry person bwhaha.

bullshit LOL

R and K are together you know that but you can't accept.It's normal cause you all dont know what you are talking about LOL.You can't SEE.but I can SEE.

Anonymous said...

DEAR Anon 9:01

do you know reading?bwhaha.

Bex said...

There may not have been a bubble...i can admit to that.

K sounded like she was either getting sick or getting over a cold (her voice was scratchy).

I have no idea where anybody is getting the idea that she is "Repulsed" by Rob...I was watching the 3 of them closely (mostly R and K as that show was pretty much garbage as far as questions and topics went)and she was not paying any extreme amount of attention to either R or T.

From what i saw, she did give a few coy sideways glances and smirks to Rob... Also when they were coming back from commercial break they were involved in a full on conversation and both looked comfortable and smiling (yes she did also laugh with Taylor too).

From what i can gather, K seems terrified of being stared at. Just sitting there she seemed pretty nervous however once somebody asked a question that she felt she had some real input to add, she brightened right up (like the whole Bella cooking for Charlie thing)- who knows maybe she was just relieved the show was over.

Either way... you nonstens and haters can't base your case on a 1 hour special..

Also what is with all these people comparing how she looked on the special and her pics from that "love" whatever thing she went to?? The special was taped a week ago.
I'll bet K looked relaxed and happy at the thing she went to last night because:
1. She's finished flying over seas for promos (that can take a lot out of you)
2. The red carpet is tomorrow *for her at the time* (the highlight of it all)
3. She's only got a couple more interviews and then shes finished and she can go back to hiding and not being photographed.

I don't understand why nonstens and haters think that they have to look happy 24/7... real relationships aren't candy canes and rainbows all the time. (most of the haters probably haven't been in real relationships before though so i guess i can let their ignorance slide)

anyways... today shall be interesting

Personally i'm not expecting any red carpets pics today (its the after party reports i'm looking forward to). If they didn't take pics together last year why should they do it this year?

Sorry this was so extremely long... Time to go look for an Iphone.

JustAGirl said...

I have no expectations for the premiere tonight. So far the entire promo has been a joke. Kristen and Taylor been shoved together and now Rob and Taylor. And now the more I read interviews and vids, its becoming more obvious that Rob is trying to show his feelings for Kristen but Kristen seems to be doing the exact oppisite. Now shes trying to hide her feelings for him more than she ever did. I hate it.

Anonymous said...

they are so in love.
Have a great day Rose.

Anonymous said...


Kristen is trying to hide her feelings?


Anonymous said...

There was no bubble, both seem doing their own thing on their free time. They used to spend more time together unlike now. Kris is more comfortable with Taylor or with her real friends like last night.
They didn't leave Kimmel together, why are you lying? there are pictures, fans accounts and video of her leaving with Ruth and her bodyguard in a black SUV

Anonymous said...

@ 9:21

LOL do you know what re you talking about?:D Here's the video they were together all the time that day.You are lying.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJg2dOs3uI8 1.40

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KGeBLNpwX0&feature=related 2.44

you make me laugh LOL.

Anonymous said...

And what if Rob and Kristen take some pics together at tonight's premiere? More pics of them posing and smiling. Nothing else.

I've never seen a relationship like this. It was special in the beginning, but it's not any longer, it's getting boring. Always the same, one step forward and one step backward.

Anonymous said...

So ..........Anyone see the new EW pic? :):)

Anonymous said...

@ Louisa 9:18

I know and that was SUCH a good q. Man!


I don't have a twitter or a blog. I'm way too lazy for that. LOL. But I do enjoy being able to comment here occasionally. I love all the sane comments people make.
And the hyenas are always good for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Kristen looked at Taylor most of the time during Jimmy Kimmel. I thought it would have different with Rob there. This promo sucks balls. No Robsten bubble. I'm sick of Taylor.

Anonymous said...

to 9.28

Thank you for proving once again how uncomfortable Kristen is around Rob. I'm sorry what your point again lol? Face the fact idiot. Shes looks miserable around Rob and looks happier without him.

For The Nonstens said...

Shoutout to all the nonstens. If I was you guys I wouldn't waste my time supporting Rob when hes made it clear he cares more about a girl who treats him like shit than think of his own fans. The fact is he wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for you. If you really want to get his attention ... start hating on him. I'm serious. He deserves it for betraying you. Then maybe he will learn his lesson.

WakeTheFuckUp said...

I love how you guys claim the hygenas are pathetic. I'm sorry.. did the hygenas make up some false fairytales that Rob and Kristen were moving their knees together or that she smiling cause because they didn't like the fact that she was paying more attention to Taylor and looked annoyed when Rob touched her. NO its you guys that are pathetic. What I love is how Kristens discomfort around Rob is as plain as day and she is always throwing in your faces but you guys ignore it and say shes just nervous. Delusional much? Well why do I care? Its all of you thats going to be upset when she dumps Rob. And yeah its pretty obvious shes going to do it by the way shes acting around him.

Anonymous said...


umcomfartable?are you serious or you are kidding?


do you wanna bubble?


SueBee said...

Yikes! Such anger!

I saw the part where Rob touched her leg. She was bouncing to beat the band and he pressed his leg against hers so she would stop. As soon as they make contact, she looks down like "Oh, woops, too much bouncing!" Rob looks at her in a "Hey, take it easy" manner.

Repulsed? What show were you watching? I'd say that she is more hyper aware of him.

As for Taylor, of course she can relax. He's like a little brother,
so there is nothing to hide or keep on the down low.

She knows she is being judged and her nerves appear (to me) to be a bit rattled lately.

This bologna has a first name and its H-y-e-n-a!

LOL--spreading the love.

lisajsienna--sorry no twitter account. I tend to keep my ramblings here.
Thank you for thinking I make sense! LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol are you guys are pathetic. Look at this. EW's cover from last year. I guess this means Kristen and Taylor are a couple too huh? Cling to that lol http://tinyurl.com/2392kyf

SueBee said...

Hygenas? Hygenas???

Sounds like rabid gynecologists--LOL

If you're going to spew--at least get the term right.

Anonymous said...

To 9.58 Eat this. Guess this means they're a couple huh? http://tinyurl.com/2392kyf

Anonymous said...

Do you know reading?I didn't say that means they were a couple.That means they were comfortable eachother.
And bubble?Of course you can't say anything lol.

why aren't you talking about other things dude?Oh yeah,cause of you are one of those NERDS LOL.Love you Rob bwhaha.

Jaymes&Thomas <33

Anonymous said...

LOL.......The foam, the foam! The foam of desperation!

Bex said...

Lets remember this... IF There are pics on the redcarpet tonight, lets not over analyze them.. this goes for Robstens, Nonstens and Hyenas...

Its the pics taken when nobody is posing for a camera that should be looked at... although none of us are body language experts, since thats a crock of shit as far as singular photos go anyways so maybe we shouldn't be looking at anything...i know... .let's wait for the videos. thats more conclusive evidence of anything

Lets all just be rational and stop with the hate

and now we wait...

Anonymous said...

Omg new EW pic is awesome!
I love Robsten!

Anonymous said...

@ Bex 10:22

I don't give two shakes about the pics on the red carpet because that really IS PR. (Hyenas, take note, red carpet pics = definite PR. Wearing your boyfriends necklace EVERYWHERE you go = not PR.) What I want to know is... are they going to arrive together? I highly doubt it. But if they do... *super sigh*

Oh and for all the delusional Taysteners out there... I found it very revealing that Rob knew about EVERYTHING Tay and Kristen did while they were away. Didn't you? And he was like wait... I don't want to steal your stories. IF Taysten was real Kristen would not be calling her man to tell him all about it. Just thought I should point that out.

*Suzy Q*



Another thought...anyone else find the fan T-shirt question super creepy? Especially when Rob was like, did you guys steal it? I didn't get a chance to check Kris's reaction to that. Anyone else catch it? Because last time the fan asked about Rob's shirt being buttoned funny on the last Kimmel Kristen was all like "grrrr" LOL

Anonymous said...

Really love how Rob defended Kristen. They are lucky to have each other. Thanks for the great post as usual Rose.

Bex said...

oh. one last thing... as far as this post goes.

For all the haters saying that Rob is cheating on Kristen and all that bullshit...

Wouldn't the tabloids be all over this like white on rice? (not just nerds behind computers)

Wouldn't girls be coming out left and right trying to sell their stories of 1 night stands with Rob to get their 15 seconds of fame??

Anonymous said...

I find it particularly hysterical that the same people who were gloating and saying that Rob hates Kristen because he doesn't defend her are now crying foul because not only has he defended her but called out all those using his name on their blogs/sites to eviscerate his girlfriend!

Yes, Suzy Q........I noticed that Rob had to stop himself from revealing that he knew far too much about the Australia/Korea press junket. :)

I wonder just what else EW has to tease us with. :)

Anonymous said...

For those who are anti-KStew saying that she is nice towards her fans, please check this:


Anonymous said...

Robert is with Kristen and Kristen is with Robert. End of!

Kristen was asked again in Europe: Are you and Robert just friends? Again, she answered that that is not what she said.
The first time she answered that way was to the highly respected Italian paper La Stampa.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Here is what a 22 year old has to say about: I UNDERSTAND HER NOW: KIMMEL TAPING

"I'm 22 and I just saw the Eclipse special on Jimmy Kimmel and wow the audience was soooo rude... They seriously couldn't keep it in their pants and asked the dumbest questions. So embarassing! No wonder they get pi$$ed.

I've always been more of a fan of the books and I used to think Kristen Stewart had the worst attitude ever because every time I would see her public appearances she would act like she didn't care about any of it and maybe thought she was too cool for everyone (especially the fans) but now I see why. Especially after reading these 2 IMDB quotes from her:

"Really, I'm incredibly disjointed and not candid. Just in general, my thoughts tend to come out in little spurts that don't necessarily connect. If you hang around long enough, you can find the linear path. But it will take a second. That is why these interviews never go well for me."


"Usually I come in and sit down at roundtables in America and they look at me like 'what is wrong with you?' Just because I don't fit...nobody fits into the frame that typical Hollywood young actresses do, but they try to. They try to be this thing. Try to memorize answers and make everybody happy. That's so horrifying and scary to me. So when you're not that, you get criticized for it. You get criticized for being honest and criticized for being nervous. So that's kind of annoying. I do a whole day of press and then I get calls from publicity people that are like, 'you might want to be a little bit more bubbly'. And I'm like, 'no'. People get very upset in the States. It's weird. Fans of the book especially. They don't understand me. Which is fine. I guess it doesn't really matter who I am, it just matters that they like the movie."

^Here, she basically gives an honest answer to what I used to not like about her but now I see and understand where she's coming from. Plus, she's still very young so it'll all get easier & she'll get the hang of it (of how to deal with this kind of stuff with grace). Most of these Twilight Movie [not book(s)] fans are crazy! In many ways apparently, or they're just still young (as in immature) and seriously need to grow up! Even Kimmel referred to the audience as animals at one point.

Asking Taylor Lautner, a seventeen year old kid who just turned 18 recently to take his shirt off in front of a live audience of young girls and then asking Kristen if she thinks Robert is sexy with or without the make-up during a Q & A session was highly inappropriate and a complete waste of time, not to mention embarassing! No wonder other people who haven't read the books just don't get it and get turned off by all of the immature hype. I personally feel that that audience misrepresents some of the normal fans that get a lot of grief for having read and liked the books."

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:21AM
I loved reading that. Thank you for the link! :)