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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!

Well... Well... Well...
How the tide has turned.
Amazing how quickly that happens, isn't it?

Lots of Eclipse happening now...
Lots of interviews.
Lots of things being said.
All of it.

I have a few highlights...
Oh... but first...
Let's not forget the whole 'dating' quote.
The "I would like to go on a date"
Not "I would like to start dating."
"I want someone to date"
Just I would like to go on a date.
Which somehow became an absolute denial
of his relationship with Kristen.

Yeah. OK.
But my comments and emails were full of
"Hahahahaha! Eat it, Rose!"
I look at my plate...
There's nothing TO eat!

There is so much to choose from today...
Where do I start?
Ah yes...
The Nightline interview.
Of Course!!

The quote of the night?

Overhead: "KS has had to apologize for comparing being photographed by papz to being raped. In the meantime, idle chatter about their offset relationship has become a tabloid staple."

Interviewer: "Everybody's speculative about it, but you don't talk about it. Why is that the right decision for you?"

Rob: "I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about it. I mean, in logical terms, if you're just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business, and came up and felt like they needed to comment on it, like, you'd just be like 'SHUT UP! Like I'm gonna kill you!' *laughs* and I mean, it's exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try to sell it either.Maybe if i was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

Overhead: 'But there's no NEED to SELL it, as Pattinson's career remains white hot.."

They will try to rationalize that Rob NEVER talks
about his personal life!
But you know... and I know...
And now the whole world knows...
That Rob was talking about his relationship with Kristen.
"I don't really want to try to sell it, either.
Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more"

So much for the fucking PR!!
That whole theory is burning in flames!
I'm sorry...
But I just want to laugh out loud at that.
(oh wait... I am laughing out loud!)
Robert fucking nailed it.
It's what most people have seen...
The whole PR angle NEVER made sense.
And now Robert is saying he wouldn't want to sell it.
Simply Perfect.
Perfectly Simple.
A serious answer to a serious question.
Thank you, Robert!

Loving Kristen's dress!
And her necklace. Heh.

OK. What's next?
Let's see...

Ah... an interview for PARADE.
Very telling, as well.

Let's hear it for virginity.
"Edward is old fashioned. Nowadays, everyone just goes around screwing everyone for no reason. I guess Edward doesn't really want to sort of cheapen his relationship with Bella, even though she's pushing him to go all the way. He's got this certain idea of how it should go with the love of his life. He wants to do it right and not just follow his base instincts. I guess I'm a bit old fashioned in that way as well."

But that didn't stand in the way of a lot of lip-locking.
"Kissing felt a little bit more natural in Eclipse, even if there was plenty of it. In New Moon Twilight it was always like, 'Oh, I'm gonna kill you if I kiss you' or something. It was always kind of odd. But, in this one, they both understand their situation a lot more, which makes it easier. It's the first time Kristen and I have been able to just act like a normal couple.

Yeah, he said Kristen and I...
Not Bella and Edward.
Freudian slip?
You tell me.

What is Rob looking at?
What is he doing with his knee?
Too cute.

So what else...
*looking through emails*
Ah yes...
A little ditty on CELEBUZZ
Take it as you wish...

While Twilight lovebirds Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart keep their relationship status ambiguous to the public, they aren't shy about acting like a regular couple in front of their inner circle.
Hollywood Life reports that KStew and RPattz shared a hotel room when they stayed at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles for the Eclipse convention this weekend. An insider blabs:
Rob and Kristen went back to the room allotted for them to make sure that their rides were ready and they could make a smooth exit, and then they left. They were both in the same room, but it was heavily populated. Not much alone time there.
While the room wasn't completely private, sharing a hotel room sends a pretty big message about your relationship.
Later on, the pair took a break out in the hotel's pool in a private shared bungalow. The 20-year-old actress sipped water while her 24-year-old beau nursed an iced tea and wondered out loud if the pool was heated. Maybe Rob fancied taking a dip with his Twilight sweetie?

OK. You might want to get out the salt...

I guess that's enough for now.
More than enough.

I'm enjoying watching the backpedaling...
Is that hard to do?
They never said their relationship was PR!
They never shouted PRSTEN every other word!
I guess they will have to focus on 
Kristen being a lesbian...
Or Taylor/Kristen or Oregano/Kristen.
Whatever get you through the night.
It's all right... All right.

What goes around...
Comes back around.
Who knows where we will be tomorrow?
Robert is doing Leno tonight...
What will he reveal?
Will he talk about dating again?
Or will he just completely shut down
on any discussion about his personal life?
Just another day in paradise.
Bye for now
Instant Karma- John Lennon
Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together
Pretty soon you're gonna be dead
What in the world you thinking of
Laughing in the face of love
What on earth you tryin' to do
It's up to you, yeah you
Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna look you right in the face
Better get yourself together darlin'
Join the human race
How in the world you gonna see
Laughin' at fools like me
Who in the hell do you think you are
A super star
Well, right you are

Well we all shine on

Like the moon and the stars and the sun
Well we all shine on
  Everyone... come on


Anonymous said...

It has been a great week, lots of stuff being said and lots to dig through. Today already has been a great day and finally something was confirmed by GC. I love what Rob said last night and I think actions speak louder than words.


Jenn Ski said...

all these videos and interviews have made my week!

Scarlet said...

Rose, as you know and I posted on the other thread, I usually totally agree with you. But in my comments on your last post ... well, they were about this sort of over-analysis. I actually didn't think you needed confirmation/convincing. Here, you've misquoted the Nightline interview here and the gloating is kind of ... personal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! This really made my day and made me feel better. I never believe the stupid REACHING PR crap. Just because we don't see them together every five minutes in public doesn't mean "it's over." It's called being private and actually not wanting to give everything up to the crazy assholes. THANK YOU!

Kstew Fashion said...

I think the PR thing is insulting to them as people. Why would you even be a fan of someone if you thought they were a PR whore? If you thought they'd really do that for all that exposure. Even the haters know thats not Robert and that's not Kristen. No confirmation is needed. It almost reminds me of Beyonce and Jay-Z, they have been together 8 years and it hard to get any words out of them about their relationship. Robert and Kristen don't owe us any part of their private life and if your a real fan then just be happy to see someone you support with someone they love.

jen said...

Great post, Rose. Now, one thing I will admit to is that the interviewer said everyone's speculative about your "personal life," but you don't talk about it.

And so I get while people want that to be corrected, because there's some difference there.


Let's be honest, both nonstens and r/kstens...

"Personal life" is code for "sex life." Or "romantic life."

Which is code for "who are you dating, Rob?"

People need to be honest what "personal life" means.

Because guess what, Rob is quite forthcoming about his personal life in every respect but one: his current dating life and his sex life.

He tells us about his family. We know who his tight circle of friends are. We know he has a dog named Patty he loved. He's told us about his previous gf, Nina. He's talked about how he was in past relationships. We know he had issues with having hard ons during that naked photo shoot for crap's sake.

He's quite candid.

Except for the fact he won't talk about who he is dating.

When Chris Connelly asked him about his "personal life," ROB IS NOT DUMB. He understands the impications, so don't try and pretend Chris Connelly, a very respected journalist who's worked with Rolling Stone and Premiere during his long career, did a total cut and paste piece.

Chris didn't.

Robert had a thoughtful question posed his way. He answered in kind.

He was very candid with Chris in other places.

Basically the fans scare the shit out of him for instance. That his good fortune scares the shit out of him.

And guess what?

When it comes to his "personal life" (wink wink_), he isn't sharing. he knows how his fans are, he knows it makes him seem that much more familiar to them than he already is. He doesn't want to BE THAT CLOSE with fans.

He wants distance.

He wants privacy.

If you hyenas can't grasp the implications of this interview,
and it's not just about kristen kids, it's about his life and wanting more boundaries between him and fans and celebrity, then I can't help you.

May said...

You said it best,Rose. TG Rob is finally laying down the law,even though his actions still speak louder than words. :D

What goes around...
Comes back around.


Rose said...

Sorry Scarlet.
I wasn't 'gloating' as much as responding to all the bullshit I received yesterday.
And yeah... I can't help but giggle.
I misquoted? Well, someone sent it to me, it looked like what I heard.

Just giving my Point Of View on recent events...
It's kinda what I do here.
And no, I don't need any convincing when it comes to Robert and Kristen... but when Robert comes out and sinks the whole PR theory? I can't help but laugh. A lot.

Am I not human? Do I not laugh?

Yeah. I do.

Anonymous said...

Great post, but all this interviews tell absolutely NOTHING about R&K "relationship", for sure.

I don't call it PR but very close friends.

jen said...

oh, rose, I wasn't trying to correct you so much as I know hyenas will come here to say everyone's twisting things.

Your quote is how it was quoted on twitter, cause I thought that too. I just listened to the interview and noticed the slight difference.

No biggie, but I just wanted to beat people to the punch when they get over here. :)

Anonymous said...

This is what the Nightline interviewer asked:

"Meanwhile idle chatter chatter about their off the set RELATIONSHIP has become a tabloid staple .........Everbody speculates about IT but you don't talk about IT. Why is that the best decision for you?

And Rob responds:
"I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about IT. In logical terms if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business and came up and like wanted and felt like the need to comment on it you'd just be like SHUT UP, like I'm going kill you. I mean its exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try and sell it either. Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

Rose said...

It's all good, Jen :))

Anonymous said...

Rading GossipCop.

Should change name to Robstenfannumber1.

sfw10sis said...

By far one of your best posts, kudos Rose.

Finally, there it is, what everyone has been waiting for. The Q was asked and answered the way it always should have been, but the timing was never right.

Forget all those cutesy, fun, giggly answers with your entertainment interviews, and press junkets. The real deal is the sit down with a reputable interviewer, Q calmly stated and answered, with personal life private, he doesn't talk about it, he doesn't want to sell it, if he did he would talk about it(so it seems there is a relaysh to talk about, and sell if thats what he wanted to do), so once and for all that should discredit any and all PR, PR, PR theories and about that private personal life, well he's only ever seen with one gal, so that answers that Q also.

To think of all the heated drama that took place yesterday, what a waste of time and energy.

Smart move on his part, to choose this type of outlet to express the route he is taking on his personal life (PRIVATE), just like other smart HW couples, keep private, keep it to yourself, not enertainment for the tabloids.

You know, I have always believed they are a couple, but with their youth and being in HW, was never sure how long it might last(odds usually against HW couples, unless the play it smart), well I believe Rob just gave their relaysh the best chance he could at longevity, kudos to you sweet boy.

Rose, your awesome.


Anonymous said...

This is what the Nightline interviewer asked:

"Meanwhile idle chatter chatter about their off the set RELATIONSHIP has become a tabloid staple .........Everbody speculates about IT but you don't talk about IT. Why is that the best decision for you?

And Rob responds:
"I don't know what benefits there would be to talking about IT. In logical terms if you were just walking down the street and every single stranger on the street knew your business and came up and like wanted and felt like the need to comment on it you'd just be like SHUT UP, like I'm going kill you. I mean its exactly the same mentality. I don't really want to try and sell it either. Maybe if I was selling it, I'd talk about it more."

Rose said...

Thanks Susan... you're pretty awesome, too :)

Scarlet said...

Hi Rose - funny you mentioned all the bs you received yesterday. Feeling a bit guilty about my gloating comment I was thinking about all the crap you have to field -- likely just as you were posting your reply. And yes, his saying that about whatever aspect of his personal life he was saying it about does indeed sink the PR argument. I guess I just never really paid much attention to that argument since it was so ridiculous that it didn't seem to deserve comment. But again, I'm not dealing with all the crazy you have to sort through on a daily basis and so still find it hard to believe that there are people who *actually* believe that. What I found absolutely hilarious was people posting somewhere (maybe on another thread here) about how Kristen is going to dump Rob for Taylor. Good grief! That was a good one.

And yeah, I know if I don't like your blog I shouldn't read it; but most of the time I really do like your take on the state of Rob and Kristen.

What I don't like is that any critical voice immediately attracts the label of 'hyena.'

Anyway, thanks for your post as usual.


Carly said...

Rose aims, Rose shoots, Rose scores :)

awesome post accompanied with wonderful pictures. Kristen looked beautiful indeed. and Rob looked dashing too. they looked very matching. I love it about them. even before I started to believe they were actually together and only wished for it, they always managed to match, even in a very subtle way

I think the Nightline interview said it all. but the bit from E! I think it was, was telling too. they are masters of deflection. and this press tour made it evem clearer to me that they simply wont talk about it anytime soon if ever.

well, I take every sighting with a grain of salt but I like the shared room info. I think their dont hide, dont tell rutine is working out pretty nicely

Karma is a Bitch indeed LOL

Anonymous said...

The PR theorists have always been the ones that bother me the most. If you are a fan of Rob, and think that he would do that, why would you be a fan of him? You're basically putting him in the same category as Spencer and Heidi.

I think this is as close to verbal confirmation we're going to get. He's only seen with one person, one person he'd have the option of 'selling' anything with. If there was nothing there, what would he have to sell? But for those who don't want to believe in R/K atleast they can't use the PR thing anymore.

Patricia said...


Rob talked to a respectable journalist and answered NO 'PR'.... People stop with the bull shit ??? They are a couple and have been for over a year now.

Seeing is believing...Are you blind ??????? Have you watched the last three press junkets ??????

Oh get ready Rose. I just read that Emma Robert is going to be on Jay Leno tonight with Rob and she's dating Michael Angarano ( I wonder if he'll be there) I think the crazies will be all over this. Get your shovel ready.


Anonymous said...


Where did Rose misquoted the nightline??...it was the exact words,
go and listen again.

Great post Rose. Yesterday after Rob date comment...I knew that people would not understand what he was trying say, and I was right...So sick of the all the drama.
With Rob cooment on the Nightline I hope that at least the PR bulshit...STOPS.


Deb said...

ROSE I JUST LOVE YOU You make my day so much better when you write the TRUTH I to was laughing ALL NIGHT and again this morning WHAT can they say YES this is the first time KRISTEN and I felt like a (what for it )---- COUPLE. I love it he said it you see it you heard it whats next did you see all the times Nikkie keep looking at Rob?and did you see Rob looking at Kristen when they where going up the steps he was making sure she was ok there was so much you can see the eye sex him looking at ONLY her the way SHE just looked at him ALL THE LOVE THEY HAVE FOR EACH OTHER right there for you to see cant wait for tonight at Jay Leno THANK YOU ROSE you said it all Have a good day my friend ...DEB

Anonymous said...

I LOVED THAT QUOTE. I shamelessly posted that Rob quote as soon as it was spoken. :-D

"Maybe if I was trying to sell it, I would talk about it more."

And the PR argument was washed down the drain. LOVED IT!

And Rose... I totally loved this post. The quotes were absolute awesome.

Rose said...

Scarlet, I appreciate your thoughts.
I don't call anyone who disagrees with me a 'hyena'.
I'm more than open to differences of opinions.
People seem to get my use of the word 'hyena' confused.
It's not necessarily a 'NONst*n' or a non-believer...
Hyenas are the people who rip and shred at Rob and Kristen... attacking them relentlessly if they don't live up to their expectations. A Hyena is someone who makes this personal...
Like attacking me, and bringing my family into it...
Saying "Fuck you, Bitch!" because I don't agree with them, or I write something they don't like...
THAT is a hyena.

Trish said...

OMGGGG! i have a big goofy smile on my face i am at work and all my co-workers are wondering why I am so happy!

This post certainly made me happy! especially the pool and everything! wow! when will these fool/hyenas ever give up and see? i say this always...open your eyes!! by now even Stevie Wonder knows!!

The PR ship has sunk!!! yay! it went down just like the titanic!

Have a good day Rose and thank you! Love Robsten..too cute for any words!!!

let me leave before more BLIND and DELUSIONAL hyenas come to play! I'm out!

Melinda said...

Well done Rose! You brighten my day and give me something to look forward to from RL.

Hopefully with that comment he made to a respected (hence a non gossip/entertainment venue)news type venue people can just lay low and let these two live and love without the craziness all the time. Like he said to Jenna Bush "he's just putting it out there".

The Parade interview I liked for a number of reasons. He points out he is like Edward and is old fashioned. Like he wants people to see that he isn't a skirt chaser but a one woman man contrary to reports out there.

He also says that Edward doesn't want "to cheapen his relationship with Bella" which are the same exact words Kristen used in Elle. Take it as you will.

As for the comment "It's the first time Kristen and I have been able to just act like a normal couple." Could it have been a Freudian slip? Who knows. He could have added on "as Bella and Edward" but he didn't. Again who knows.

And ANON 12:47- your right they do not have a PR relationship. However, I would venture that they are best of friends who happen to also be intimate. The looks, the ease with each other, traveling all over the world together, the fact that they understand each others moods so well (i.e the tent scene Rob was talking about and how after the 3rd take Kristen immediately understood what was happening to him and was able to get him back on track)and the fact that neither one of them has been seen with any other person romantically in the past year.

It all points to a couple in a committed relationship.

Some people WILL NEVER SEE IT but that's their loss.

Opytaylor said...

HA HA HA HA HA Gosh what will we do once this debate is settled. Oh, it is.

Hilarious said...

Promotion time is so much fun. It's an embarrassment of riches!

Nothing more to add in that vein - I'm just thoroughly enjoying all of the photos and videos.

No, wait. One thing - have you EVER seen Rob look better? The shorter hair might not be everyone's favorite (it's definitely mine ... UNFx10000000), but he's literally glowing. His eyes have really stood out lately, the smile is amazing. Attribute it to whatever you like, the guy looks amazing.

In addition to anything in his personal life, I can't help but wonder if he's especially proud of/enjoying the work he did on Bel Ami and is currently doing on WFE. As much as he enjoys THE SAGA, it's gotta feel good to flex those creative muscles. And not wear sparkle make-up.

On another note, I seriously don't envy Rose for all of the negativity that shows up in her comments, her twitter feed and her e-mail inbox. (I almost started that sentence with "poor Rose" ... but took it out because it sounds like she has quite a lovely life and walks away from the bullsh*t just. fine.) And I think any gloating - when it happens - is pretty minimal in comparison.

It's amusing to think about the number of people who get their kicks by trying to rile other people up. I mean ... if leaving cryptic/unintelligible/taunting messages makes your day better, by all means, go for it. I mean this genuinely without malice - I don't really care. You don't have to believe anything you don't want to believe.

And I'll believe what I want to believe. Would love to strike a deal where you let me and my like-minded friends do our thing and we let you do yours.

No? Okay, I'm still not going to try to change YOUR mind. Carry on.

[Though it would be nice to see people moderate their language about Kristen AND Rob. You can disagree - and even dislike a person - without being nasty. My Kindergarten teacher told me so.]

I wish I could get on here more frequently to love on Rose and engage with the regular posters, but stupid work just keeps getting in the way. Y'all are such fun, and when I do get to check in, I adore the humor and the good lovin' for Kristen, Rob and the whole cast of characters. And you post the best links! Thanks for taking the time to share. :)

Will the f*cking release date just come already? LET'S DO THIS.

Sparkle lube and real dates and every good thing to you all.

SueBee said...

They are a couple. He just doesn't want to sell IT.

First was the mention of speculation over his off screen relationship with K.

Don't you think that if any other actress, besides K, were inserted in the off screen relationship--everyone would equate personal life with dating life?

Why are R and K being together so hard to believe? She is apparently the only actress he is seen with off screen and off continent for that matter.

They aren't talking about it. If they weren't dating they would say--nothing to talk about, nothing to sell, he's like a brother to me (like Taylor), etc.

Sometimes this nonsten, hate-sten nonsense gives me a headache.

Anyone notice that Kristen never has a problem kissing Rob? Anyone see the NM behing the scenes footage where they kept on kissing even after "CUT!"

sfw10sis said...

Just had to second a comment, Carly you nailed it , she aims, she shoots, she scores, go Rose, pom poms held above head, sorry Rose, can't give you a split, not as limber as I used to be, lol.

You know I'm sure that somewhere down the road, there will be another fopa by Rob or Kristen that the NONsense will cling to but I'm sorry this nightline interview seals the deal, this is Rob giving a serious answer to a reputable journalist, to me it negates all other nonsense.

He put it out there, plain and simple, you can't read it any other way.

Off to work, have a fun day ladies, wink, wink.


Kendra said...

Kristen looked so sad last night.

There is no doubt now that she will dump Rob soon.

Its obvious Rob doesn't make her happy.

She looks happier with Taylor.

I miss her smile.

Anonymous said...

first off i watched nightline, very serious very telling he was telling about THEM and kristen did not look sad at kimmel there were moment she wasn't smiling all the time but not everyone plasters a grin on their face 24/7 and she was smiling a lot when she was interacting with rob so there he makes her happy the pappz and the frenzy don't so much

Scarlet said...

Last comment of the day -- promise :-). Rose, I wasn't saying that you called dissenting voices hyenas, just to clarify.

Anonymous said...

the nonstens are trying to spin the nightline interview to say he was talking about his character and the movie, no he wasn't chris connolly asked him about the relationship/private life and IT we all know what IT is and rob said loud and clear he doesn't want to sell IT i.e. its not PR robsten big win after trying week of promos and interviews

Anonymous said...

the nonstens are trying to spin the nightline interview to say he was talking about his character and the movie, no he wasn't chris connolly asked him about the relationship/private life and IT we all know what IT is and rob said loud and clear he doesn't want to sell IT i.e. its not PR robsten big win after trying week of promos and interviews

Anonymous said...

And how many times shall we have to hear the same question? Are you an item?

How many times will they have to answer avoiding the issue?

I wonder when Rob and Kristen will get tired and bored of their philosophical replies.

Is it so complicated to just acknowledge the truth saying, "yes, like everyone speculates, we're a couple and that's all. We're not going to talk about it". End of the question.

Anonymous said...

kendra don't be a silly goose are you marie on robsessed she always says same thing? kristen had plenty of smiles for her rob they were at an event other people were answering and listening to other answers they had their bubble going for sure

Anonymous said...

kendra,i know you are a diehard taystew shipper but its never gonna happen honey, he said she was like a big sis, they really like each other as actors/friends he is younger and she has a soft spot for him as a little bro figure but she already has a BF, sorry love

Anonymous said...

So when Rob says if he was trying to sell it he would talk about it more, he's speaking about his character in the Twilight series?

Whatever gets you through the night!

Anonymous said...

kendra where do you get these ideas from? "there is no doubt she's going to dump him soon", oh really? LOL i doubt if anyone knows that let alone you, maybe you should ship taylor with taylor swift there is more chance of that happening, she always looks happy around him too

Carly said...

I only have been coming here for a short while but it already feels kinda like a home. or maybe like Cheers. even with all the nasty going on like yesterday this place helps me calm my crazy (and I have a lot of it) and brings a smile to my face

to me the answer was not only about teh fact that he simply wont share this part of his life but also about the fact that people have opinions about it that he simply inst interested in hearing

I usually compare it to a village where everyone knows almost everything about everyone and also has a opinion about everything. and with Twitter and internet and whatnot, the world basically became a village and he is the biggest catch. and while I think gossip is very human thing, the old ladies coming to you and telling you that the girl you chose is not right for you because the daughter of the doctor is so much better or that you should really think about going to that schoool of other, or changer your hairstyle, well, that is annoying as hell

the question is, where we draw a line. he did so in the interview but Im afraid some people habve no qualms jumping over it. others wont even see it

Opytaylor said...

I doubt either will ever give the type of verbal confirmations that these blind people need. The straight up "yes" or "no" won't happen. Kristen needs to not reveal that to maintain a victory for herself. I respect because I love how unique she is. She has no "hollywood skin" Hope that never changes.

What we will see, especially from Rob, are obvious behaviors when they are together and Freudian Slips.

Anonymous said...

to all those moaning about kstew not smiling watch this vid i love shaun's interviews on access they like her

Gigi said...

Rose ..as always I couldn't wait for your post today and you didn't disappoint...my goodness you must of been in my head ..come to think of it better not go to my head it is a scary place some time there !!LOL ..I have been reading all the comment all of the ones yesterday as well ...and I tell you what , there is nothing worst than a person who is so set in their point of view that is not willing to see what is so plainly in front of them ...Robert beams any time she is around him , and she tries and tries to not look to not react to no call attention to her self she is very self aware of everyone around her but even then ones in a while her eyes go to him . ...any ways Rose well done ..have a great one ...

Kendra said...

Wheres the bubble? Rob talks and Kristen looks like he talking about killing puppies. She could look any more miserable around him? She always smiles when Taylor talks. cohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwktB-wQtwo

Kendra said...

I believe taysten will happen.

Anonymous said...

RT @AwkwardlyFab Kristen sent Taylor a text saying "Stop working and come home already. I miss you." while he was off promoting 'NM'.

Lisa said...

Superb Rose!!

And you did NOT misquote Nightline! Or who you got it from didn't. I just went through it line by line. As I happened to be watching while reading. The only thing that was off in the quote is "speculative" when Chris says "speculates"

I love how Rob is so much more serious, confident and at ease with more serious shows as in Nightline. He was ADORABLE too!

Kristen did seem like maybe something was bothering her last night. But I didn't buy it had anything to do with Rob. They smiled and talked as usual.. It wasn't as bad because they had them all sitting so far apart. But who knows, it could have been anything.

I'm not going to not to read or comment on all the hate here anymore.. I know what I know, and no one but Rob & Kristen can change my mind! :)

Opy, I always love your short to the point posts! :)

Anonymous said...

RT @AwkwardlyFab Kristen sent Taylor a text saying "Stop working and come home already. I miss you." while he was off promoting 'NM'.

Anonymous said...

Rob may look in love, but KStew always looks annoyed, at least when he's around....well I guess it pains her to talk about him and be seen anywhere near him even when they're working. Same goes for the things they say, he can't stop drooling over her, she can't stop drooling over...Taylor.

Danielle said...

Kristen's words http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNUn8cwl53k "what relationship?" Yeah shes the one who wont admit the relationship. In fact she thinks a joke.

Anonymous said...


I was thinking about something that I cannot wait for but will be a long time coming.

*If* Kris and Rob are one of the lucky couples that get to make it in Hollywood and are still *in love* when they finally shoot Breaking Dawn..... who is DYING to see the behind the scenes stuff from the wedding and Isle Esme?

I SO want to see Rob's reaction to Kris in a wedding dress. Not Edward's reaction but his behind the scenes commentary and reactions. Gooey eyes and freudian slips :-D

Anonymous said...

That just makes me respect Rob more. At least Rob has admitted or at least hinted that he has a relationship with Kristen but the way Kristen is talking makes it sound like Rob is just a fling to her to joke about. I'd rather she didn't talk about it if shes just gonna make fun of her relationship. JFC Rob must mean very little to her.

Anonymous said...

Rose, I love you!

Deb said...

To anon 1:41 I was thinking the same thing and what about the blue room when he give in and that black nightie I can just see the BIG smile on his face with she in that dress CANT WAIT BUT first there ECLIPES only 15 more days . DEB

Anonymous said...

To thre Anoymous at @2:34:
From the same GQ article you quoted, in the same sentence:

Lautner was out promoting New Moon for months after its release, to the point that Stewart—his de facto older sister offscreen—sent him a text message: "Stop working and come home already. I miss you."

loris said...

I am sure Kristen shows Rob exactly how much she loves him. It's not for us to see.

Anonymous said...

This double standard makes me wanna puke. All Rob had to do was say he wanted to go on a normal date and Kristen fans attacked him and his fanbase and accused him of denying his relationship. But Kristen actually makes it sound like shes denying her relationship with Rob now and no one says a word. She actually says "I didn't know that but its good to know, I have a boyfriend" and no one barks at her. What about Rob? Every single time he says something it gets picked at and he gets attacked. Is it because hes a guy?

Anonymous said...

it's sort of amazing how people can interpret things completely differently.. I admire that you believe it's true... and you stick to that belief... even though, the quotes you mention can really be taken either way... do I think it's probably the case.. probably.. am I 100 percent sure.. nope... could just all be coincidence...do I care.. nope.. not really... whatever the circumstances he's still completely delicious... I just don't understand the need to prove it either way.. I don't understand the constant bickering... and I don't understand the need be juvenile about it all... I also don't understand why so many people care.. maybe people are actually younger then I assume them to be out here in the Twi-cyberspace and that is why everyone is acting like they are in middle school...maybe....maybe not....

Rosie said...

Sometimes I'm so embarassed for Rob because he has it so bad. He's obsessed with Kristen and adores her and and she doesn't seem that into him. But yeah I'm so embarassed for the dude. Poor guy.

Anonymous said...

To me Kristen isn't making fun of her relationship or Rob.
She's making fun of the media's obsession with her personal life.

linzy said...

Dearest Rose,

I had a nice lovefest type "letter" comment typed out but blogger ate it.. so now it floats in the ether.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you sticking to your guns day in and day out and providing a place where we can congregate and share our love of Robert and Kristen and our support of them as a couple. I'm sure I couldn't handle what you have to dig through day in and day out but its obvious you have a sense of humor, so I have no doubt you've learned to let it all roll off your back.

I think Rob is more aware than some people give him credit for. He's probably still learning but I think he's become pretty savvy when it comes to his public life. Hence choosing Nightline as a forum for giving a direct answer about the boundaries around his personal life. THAT was something I think was very much needed and simply wouldn't have been received the same way via an outlet like AH, E!, or the Insider. Nightline is not entertainment reporting, it is news (aka real Journalism). Connelly treated him with respect and created a nice piece around a young actor just trying to navigate celebrity.. he didn't ask Rob who he was dating, or a specific intrusive personal question and instead gave him the chance to talk about why he is so private. Major major props to Connelly for being an adult and even bigger props to Rob for his honesty and maturity. So many actors either learn that lesson too late, or not at all.

Anyone left trying to argue the PR angle or that he and Kristen are only close friends, are now making a conscious choice to call Rob and Kristen liars. Rob flat out stated he won't sell IT and if they were only friends I'm sure they would have happily said so many times by now (all we have to do is go back to the orig Twi promo for proof of that). THAT would have been the less CONTROVERSIAL, less STRESSFUL, less INTRUSIVE route.

We fight to protect that which is most precious to us. These two kids have their gloves on and refuse to be pushed around. I admire that tenacity and it makes me proud to call myself a fan.

Anonymous said...

to anon 2:34:

I totally agree, sooo cute, here is the quote:
Lautner was out promoting New Moon for months after its release, to the point that Stewart—his de facto older sister offscreen—sent him a text message: "Stop working and come home already. I miss you."

He has such a great relationship with his de facto "older sister" off screen, but as Kristen said in a video interview in Madrid during New Moon conference, sometimes it felt as he is the older one.

I hope she can maintain this wonderful relationship with Taylor and that she is also bonding with her next co-stars. Kristen seems to be the type of person who can really make a deep bond with other people, like Dakota, Joan Jett, Taylor.

But Love, I mean romantic love is something very very different.


FJSA said...

A great week indeed and so nice to hear and share the same feelings for ROB with other fellow bloggers. Unfortunately apart from all the pics and interviews etc etc etc, I just feel I have to let u in into some diturbing but true (yes im gifted like alice) thing.
1. Kristen is pretending (and really im so dissapointed)
2. Taylor has the biggest respect for Rob and both share the same values.literly.
3. Something will happen on their tour, which Tay will let Rob in (almost as if Tay sees something he is not suppose to - Kisten and someone else).
4. Tay dont approve and will advice Kris to be open to Rob. Rob is not a forgiving person when it comes to cheating.
5. Rob will be bigger in Hollywood and around the world. His career will be buzzing for years.
6. Kris will only realise what she has lost once Rob has moved on to a blonde (yes, I see this clearly).

Believe or dont believe...my messag to kRIS is - if you read this baby, you're holding on to Rob cause u dont want another lady at hi side. truth is that you'r abt to loose out.

im praying that my vision change, but unfortunately when looking at rob pics...i see it clearly...... Lets pray for all 3 of them, as this will not cause unhappiness between rob and kris, but taylor too....he sees the 3 of them as family and will not 4give kris for fucking this up....

Anonymous said...

What a great post Rose,I saw the video of the nightline interveiw.Guess Rob has finally come out and said that his relationship with Kristen is not for PR but private for them alone.Lets hope the haters and nonstens will now back off.

Anonymous said...

i see the nonstens are back.... the problem is taylor is clearly gay a sweet guy but totally batting for the other team

Anonymous said...

i guess kendra is angry LOL

Anonymous said...

i guess kendra is angry LOL

more than a couple of thoughts said...

I think that it’s really pathetic how some people weigh and analyze every word that comes out from Rob and Kristen’s mouth after a whole year of interviews and sightings of Rob and Kristen. I believe that it’ s stupid how they wait for the eclipse junket, where they are here to promote A MOVIE, to really see if they are a couple or not. I mean, have these people been leaving under a rock for all this year? Didn’t they read the gazillions of interviews where Kristen says that she won’t answer the question and that she doesn’t want her private life to be entertainment to other people(she actually makes her throw up)?

Now, all this buzz about what Kristen said in the E! news interview is a complete waist of time and utterly pointless. Kristen was being SARCASTIC, something that a lot of people seem not to be able to understand. Have you watched the interview? When she says “I didn’t know I had a boyfriend” she ends up laughing with a clear embarrassment end she ends up looking to someone on her left, maybe someone of her entourage, because it’s clear it’s a topic that makes her nervous, since she doesn’t want to reveal too much. What she said was a clear slap in the face to the media that takes everything for granted and is ready to make assumptions on her private life and jump on conclusions when she hasn’t even confirmed a thing about it. We see that every day. They are together, they broke up, they are cheating on each other and so on… Hers was like a “calm down” statement to the media. Can anyone explain to me why, during all these interviews neither of them has said “NO. we aren’t together, but people seem not to understand it”? This is a denial. Something that they aren’t doing for a long time now. All they are doing is deflecting the question very cleverly.

Kristen could have easily said that she and Rob are just friends and that there’s nothing between them. It doesn’t take too long. And it’s a clear statement. Why do you think she doesn’t say so? Use your brain people. There’s only one possible answer.

If Kristen wasn’t with Robert, she would have made it VERY CLEAR in Elle US, Elle UK and all the other interviews. Why I know that? Because she did so during twilight promotion.. In the Elle UK interview she is asked if she’s with Rob. And what does she answer? “ why something that is private should be entertainment to other people?” Why she doesn’t just say NO? Right. In elle Us she says that she won’t cheapen her relationships by talking about them. Again, deflecting, again, not answering.

During New Moon promotion all the R/K related questions were off-limits. Again, why? During the eclipse press conference the relationship topic was brought up twice. Neither of them addressed it. They just said “probably”, “The truth is…..I don’t know.” On Oprah they were asked without any shame . They had the chance to set the record straight. And they deflected again.. When Taylor and Kristen promoted eclipse in Australia an interviewer said that questions about Robert were forbidden. Again why? >right. (cont)

more than a couple of thoughts said...


The nightline interview was precious. Robert said that he doesn’t sell his relationship. Actually, it was the first time he answered the question without a joke and it was a big F**K YOU to all who scream PR. And he was talking about the relationship with Kristen. People speculate on THAT, not on his life with his friends.

I’ll say one thing. We don’t always learn things directly from the horse’s mouth. Often we have to observe and be able to put the pieces together. When you say you don’t smoke, but people find cigarettes in your bag, then it means that you are actually a smoker. When you say you don’t like chocolate but then a piece of cake is missing and you are caught licking your lips, it means that you actually ate the cake. When 2 people spend so much time together and they don’t answer questions about their relationship, or they are not clear about it ,it means they are together. If your boyfriend was constantly seen with another girl, and he avoided giving you a clear answer, what would you think? I hope you would choose to face reality. When I’ll hear Robert and Kristen say the words “NO. We are just friends, there’s nothing between us “and when they will be seen with other people and not with each other, then I’ll believe it.
And for those that need constant reassurance from other sources. Listen, a very good source said that everything is good between Rob and Kristen and that they are happy. Actually they are leaving together in a rented house right now.

And last thing. Gossip cop cleared up what Rob meant in the interview on the Today show. It was pretty quick and that makes you believe that someone close to Rob, or Rob himself, asked them to post an article about it. For me and for a lot of sane people it was clear what he meant(remember, he’s British, the meaning of some words is different from American) .During New Moon promotion he said that he couldn’t remember the last time he asked someone on a date. Was there a hidden meaning as far as Rob and Kristen’s relationship was concerned? No, they were constantly spotted together afterwards. And for those who say that gossip cop is on R/K pay-roll, I’ll say come back to reality. They didn’t think twice in debunking the rumours that Rob had confirmed the romance, but they always try to be subtle and make people understand that the so called Robsten exists..

I actually don’t need sources to tell me what I can figure out just by using my brain, but when all these people say that Rob and Kristen are together and happy and Rob and Kristen are being spotted together all around the world, and you are the one to say otherwise, maybe for you it’s time to accept reality and stop twisting words and facts.


Anonymous said...

yes kristen said oh i have a boyfriend? in response to the interviewer saying it she was being sarcastic she doesn't like people telling her own private business she does not want to discuss it neither does he as he clearly said last night btw she also called taylor her dog because he catches things she throws at him so is she being mean about him too? LOL

Anonymous said...

yes kristen said oh i have a boyfriend? in response to the interviewer saying it she was being sarcastic she doesn't like people telling her own private business she does not want to discuss it neither does he as he clearly said last night btw she also called taylor her dog because he catches things she throws at him so is she being mean about him too? LOL

Anonymous said...

yes kristen said oh i have a boyfriend? in response to the interviewer saying it she was being sarcastic she doesn't like people telling her own private business she does not want to discuss it neither does he as he clearly said last night btw she also called taylor her dog because he catches things she throws at him so is she being mean about him too? LOL

Anonymous said...

nonstens conveniently ignore nightline, hollywoodlife and video of kris and rob walking up the stairs at kimmel together just focus on certain things that makes them feel more secure

Melinda said...

Okay I am ready for Round #2....

1. To the little children who keep trying to ship Kristen and Taylor together. Please as if that will ever happen. How many times does she have to say that Taylor is like a little brother to her. You repeating the same stuff over and over makes you all the more SILLY and truthfully REALLY REALLY ANNOYING!!!! Find something better to do while you are on summer break.

2. For the little children who keep saying that Rob is going to break Kristen's heart OR that Kristen is going to break Rob's heart really you are just as SILLY as the Taysten groupies. Real relationships take work. Neither Rob or Kristen are perfect so they are bound to have some off days. If every couple in the world broke up every time they had an argument then no one would ever be together.

3. For the people that keep saying that Rob and Kristen didn't interact much on Kimmel...I haven't seen the fan videos yet BUT my take (if that actually happened) is...number 1: their chairs weren't that close b/c of the setup to really interact. Number 2: R/K know how to separate their professional and personal relationship. Yes sometimes the personal does come out in the professional we have all seen it. I think R/K realize that the press for Eclipse (the whole reason they were on Kimmel)isn't just about them(even though fans and the media harp on it). They both know the spotlight is always on them and they probably want the focus to be more on other cast members as well. They aren't vain actors.

4. Back to the Rob is single debate...I found it interesting that both Nikki and the guy that plays Demitri have both said in the press recently that they are single. That's what single people do. They advertise it. Single celebs advertise by way of press. Rob has never come out and said he is single. Neither has Kristen.

5. Also feel like addressing the "good friends only" theory. This bugs me more than the PR one actually. Because what is being said with this theory is that Rob and Kristen have chosen to be friends only and that basically they have given up on a romantic relationship with someone else who interests them just to travel around the world together, spend holidays together, hold hands in Paris...you get my drift. This theory defies logic!

6. Lastly, I'm beyond bored with the "why don't they just say they are dating" comments that make people "so mad".
Why does the public think they have a right to control a celebrities private life?
Why do R/K have to publicly "announce" that they are dating but it is okay for Jodie Foster not to be drilled on her fathered her children or what her sexual orientation is (there are lots of thoughts on that but no one forces it). Why is it okay for Jay Z and Beyonce to not be hounded about their private life (and they never walk a RC together, they VERY rarely show any PDA, etc) but not okay for Rob and Kristen to want the same? Talk about double standards. I just don't get it. I personally don't understand why celebs have to "announce" anything for that matter.

If you are a real fan of Rob and Kristen you respect their desire for privacy, support their professional endeavors, and are genuinely happy when they allow you a little glimpse into their lives b/c you understand that you don't control them and are just happy to be a spectator in the lives of a two super cute people (couple or not).

jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jen said...

A little giftie for all those who didn't see it yet:

HMMM....What's Rob doing here???


Yeah, I always let my friend do that to me when I'm walking around....cause that's what friends do right?


Anonymous said...

R/K make jokes and deflect the relationship all the time, but when they are actually being 100% serious their message is clear. They take their relationship seriously, they don't want to cheapen it, they don't want to sell it, they want to keep it for themselves. It's the first time Rob has given a really serious answer about it, it was a very nice way for him to answer and I was totally like,'YES!' He put those PR loons in their place. You can tell they make eachother happy so whether or not they're together or super super bffs(eyeroll) why not just be happy for them? I don't get the hate.

Anonymous said...


I saw that picture too. Not sure what he is doing but I love both their facial expressions! Those sly grins that are really meant for each other but we get to see them.

Very cute!

Also want to say the video from the interview with Lizzy (Rob's sister) was cute.

I love the shirt she was wearing. Nice shout out to her brother's girlfriend. I mean she could of worn any shirt but she chose that one. Pretty telling...

Trish said...

@“more than a couple of thoughts” *APPLAUDES, whistles and throws Roses* bravo!!!

Please do me a big favor and leave THAT post here every single day so the HYENAS/NONSTENS/KRISBIANS/TAYSTEN SHIPPERS....and the rest i cant remember, can read it everyday to not only see the truth but to weigh the logics you have so well layed out! thank you!

Anonymous said...

Food for thought:

If someone is asking you if you could imagine to settle down with one person in a relationship or even getting married and you are answering:

I would like to go on "A" date (intonation on A, not a date), so I never go on dates anymore.

What does this say? Just semantic, reading comprehension, in the context of the question.

And you say "SO I never.., NOT though, or because I never go on dates anymore (That is what Rob said: SO, not because or though).

It doesn't matter if you are in a actual relationship. Just a theoretical question about settling down.

For me this answer is sophisticated, but:

Q: Can you imagine to settle down?
A: I would like to go on "A" date, so I never go on dates again.

simple translates into:

I would like to be with one person and stay with this person.

You see, someones words can have so many different meanings...


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected the shirt Lizzy is wearing isn't Joan Jett as I thought.

My apologies.

Trish said...

lmfao...i love the “comment has been removed by the author” it makes me laugh till my sides hurt..it shows Rose has the power to delete all the NONsense...keep deleting Rose as you see them!!

more than a couple of thoughts said...

@ Trish

Thank you, much appreciated! I just don't understand why people can't use logic, they seem to forget everything that happened this year and get all worked up for nothing. I won't ever get it. I think logic is the most powerful thing that a human being has. I hope some people will learn to use it, someday.

more than a couple of thoughts said...

@ Trish

Thank you. Much appreciated!I just don't understand why people forget all the things that happened between Rob and Kristen this year and get all worked up for nothing. I think logic is the most powerful thing that a human being has. I hope some people will learn to use it, someday.

mara said...

For the first time ever, I felt like Rob was finally giving a heartfelt, well thought out and serious answer about why he won't talk about his intimate relationship with Kristen. It was getting tiring hearing him giggle and hem and haw his way through it, while Kristen always says she wants to keep what's important to her to herself. I feel maybe the serious(and well researched) interviewer and the general tone of the interview gave Rob the impetus to finally take it seriously and answer thoughtfully.

It's about time he took that stance and told the world that he won't be talking about IT...his RELATIONSHIP with Kristen. He "doesn't want to sell IT." Why? Because IT(his relationship w/Kristen) is THAT important to him.

If hyenas STILL want to say "He's not with her, he says he wants a date!", they are more idiotic than I thought and need lessons in listening comprehension and analysis.

This interview last night showed once and for all, he and Kristen are together and he won't be discussing it. No more cryptic answers, no more giggling, no more deflecting,no more denials. With his answer, he pretty much confirmed to the journalist that he is with Kristen but it's something he will not share with the public. PERIOD.

Also loved his answer in Parade about being somehwat old-fashioned when it comes to love and sex. Manwhore he's not, the furthest thing from it. As he says "when you go to bed with someone you really love, you want to give them more than just sex."

Beyonce once said at the end of the day, she wants to come home from working, close the doors to her house and shut away the outside world and have her personal life with the one she loves, away from everyone else and WON'T TALK ABOUT IT.

Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

"If you're just a normal person walking down the street and everybody starts screaming at you, you'd be like, 'What is going on?' But when it happens so often to you, you kind of actually look at people's faces and see that they're enjoying themselves, and it makes everything so much easier to accept. Everything becomes a lot easier."

NOTE TO YOU... if you go all fan girl on Robert Pattinson, you must look like your enjoying it so HE won't be freaked out. Be sure to smile.


soadram said...

Great post, truly wonderful.
Every picture tells more than 1000 words.
And every picture of Rob and Kris, interviews everything that has happened, has shown every day the feeling that unites the two, and not just friends is not, it is LOVE. There is not no doubt. And everything they have to dare tell us it is about your work and I agree with Rob because he did not have to sell anything, because it is his alone.
Rose a good day:))

Olivia said...

Thank you Rose for such a great post.

I have not had access to my own computer to see any of the videos of the Eclipse promos with Rob and Kristen; only been able to read the blog from the last few days and see a few pics, all without audio. I can't wait to google the Nightline interview with Rob - I won't be able to do that til next week. I will have to set aside an afternoon to catch up on all the super interviews. The few and far between peeks at your blog have been such a great treat and lifesaver for keeping up with the latest happenings.

Hooray for Rob and his reply about IT. I so respect him for his mature and wise attitude.
Always have been a believer.
Take care, I miss checking in each day.

Trish said...

@ "more than a couple of thoughts" no need to thank me..you should be the one who should be thanked.

I am sorry i am going to rant but here it goes:

SOme of these Hyenas/Krisbians/Hyenas/Taysten shippers all need some kind of psycho analysis...now there are even so many groups i cant even keep up..its just bS! complete bs! How many times have we had evidence..from all the sightings, to even CH and her big mouth talking about these two..to Budapest, to IOW, so much that all lead to one thing that they are a couple.

Not "good friends" but a couple...it is Hollywood's worst kept secret! what i dont get it some of the so called fans are doing this but ppl who are outside this whole twilight fandom even know they are a couple! Its amazing!

As i keep saying, after that Mtv Movie Awards and the Nightline interview I just watched they are 200 percent dating...i just hope with all the scrutiny it will last...

KRisten herself is know for having long relationships...her past relationship with MA was she in it for awhile...both of them seem like committed people..certainly not ready for married life yet although..but who knows?...

I also want to capitalize on what some said about Jay Z and Beyonce...for years they had been together...then they got married to this day we all KNOW for sure they are a couple...why cant ppl just accept it like Rob and Kristen?

Anyway i think these two are being very smart by not talking...it isnt always true but by doing this they will be to keep it longer and have it more meaningful even if they do break up (look at B and Jay Z like this..)ANd also there are a lot psychos out there...they are scared for their safety! Especially Kristen..some of them ppl are so possesed that they think out of the billions of women who adore this guy, they will maybe have a chance of getting with him or by him being single they can have more "active" fantasies...i like to be real and logic about these things and its true. i say it how it is!

Okay rant over...and did anyone catch the last part of the Nightline interview where Rob was talking about death i dont remember the exact words..i was like what is he sayin? lol..he jokes a lot but i could tell in that interview he was serious especially when it came to the matter of KRisten and not wanting to "sell it" which by the way i love that he said..very similar to what KRisten says "dont want to cheapen it"...okay im done now lol..sorry for the ranting :-)

Anonymous said...

e2.35 please check how kristen plays with her necklace at the very moment when she joked "it's good to know i have a boyfriend" this gesture tells us everything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNUn8cwl53k&feature=player_embedded#!


Netti said...

Just want to say I LOVE YOU!!! All the way from Australia. me and you have one good thing in common and that is common sense. Many things of which you wriet are my own thoughts exaclty. I much prefer silence on a matter it says so much more :-)

Thankyou for your truly entertaining words. You are a commentary genious and the pics are always a good trip down memory lane. I do hear however that hyenas are persistent. Maybe one day there will be a cure hehe.

I'm glad there's a sane person out there with the same sane thoughts. Enjoy all the new stuff coming out and cannot wait for Eclipse!!!

Netti xxx

Anonymous said...


Rob said that he used to keep a diary/journal when he was filming Harry Potter and he thought if you had too much luck at once it meant you were going to die young. And since he has had SO much luck lately it must mean he was going to die at like thirty or something.

My first response was UH OH better knock on wood Rob... that is very bad karma/juju to put that out in the universe. (I'm a little superstitious) So, I said a quick prayer for him.

Anonymous said...

the original Robsten hyena... on the hunt.


jayknee said...

This week has been friggin awesome!!! Cant wait to see what he has to say on Jay Leno!

Trish said...

@mara...omg!!! did he really say that "when you go to bed with someone you really love, you want to give them more than just sex."

he just scored a 1000 points in my book! ladies man! very unlike these other hollywood men!

Anonymous said...

hahhahahahaha cant stop laughing! anon 5:56PM you meant Nikki Reed right??!?? lol...so very true!

I am betting she will most likely be the one to "out" them!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:56 PM...LOL

Anonymous said...

Rose, I’ve enjoy your writings tremendously. It has taken me a long time, but I’ve gone back to read your posts from the very beginning. I so understand your passion. There’s just too many mesmerizing things about Rob. Also, you can certainly rival PFach at the MTVMAs. I love it all.

I know in a previous post, you said you didn’t need a leader to tell you anything about R/K, but for me, I find you a great person to listen to. You saw something between them even before Twilight came out and probably even before Kristen truly realized it herself (I think she was the original nonsten). Many of the “feelings” you got about them have been so accurate. You have a finely tuned intuition, and I have come to trust your calm voice of reasoning amongst the haters, denyers, shippers, and the worriers (yes, I admit to being one). Thank you for your blog!

mara said...

To Trish...yes, he said this for RM promo, have no idea where I read it but am sure somebody here has it stashed away! Gosh, wonder who he was talking about. lol

Anonymous said...

Okay for some reason I went back and read Rose's thoughts for today and was looking at the 2nd pic.

Kristen is saying something apparently funny. Rob has that glowing look on his face.

What I noticed was it looks like Ashley and Nikki are looking at Rob and his facial expression.

Wonder what was going through their minds. Maybe something along the lines of....that man has it bad or wish I had a guy look at me like that or he is so cute the way he looks at Kristen or (in Nikki's case) I missed my chance (not that she ever had one, it has been Kristen since day one).

I am just joking with the thoughts so crazy people don't get to excited.

Anonymous said...

You're right Rose,now the hyenas will go back to Kris/Taylor or Kris/Michael,they don't have anything left anymore,the media knows that they are a couple.They are not going to announce it,but they're showing it little by little.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Eclipse will make millions in box office.They don't need any PR for this movie.

Anonymous said...

@Jen,BRAVO,you're definitely right,Rob wants privacy and wants to distance himself from his fans.I think he knows,what are being said about him and Kris.

Anonymous said...

Comment Part One

I'm sorry but I still feel like every day is like my birthday or Christmas with the Robsten Bubbles, the interviews, the quotes, the pictures, and the OMFG moments. WONDERFUL.

I just re-watched the convention. IF YOU WATCH THAT 29 MINUTE VIDEO and can say with a straight face that you DON'T think they are together... you need your eyes checked. It is sooo obvious. The way Kristen immediately takes to defending him (IE the "he's been working all night" comment).

There are some Kristen moments I did not catch the first time around because I was (understandably) just trying to catch everything that was said and missed the smaller moments...

Moments like:

Rob is talking about advice, rambling really, and then he finally says something to the effect of "be nice to people when things are going well so hopefully they will be nice to you when things are not"...And Kristen if you watch her you can make out what she says to him. She says "thats cool" or "thats good" and gives him a little smile. He gives her a little smile. And nod (I'm making a big jump here but it seems like her approval means a lot to him) and then responds to the crowd.

If you watch her closely... you start to catch the little communications she makes with him. The Runaways comment appeared to really touch her. And the "my son" comment in response to the "who would play you in a movie about your life?" q totally had her going. Laughing and laughing... giggling.... and then cut to a Taylor question. Rob says something to her really quick and she is like covering her face. So whatever was going on there? Totally adorable. And the other big reaction from Kristen was the "don't you sleep with her in it?" Kristen going off on Taylor waving her hands, slapping her hands. You can't tell what she's saying but you know its something to the effect of "thats not cool man". And then before Rob can comment she quickly says something to him. LMAO. "I love babies." Is then all we get out of Rob. LMAO. And is it just me or do you wonder if Kristen wasn't there to check him... would we have gotten a raunchier comment from the VERY SLEEP DEPRIVED Rob? I wonder... :-p Perhaps something to the effect of "why would I be looking forward to that? I get to do that every night already. This will be our first time taping it, though." LOL. Not that Rob is usually that....raunchy...but sleep deprived Rob coulda been a little less... PC. LOL

*Suzy Q*

Comment Part 2 to Follow

Anonymous said...

Comment Part 2

OTHER TOTAL SHAMELESS SPECULATING ABOUT WHAT GOES ON IN ROB'S HEAD (i'm not pretending to KNOW, as some people do, just wondering here... :-D)
*Rob initially found the tent scene (the first filming of it) very hard to do... he was "nervous" and "claustrophobic" before Kris started teasing him. I was wondering (pure speculation) was at least part of this distraction due to the fact that his girl was in a sleeping bag with another guy RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM? I mean I know their actors and everything.... but seeing it just a few feet from you has to have SOME effect on you... you know?

*He keeps talking about how VERY nervous he was for the first few kisses in New Moon and then there was no reason to be nervous any more. Could the initial "I WAS SO NERVOUS" for those first kisses be that he had developed feelings for Kris over all the first movie and through Twilight promotion and when New Moon started filming that first kiss, where she was still with MA, and he had feelings made him REALLY nervous? And then others by the time they started filming in Italy were no big deal because was that was when they first got together? Hence why in the BHT footage we see them call "CUT" and they're STILL kissing. (Just speculating... IDK when they first got together... I'm just wondering)

*When asked about the "Leg Hitch Scene" in Eclipse he said he couldn't remember filming it. And that when he saw it in the movie... he didn't remember it being that "raunchy." Okay but the only reason you're not going to REMEMBER a love scene in a movie, that is usually SO UNCOMFORTABLE... is when its not really THAT uncomfortable because you're used to making out with your girl on a regular basis. Do you know what I mean??

I think this is my LONGEST COMMENT EVER. But these are all the random thoughts I have been having over the past week as I catch each of the interviews.

And if one of the interviewers really wanted a good way to phrase an interview question about their relationship... here's how I would do it: "Rob, if you don't want people to know you and Kristen are together: why do you stare at her like your a starving man and she's the last piece of cake left on the shelf?"

BUT to perfectly honest. Despite my TOTAL, SHAMELESS entertainment at ALL THINGS ROBSTEN :-) I heart Kris. I heart Rob. I heart them together. I heart them apart. I am seriously, over the moon happy for them that they seem happy together, they protect their privacy, they take their privacy and each other seriously, and they have such AWESOME choices in jobs they do. :-D And I actually fully support the way they don't answer questions in the media. Although, I have to say Nightline's NON ANSWER last night was my fav. If only because we can now say to the PR Hyenas "Suck It" :-p

*Suzy Q*


Rose, thanks for letting me borrow your comment section for my LONG observations :-D I should probably have my own blog for long posts like this…but I’m way too lazy. Which is yet another reason you are awesome!

I SO SUPER LOVED your post today. I wait for it to come up everyday. Its always good for a smile and usually a chuckle.... thanks for sharing the wonderful way you can turn a phrase with the world :-)

Trish said...

Susy Q..right on sweetie..you have a point..it seems kristen keeps him in check..and her approval means a lot to him

if you remember the ellen interview a year ago when ellen asked “who is taking care of this man?”..i think we def. found her..not saying he doesnt have a mom..but he is an adult and im guessing barely sees his mom so kristen im sure does a fantastic job...jmo!

Anonymous said...

Suzy Q, I wish you would start a blog!!! I love reading what you have to say! :) Its all good and warm and so relate to it.

If you start a blog, you better let us in on it!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:35

Thanks, that is really sweet of you to say!

*Suzy Q*

Anonymous said...

hey can someone please post the link for the 30 min twicon? thanks

-cha cha

Anonymous said...

@ cha cha


Anonymous said...

Not that I would send Kristen a letter... but if I were it would sound like this:

Dearest Kristen,

I know my opinion doesn't mean a damn to you. You don't want my opinion or need my opinion. But I just thought I should let you know that I think you are one of the luckiest girls on the planet. Because you are with a man who will say this in public, which is the sweetest thing I have ever heard a man say. Ever.:



You're awesome, too! So you totally deserve him... But guys like that are as rare as hope diamonds so hold on to him tight :-)

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose~ And many wonderful comments today!!~ I love you all guys and your logical, deepgoing comments and amusing random thoughts. Just a shout out~

R&K's romance drwas so much attention is because of the sincerity, seriousness, purity in their relationship. When they stare into each other's eyes, you can tell longing, tenderness, honesty are there. That's simply beautiful and heartwarming and something that is really rare and worth protecting. Just can't understand why some people want to ruin it by making up different stories and gossips. Sad for those who lack the ability to appreciate truth and beauty of love.

Monica from Asia

TIKisokA said...

let me just say that I'm still one of those who is eager for them to outright SAY they are dating - but still need not do it all the same since I DO BELIEVE that they ARE DATING! LOL!
and just want to say Kudos! rose another great post!
and I'm loving ur new header/banner photos!
are you sure ur still rob pattinsion intoxicated and not robsten intocxicated or is that synonymous?! LOL!

Anonymous said...

i think has revealed a reality in hollywood couples...when selling your love story has a big price you do it...I believe that these two are unique in every side..

sollee said...

love anon 10:02:00 comment...yeah kristen you deserve a nice guy like robert coz you're such a wonderful person as well...

here's her comment!!!!!

Dearest Kristen,

I know my opinion doesn't mean a damn to you. You don't want my opinion or need my opinion. But I just thought I should let you know that I think you are one of the luckiest girls on the planet. Because you are with a man who will say this in public, which is the sweetest thing I have ever heard a man say. Ever.:


Frog_Robsten said...

Can anyone please tell me what ROb or Kristen said about the tent scene?How Kristen had to loose Rob up in this scene?And how was his feeling or something like that?Please tell me!Wgere did they said about it?I'm not American or English so I cant listen to English well, so please write it to me here and I will check it later!