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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rob and Kristen- The Young and the Necklace.

Kristen at Letterman.
She's all kinds of sexy in this picture.
And the hair??
The strawberry blonde...
Why does it look so good on her?
I'm not surprised.
Kristen can totally rock anything she does with her hair.
And by the way?

So. Again. WOW.
Is there any wonder why Robert is so smitten with Kristen?
He fell hard for her from the moment he met her.
Hard and Fast.
I'm talking about love here, folks...

Kristen was doing the NYC rounds yesterday and today.
Letterman last night.
Letterman was his usual douche-bag self.
I'm not a fan.
I'm not sure why Kristen or anyone else
would want to be on his show.
The man is not funny.
But honestly...
Dave was just being Dave
And although Kristen was taken by surprise
at the audience reaction...
I thought she handled herself pretty well.

This is from the Today Show.
I haven't seen this clip yet...

Well... what do you think?
Even though she has been wearing it non-stop
since Robert gave it to her...
And she DID have it on when she arrived at Letterman...
Did it break?
Did she decide to 'mess' with fans?
Was it at the jewelers getting cleaned?
Did Rob decide he doesn't like the red hair
and demand it back?

Will we ever see the necklace again?
What does this all mean???


Tune in tomorrow for

The Bold and the Necklace.
All My Necklaces.
One Necklace to Wear.
General Necklace.
The Young and the Necklace.
Days of Our Necklace.



Kristen after the Eclipse screening.
I know I mentioned yesterday that one of my bestest friends
(Let's call her "T")
was going to the screening.
She went.
And she got to meet Kristen!!!
She even has a picture of her and Kristen.
So now I hate her guts...
OK, I don't... I still love her.
But I'm a bit jealous.
I so adore Kristen.

T said that Kristen was 
"Utterly gorgeous"

Can you imagine Kristen looking even better
than she looks in pictures?
I mean...
She fucking KILLS in pictures...
I think I like EXQUISITE the best.

I love you, T.

Our dear Robert.

There hasn't been any pictures of him lately...
(So in Hater-logic he ceases to exist... Bwahahahaha!)
This picture is a good one to look at while
we wait for the next snippet of their lives.

And let's not forget that at 
Eclipse will be showing across the country...

I will be seeing it tomorrow...
at 12:30pm...
watching it on an ULTRA-screen...
in my reserved seat.
I can't wait.
 I don't have a choice...
You know what I mean.

Robert and Kristen
on the big screen...

Oh yeah.

Bye for now.


Caroline said...

Hi Rose, Kristen looks gorgeous and so, so sexy...Loved the hair, dress, everything...about the necklace..well i think she just forgot..or not..but i think it's not a jewel or a ring that confirm or deny their love...it's the hall package!

Love, Carol.

jen said...

Great post, Rose!

Kristen's a little vixen with her strawberry ginge blonde.

Thought she did well on Letterman. I love Dave, but he can be very rude. But Lainey at laineygossip pointed out that he is always pleasant to Paris Hilton. I guess kristen has to act a little more stupid and just agree with what he says to get the Paris treatment.


Cote de Texas said...

I think she is not wearing it because of the dress. it probably hit her at the wrong place - wouldn't lay straight because the dress is really really low. that's what i think. but what i also think is she looks absolutely stunning with her new hair cut and color and makeup. stunning. like cover girl stunning. she is gorgeous. i wonder what rob thought when he saw her. and what a jerk letterman was to her. jerk.

Lisa said...

Congrats to your friend! The necklace, how funny! I didn't even remember to look while she was on Today. I deleted it because literally, she was on 5 mins. Didn't seem worth the poor girls time to get all dolled up! :( I'm doing the triple viewing tonight.. I'm SO excited! :)

Anonymous said...

About the necklace - it looked like she was wearing it on Regis & Kelly. I could see the chain during the second segment on my TV, but I couldn't see it on the video on my laptop, probably because the chain is so fine.

Robin said...

You're right, Rose. Kristen looks great in any style and hair color. She's just beautiful.

And I so agree with you about Letterman. I've never liked him. He can be cruel. The last time Kristen was on Letterman (she was 18, 19?) he beat her up in a way that was unforgivable given the disparity in their ages. I was actually surprised that she would appear on his show again. But she held her own. Good job, Kristen!

Jenn Ski said...

I'm so kicking myself for not buying tickets ahead of time. I think this is gonna be huge!

Gigi said...

Rose one of the first things I notice this morning was that the necklace was missing but then on the other show with Kelly Ripa she did have it on so know knows the reason...the fact is that she can rock anything on her she is one good looking girl ..
Last night I stay up to see her on the late show and he was horrible I don't get him at all but oh well that is me ...I did notice her legs last night and this morning and of course no Rob there to play footsies with her to let her know that is was ok ....
Great post as always ...

Anonymous said...

Yup, necklace was back for Regis. :) hehe. My pictures from the Today Show SUCK. I was so nervous and shaking. They all came out blurry except for the ones of her back. figures.

annascott said...

She wasn't wearing the ring on the Today show either. Maybe she took them off because she was afraid they would ask her about it. Who knows? Both have been getting lots of attention lately:)

deb said...

Hry there Rose Love the post today ya i seen that to NO necklace But didnt she have it on on Regis and Kelly Like you said who knows WIll have to wait I love the hair Do you know when she be back home (in LA)? And i cant wait for tomorrow So I get to see ECLIPSE I miss our Man to Thanks agin Rose for the pic HO by the way I though that David WAS A ASS Last night BUT OUR GIRL WAS SPOT ON Im proud of her Have a good day Rose DEB.

Bex said...

It seems to me that she only DOESN'T wear the necklace when she is in direct contact with fans (she was standing like 3 feet away from them on the Today show), plus her dress was so low cut that there was nothing holding the necklace down.. a psycho fan could have easily reached out and snatched the thing off.

There was another event where she wasn't wearing it and she was super close to the fans also.... i think.

Eh who cares. She was still wearing the ring and the bracelet.

Her hair looks GORGEOUS! A few more dye jobs and she'll be full blown BLONDE. I guess we now know for sure who Rob's "SECRET BLONDE GF" is! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh please don't mention Lainey on this blog. I hate her. Her latest post about Rob was so bitchy.. taking jibs at his body. I don't even know how anyone can listen to her. She can never write anything about Rob without taking hits at him.

SueBee said...

Was the Today show interview before Regis?

Caroline said...

Oh lori..congrats for meeting her...she looks more gorgeous and sweet in person?

Gigi said...

@ SueBee Yes one first then she changed her outfitand and then the other ...like 30 mts away from each other ..

deb said...

Bex That my be true there wasnt anything to hold on to it and the fans can easily get to it so my be she was thinking of that but like you said who cares WE all know who gave it to her and that SHE LOVES that someone And I really dont have to tell you that the haters out there are having a feel day let them they dont know shit Only what they want to believe And that is nothing . DEB

Patricia said...


She is so GORGEOUS. I LOVE HER HAIR COLOR. I think Rob wants her back asap.

Letterman was an ass hole to her. She did fine, but (WHAT A JERK)...

You know she reads some of the things we post about her. Sometimes I think she doesn't do certain things or wear certain things because we think it means validation of them and that is private. Just guessing..

I miss Rob. These promos aren't the same without him are they ????

Grazie Rose for another great post of our favorite couple.


30yearoldtwifan said...

I am just loving Kristen's hair. She seems so excited for On the road. So passionate.

Anyway. Seeing eclipse tonight at Midnight. I am reading reviews and once again kicking myself in the ass for it. Critics are so hateful, I dont know whose worse them or the hyenas. David Slade is such a creative director, a bit nutty but so needed for the Saga. I was hoping for better reviews, NM reviews were terrible enough.

Anyone know where Mr. Pattinson has been hiding lately? He is so staying out of the media lately. Miss him.

Anonymous said...

11:34 Lisa Im going to the triology too!111. Im so excited. Hope you have fun!!!!!!!

30yearoldtwifan said...

Producer pretty much confirmed Rob and KS as a couple.

Just saw this on twitter. In case any hyenas are lurking. Now would the producer say this if R & K weren't a couple? I think not.


olivia said...

Hi Rose,
Kristen, a natural beauty as always!
Dave did a sorry job as host to Kristen last night. He really did come across as an old jerk. Kristen did her best and can hold her head up high. I hope she does not have to visit his show in the future.
The two interviews today were sweet.
Yes, it is obvious who the "summer blond" is : )
Y'all that are going to the triple tonight and/or the midnight showing.......Have an amazing, wonderful, and fantastic time.
Love, Olivia

jen said...

I see 30 beat me to it...Wyck Godfrey just confirmed to Time they are dating.bwahahahahhahaha

hyenas, you've just witnessed what I would call a week long "roll out" of their confirmation starting with the premiere...

Anonymous said...

Loving the new hair color... LOVE LOVE LOVE that she held her on on David Letterman last night. He's such a pain in the ass sometimes. He doesn't know what Twilight's all about, probably doesn't care, so he decides to act like a bully. I'm proud of her for not letting it get her flustered. Says a lot for how much she's grown in the last couple of years. Kudos!

On another note, I was looking through the photos of the NY screening for Eclipse, and had stopped on one of Taylor and Kristen, and my hubs looks over my shoulder and says "She looks happier in the other ones with the other guy" (meaning Robert) And he's looking at my Entertainment Weekly magazine and sees the picture of the three of them and makes a comment about how Taylor looks like a 3rd wheel in that picture, and how Kristen has that "Come hither" grip on the other dude (again, Robert). I just laughed.

The necklace? So she didn't wear it once.. the world didn't stop spinning.. she'll have it back on.. geez. I take my wedding bands off sometimes.. doesn't mean I'm not married anymore. Looked like she had it on by the time she was on Regis & Kelly anyway.. Probably didn't look right with the outfit on the Today show, and she probably didn't want anyone to ask her questions about it. Funny though, how the ppl who are going to be most vocal about it are going to be the ones who don't believe the significance of it in the first place.. grasping at anything to to prove they're not together. The rest of us don't go crazy because there's SO much more than just a necklace or a ring...

Lisa said...

Wyke DID confirm it.. I would say it was more then "pretty much" we need a new name for like 'chatty cathy' 'wide open wyke' LMAO

I'm worried about my trilogy! My daughter called and at 10 am (9 hours early) there were already 100 people inline!!! It's going to be 112 F today! :(

Oh, there was also this interview. I know nothing about this, maybe it's a rag?? Some seem possible but some looks like BS. (part where he says he can't go out in LA which he's been saying in all other that he can get around LA)

Melinda said...

Rose- what a catchy name for your post today!!! Too clever!

I am going with the majority here and say that I don't like Letterman, never have, never will. He is a hyena in disguise!! He is still bitter b/c Jay came back and has better ratings than him once again!

Kristen did well this time around. Probably safe to say she won't be back on ever. She should hook up with Oprah on her anti-Letterman train!

Regis and Kelly were much better. They know how to conduct an interview (plus Regis isn't a perv).

Oh the necklace...sure there is foaming all over about it. Crazy little nerds!

Glad Wyck said what he said about Rob and Kristen, in Time no less. Not a gossip rag but a legit mag. Maybe by him saying this people will back off finally!

Him talking about he hopes they stay together makes me think that possibly Summit did have a contract so to speak with R/K that gave them a year of "not talking about it/keeping them separate at press junket/NM premiere" (from last May to this May) to see if this was the "real deal" or just a movie romance.

Because even though R/K aren't talking several people are (Kristen Proust, Anna Kendrick, and now Wyck)and both Rob and Kristen have really shown lately in their actions that they are.

Wow my comment was long! Can't wait to see Eclipse. I am going Friday b/c of the schedules of the people I am going with are crazy (one is an anesthesiologist).

Opytaylor said...

I was surprised about the Time Mag thing. That's huge. But, in thinking back to last Thursday night, with Rob and Kristen being so affectionate with no efforts to hide, that was the straw that broke camels back IMO.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose.......phoooooooooooo...I thought I was going to wake this morning with all you Lovely Ladies saying that Letterman is cool and hilarious....I thought his humor may have got lost in translation....not that he was speaking a foreign language..but you guys might be used to his humor and I’m definitely not....amused....What a wanker[ not sure if you know what one is] but he seems to be one...hehehehe!
Hey Rose… The Young and the Necklace.......good one...it has a saga on its own this bloody necklace....hehehe...I haven’t seen the interviews on Today or Regis...they would have happened whilst I’ve been catching zzzzzzzzz....
I’m also going to the trilogy...TL & NM in less than 5 hours from now and less than 12 hours for''''''ECLIPSE''''''''have been reading on the net ppl who have had special screenings.....they all say Eclipse is better than TL & NM and praised D. Slade, immensely....SO THATS GREAT NEWS....I was afraid it may have been a little to on the 'dark side'....just have to wait a couple hours more.......
The E.News TV show about Robert showed again last night...I tried looking it up on the net...But it directs me straight to the Australian E News site...from the past I’ve always been limited to what they allow Aussie net users to see....But if you are able the TV show on E NEWS was called....Robert Pattinson Extreme Close up.....It wasn’t a bad show...It had a collaboration of interviews’ with Rob....and from an E News prospective on how Rob started to accept the media and fandom, amongst other things.....They also show one for Kristen and Taylor separately. They also where called Kristen Stewart Extreme Close up and so on for Taylor ...for those who are interested....

p.s formly louisafrmdwnunder

sfw10sis said...

Rose, you have me crackin up here, the title, the references to all the soaps, your frickin hilarious, I love it. I can't stop laughing, because all I can see is everyone on their computers doing the where's waldo search for the infamous necklace, lol.

Boy, can I just say Kristen is looking all kinds of hot in these latest pics, the one front on walking w/black dress, oozes sex appeal. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall when she returns home to Rob with this new do.

Lettermans an ass, although it wasn't one of her best, she did much better then last time, you could tell she was really trying, kudos to her for hanging in there.
One of my favorate late nite visits was with Leno, when she did the hanky game with him, the looks on her face where all kinds of sexy, another is her fallon appearance where she threw the footballs, I thought that was one of her best.

Did I read in an above post that the producer of the saga confirms that they are a couple, how did I miss this, wow, is this a rag mag or for real? Should someone contact him and tell him he should probably get himself a bodyguard and should we all prepare ourselfs for a shitstorm, get the umbrella, glushes and wipes ready, heh heh, sorry couldn't resist

Rose, your post was awesome as always.


soadram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen said...

Hi Rose. I love Kristen's hair. I always thought that she was beautiful with blonde hair in some of her earlier movies. My husband thinks she's a knockout!

I agree with the statement Bex made earlier about her not wearing her necklace at the Today Show. It would have been so easy for someone to reach out and yank it off of her.

The photo of Kristen at the NYC premiere was gorgeous. I'm sure Rob's heart skipped a beat or two when he saw the pictures! Bet he's going to be glad to have her home!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Rose,
Just read what a frigging
'''''revelation'''''''....see cause it’s the 'norm' that these ppl know that they are in a relaysh.....it shows on their casual approach to the subject......now that they are willing to talk about it.....Or is it cause the producer just wasn’t asked this particular question......these interviewers are a little cheeky are they not....getting aroun topics not before discussed....
sorry that was me on deleted comment above...i just excited with the revelation....my fingers where to fast and I wasnt making sence......

katy said...

to sfw10sis

here's the interview with producer Wyck Godfrey


Anonymous said...

Wow, Rose you never disappoint. I agree about David Letterman, he can be a dick. Kristen held her own though..good for her. She looks awesome, that girl can wear anything and make it look good. lucky girl! Thanks 30yroldtwifan for the link, that is so awesome. I gotta say I am loveing the foam free environment. thanks again Rose.

soadram said...

Nice post.
Kris this gorgeous, even more so. Rob handsome man, tomorrow debut Eclipse to be a flim Wow. This blog each day more beautiful. What about the necklace, ring are only trifles. Because what they feel and are at each other just see the look of each one when you look at the other.The eyes do not lie ever.
Thanks for this blog and his post Rosa
a happy day:)

Bex said...

gossip cop has confirmed the Times article..

i can't imagine how STUPID the hyenas and nonstens feel right now. theres absolutely no denying now unless Rob and Kristen come out saying none of it's true... which they won't :-D


Today is a GREAT day!

deb said...

Louisa hey there girl can you do something for me if you would and if you can after you go see the movie tonight can you post and just tell me if you liked it and how good it was because i have to wait tell tomorrow at 9:45 to see it YOUR SO LUCKY Thanks again HAVE FUN . DEB

Anonymous said...

@ Deb no problems i will post on here whilst in cinema...you have to wait 15 hours away till 12.00am midnight for me ......so you calculate it on your end.....I just messaged Lisa[ WHO POSTS ON HERE] on FB and she is in line or is now in as we speak for TL NM then her midnight for """""""ECLIPSE""""""how frrriiigin EXCITING...

Anonymous said...

BTW....I just passed on to Lisa...Hope she didn’t forget to take some napkins with her...LOL....I'd hate that she embarrassed herself....

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb, if you go to twifans.com, there is a review by someone who was at the Kimmel showing. There are some spoilers, but it's a good review. Now I reallly can't wait!

deb said...

WHY are they doing this to us I WANT to see the MOVIE NOW (STAMPING MY FOOT)CRYING LIKE A BABY Thanks you guys My kids say I HAVE TO WAIT (BRATS) now they want to get back at me after all this time PAY BACK A BITCH hahaha. HAVE FUN LISA THANK AGAIN DEB.

Melinda said...

Rose- hope you check the comments on here before you post tomorrow's.

Please give us a little taste of the foam that has been flying!

Couple of interesting things I found out....

1. Wyck doesn't work for Summit-he owns his own production company so he isn't a Summit employee per se.

2. The person that interviewed Wyck is the same one that interviewed Catherine last year when she "outed " Rob and Kristen.

I am remembering a question that was asked to Kristen at the LA press junket. The reporter asked her if she (K) thought the speculation (eluding to a PR relash)would end when the series ended and she said probably. Assuming that she and Rob are still together in 2 yrs (after BD 2 comes out)people can't scream PR anymore.

I really think that R and K want a normal life and be able to do normal things without it turning into a circus show every time.

Slowly having little things like this come out hopefully can achieve the desired goal.

Robsten24 said...

i can't fucking wait for Eclipse too or maybe for the KISSING anyway will be AMAZING!
wonderful post Rose!!
she is stunning i met less than one month ago and omg i love her even more now <3

Monica said...

I love Regis and Kelly. They are very nice to Kristen. As for the Letterman guy, well, apparently not everyone appreciates his "sense of humour". All he did was just to make fun of Kristen by making her look stupid and awkward. You can tell Kristen was obviously uncomfortable when the show approached the end. But overall I think Kristen handled it well and was respectful to that Letterman guy.

Kristen's new looks are HOT!~ She can rock any look. The close-up pics just tell how flawless Kristen's face is. Rob is no way not to be dazzled~ :)

Oh, for the necklace, I don't like people making it a big deal while Kristen took it off sometimes. This means nothing.

Monica from Asia

Rootsie said...

Hey, Rose. Very good post! I am not one who pays super close attention to Kristen's jewelry. For me, she can certainly not wear a specific piece and it's not anything to freak out about. It's just funny that for certain people, when she's wearing it--it's not from Rob but when she's not wearing it--then it's from Rob. LOL.

And, yes, wow does Kristen look amazing. I cannot stand Letterman either but it's always nice to see Kristen. She's just so lovely.
I enjoyed her on Regis and Kelly. I usually don't care for their interviews but I thought Kristen looked fabulous and it was a nice interview. Love that she pointed out that she kissed Taylor "on set"...LOL. She's cute. Also loved her talking about her cat!
And when she said "Montreal for sure, probably not...." Was she saying she might only have to film in Montreal? I am not sure what she was responding to there because I think Regis was saying she was going on a tour or something. LOL. He can be so out of it with the info.

I finally read Wyck Godfrey's comments. I can't imagine the hate he will get from some people. I kinda feel bad for the guy. I stay away from the crazy so I have no idea what the reactions are (although I can guess). I like what Wyck said about the fact that people should find something new to create drama about.

Carly said...

I think Rob demanded it back :D and I would so watch the Young and the Necklace LOL

but she looked awesome in NY. really awesome. I only saw Letterman so far. and I already said yesterday I thought he was a douche. but she was great. I dont really like Regis, he creeps me out. but I will give it a try later today. Im curious about George Lopez

so Kristen looks even better in reality? yeah, I cant even imagine that. but I very much believe it. and its great your friend got a chance to meet her

Im waiting for more outtakes from TV Week. cause he looks too good to be true there. and there is still EW :)

I hope she gets to rest for a while after the circus the promotion was and gets some TLC from her man. and that they can spend some time together just resting before she heads north. before he is free to follow her there :D

Anonymous said...

Another fab post. Jewelry thing is weird since she has been so adamant about wearing it, with every conceivable outfit. But I'm not going to read too much into it. It could of broke, she could have left it on the nightstand, she could be deliberately not wearing it since its been so publicized. Etc, Etc, Etc.

Just saw Eclipse as part of a triple feature (everyone still screamed the first time Edward came on the screen in New Moon). My verdict on Eclipse? NOT the best one. The script for this one needed SERIOUS rework. SPOILER AHEAD: In the tent scene in the book Edward says to Jacob something to the effect that he would always be waiting for Bella if she chose Jacob but in the movie he just says like I would leave her be. MAJOR DIFFERENCE. There were a lot of little things like that... I just was not happy. The E/B dialogue sucked. And I remember Kristen saying that they absolutely were not allowed to deviate from script and they had to put in a written request to deviate from script. Which... you could TOTALLY tell. Because I just didn't get the E/B magic from the dialogue. And I just wasn't impressed. :-/ Kris, Rob, and Taylor did wonderful jobs working with what was given them - they delivered excellent performances with what dialogue was given them however I felt that the script problems as well as directing flow from scene to scene... was just bad.

I don't know. I am definitely not compelled to watch it again. With the other ones... I wanted to watch them again and again.

And another thing the speech Bella made at the end of the movie.... that her choice to become a vampire was not just about Edward but about wanting to fit in and find her place. WTF was that? SOOOO weirdly wrong. In the book she clearly states "there is no point to immortality without you." but now in the movie its NOT all about Edward. Which in the book she says "what a werid request, everything in my universe is about him." WEIRD and WRONG to suddenly say something completely different. And I know someone stated how Bella would have never rode off on Jacob's motorcycle with Edward right there watching. And then they tried to mash the scenes together so that after Edward just let her ride into the sunset... then he was at her door saying, "do you know how close I came to breaking the treaty?" Well... its not like he can't run as fast as the motorcycle.... so why is he blathering about breaking a treaty after he just let it happen?? The script was just SLOPPY. GRRRR. :-( The little lines that made Edward and Bella - Edward and Bella were totally lost.

I just wanted to share my frustrations. And to make matters totally worse the SAME script writer is being called in for Breaking Dawn. Gross.

I can understand why people are saying the "best Twilight yet" because the movie is more mainstream. But I was not pleased :-(

*Suzy Q*

Lisa said...

Eclipse review.. I agree with Susi q on some. I did think the E & B magic was there tho. However, there wasn't enough! I could have even stood more of the 3 of them. MUCH was missing. Too much newborns, too much Rose & Jasper back story.. (to suit me anyway) Although I can't wait to see it again. I also don't think we can blame the script so much. David Slade put the fight scene at the forefront.. MR went along with it but so did Stephenie!

I agree, the end where she gives a speech about 'it's the world she belongs in' I found strange and out of place..

I will say our theater was PACKED they were still lined up for the 2:45 am shows! There were TWO news trucks there is was so crazy.. I'm exhausted.. it's 4:15 am, goodnight all!

Bex said...

Pics of Kristen arriving back at LAX show her with the necklace on again. Just an FYI :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies just saw TL and NM I have half hour till Eclipse.... Almost there.... I'm very excited indeed... I will post after I see it.....

deb said...

OK ladies those ones who seen the movie lets have it I go see it tonight and cant wait .I've been reading alot of GOOD and bad things about it SO please tell me what ya think WAS it what you wanted or not And I did see the necklace on our girl when she came home I hope she gets some rest she really looks tired And I would love to see Robs face when he saw her new hair . THANKS you guys see ya soon DEB

Anonymous said...

Hi All its 3am I just got home from the TRIOLOGY...It doesn’t matter how many timed you view TL & NM...you never get bored with them...still enjoyed them even for the 12365 time lol
My girlfriends and I enjoyed it immensely, we didnt hear any complaints leaving the cinema also.....Thought it had a higher level of film making than the other two...Loved the E & B interaction....got to say pups kiss wasn’t much chop for me...didn’t pull my heart strings at all......She looked real uncomfortable...even hesitated for a mille second which you could see [when they T & B where on the mountain top, kiss]......Jasper was cool, Edward was divine, protective,cool and sweet.....But I thought the 'TENT SCENE' would be more spicy...I was a little disappointed..but there were some amusing parts whilst they were in the tent.
....Leg hitch.....real short, but what do you expect from PG13...other than that Eclipse wasn’t my fav book....but I enjoyed the movie.........I haven’t read any comment in the last 14 hours, so I'm unaware of the others opinions that’s all I can think of as I’ve been awake for 22 hours and I’m going to bed....Goodnight......

30yearoldtwifan said...

Big "sigh"

Eclipse was disappointing for me Twi fans. It really was. After waiting and getting annoyed by loud teens and Twi moms for 2 hours before, I expected to be entertained and I wasn't. I am sorry. Eclipse was made for 7th graders. I was so hoping it would mature as the books did and its not. The leg hitch was such a disappointment, 10 sec of a moving camera? WHAT? No space heater comments, There just so much I could go on. The fight scenes we so short, barely any info, if someone who didn't read the books went to see this they would be so confused, yet again. I cant even blame DS. He tried, Im sure it wasnt easy to work with a company who is insisting the main audience is 13.

Lisa said...

I was gone all day yesterday and then was in bed for 6 hours. Someone link the Kristen coming home pics, please..

Robin said...

30yearolddtwifan, I so agree with you about Summit insisting the main fan base is composed of seventh graders. I'm not sure just why Summit pretends that the massive adult fan base does not exist.

Obviously it has to do with money, but I think they're missing the boat. Who knows? They probably realize that adult fans will see the movies no matter what because the adult fans were just as addicted to the books as the kids. On the other hand, the younger kids wouldn't be able to attend an R-rated movie. But we can dream. . .

I can only imagine what the PG-13 honeymoon will be like in Breaking Dawn.

deb said...

Lisa I seen this on PopSuger Kristen coming home Its on the second page around 3rd way down I hope you find it there is only 2 pis of her sorry thats all i can do to help ya and I hope Rose ok she hasnt post yet Have a good day see ya. DEB.

Lisa said...

Thanks Deb, I'll look.. I think Rose was going to see Eclipse today.. If so, that would explain no post..

More thoughts on Eclipse. I'm going again tomorrow.. I feel like I missed a lot. I was in a very noisy theater. The trilogy was a great experience though. I saw it at a Cine Capri. It holds 604 ppl and it was sold out. When someone came out to talk to us, they asked team Jacob then team Edward. E won by 2/3. However, every single time Jacob came on screen they hooted and hollard! LOL My daughters and I started booing every time they cheered. Then several joined in! FUNNY STUFF. Rarely did they make noise when E showed up (except the strut). But they did clap and carry on at all the E & B love during all three movies. One of the funniest things was after E asked B to marry him at the end of NM, my oldest daughter yelled "Eat that Team Jacob" and the crowd (well lots of them anyway) laughed. The crowd was mostly adults! There were probably 6 small kids, 7-9. Then there were some teens but not many young, mostly older teens. There were some ladies there well into their 60's maybe even 70's! (there was on in her at least late 50's behind us that was saying quite disturbing things about YOUNG Taylor YIKES! The mom in me wanted to say GET A GRIP, HE'S A KID.. But I was good!LOL) I would say a fourth of the crowd was men! Several yelled when Alice came on screen! That was nice..

In thinking more about the movie.. I can't say I didn't like it. I wanted more! There was so much stuff in there, but really, not enough of anything! That's what happens when you try to put a 600 pg book into a 120 pg script! :( Oh well, maybe I'll feel different tomorrow.. Hopefully it wont be loud and distracting!

My 2 (more) cents! LOL

deb said...

Thanks lisa how funny And your daughter saying that how funny im going with one of my daughters to night at 9:45 just cant wait to see it Im sure there well be things I dont like BUT hey THERES Rob and we all know I love Rob my kids think its funny Im 50 and still love a good love story not all that fighting shit they have out there So you think our Rose is at the movies GOOD FOR HER you guts are so lucky I could of went last night but didnt :( ho well im going today and well go again later this week I seen TL 4 time and NM3 time and have the dvd of them what can I say im young at hart thanks for all the in put of the movie ill let you know how it went with me later ok thanks again . DEB.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all Rose not posted today cause she is watching the Movies....Is that why???? I'm still buzzing from a couple of hours ago....boy am I gong to feel this deprive sleep...