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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Robert and Kristen- It Won't Be Long.

I love it when Kristen smiles.
It lights up her whole beautiful face.
She's in Korea now.
I cannot even imagine how exhausted she must be.
But she still smiles for her fans...
Because contrary to what some people believe...
Kristen loves and appreciates her fans.
Whenever there are interviews with people who have met Kristen...
They always say how wonderful and sweet she is.
The Hyenarazzi are not her fans.

I like Taylor Lautner.
I really do.
Yeah, he's a bit too polished for someone so young...
But he's a good guy.
And you can tell Kristen is comfortable with  him.
I'm sure having him with her through this whole whirlwind tour
makes it so much easier to deal with.
Take a good look at these 2 people doing press for Eclipse.
THIS is what PR is.
Posing TOGETHER... promoting their movie.
PR is not going to great lengths NOT to be photographed.
PR is not a logical excuse to explain why 2 people
spend so much of their personal time together.
Keyword = Logical

I love Robert Pattinson.
For so many reasons...
I can't help it.
Look at that face.
I'm really looking forward to Remember Me coming out on DVD.
Robert NEVER looked better than he did in this movie.
Do you remember last summer?
All those pictures coming from the set ...
And Robert looked gorgeous in every damn one.
It was Robert Pattinson overload.
And it was glorious!

Bad Mothers Handbook.
Rob is Daniel.
And he's so adorably dorky!
How can you not love this guy?
The movie comes out on DVD Aug 24th...
Buy it.
He's wonderful in it.
Rob is a good dork.
It seems to come natural to him!

Sweaty. Dirty. Fucking Sexy Rob.
All these pictures coming from WFE...
I wish they weren't so damn grainy.
Fucking Sexy.
What else can I say?

I miss this.
I want to see Robert and Kristen together.
MTV Movie Awards?
Well... that's a given.
Will they win best kiss?
Have you been voting? 
Can I be honest?
I voted three times.
That's all.
So I guess if they don't win for best kiss...
It will be all my fault.
I'm not sure exactly when Kristen gets back into LA
She is gonna be exhausted
She is going to need some tender loving care...
And I just gotta wonder who will give it to her.

I picture this when they get back together.
Arms wrapped around her...
Holding her so tight...
Not wanting to let her go.
Sunday is going to be a great day.
A wonderful day.
Will we get to share even a moment with them?
Guess we shall wait and see...

One more thing.
I purposely didn't talk about Hyenas certain people today.
I need to step back from all that bullshit.
No, my thoughts haven't changed.
I still think hating on people you don't know
is a waste of time and energy.
But sometimes when you deal with nasty shit
on a daily basis...
Some of it splashes on you.
Who needs it?
So I've taken a good hot shower...
And I can look at them with a big smile on my face
And realize they are way down THERE
Where they belong...
Wallowing in their hate and bullshit.
It's much nicer up HERE.

I will always defend Robert and Kristen.
I'm a fan.
I love both of them.
(No, silly... not IN Love with them)
Seeing Rob and Kristen together 
makes me happy.
Nothing wrong with that.
And thinking that Robert and Kristen are together
isn't hurting anyone.

So... a kinder gentler Rose.
Not quite so thorny.
Because really...
What do I have to be thorny about?
My family is happy and healthy.
Life is good.
Robert and Kristen are together.
They will be at the MTV Movie awards on Sunday.
And we might just see a thing or two.
*wink wink nudge nudge*

And so Rose goes.

One more thing.
No Fucking Words.
Bye for now.
Song for the day?
It Won't Be Long
It won't be long yeah, yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, till I belong to you

Since you left me, I'm so alone
Now you're coming, you're coming on home
I'll be good like I know I should
You're coming home, you're coming home

Every night the tears come down from my eyes
Every day I've done nothing but cry

It won't be long yeah, yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, till I belong to you

Since you left me, I'm so alone
Now you're coming, you're coming on home
I'll be good like I know I should
You're coming home, you're coming home

So every day we'll be happy I know
Now I know that you won't leave me no more
It won't be long yeah, yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, yeah
It won't be long yeah, till I belong to you


Anonymous said...

I get the hint. I only voted twice so far.


jen said...

Nice post rose-they always brighten my day cause I get to see pretty pictures of pretty people!

Anonymous said...

I love how you didn't post this pic http://www.imagebam.com/image/62378583067193/ Seriously I don't get it. How is it that Kristen can be comfortable with Taylor but if Rob was anything like this with other costars he'd be a cheater and a bastard. I love Kristen but I hate how this fandom is full of double standards.

jen said...

oh and my ideal scenario would be for Kristen and Dakota to win, they go up, only to have Robert bum rush the stage and kiss Kristen and steal the award so Kristen and Dakota don't have to. lol

lois said...

Thanks for the cheerful note today Rose. It was what I needed before heading off to slumberland since it's already 1AM here in the Philippines. Much hearts!

Anonymous said...

I voted tons and I'm not ashamed to admit it, not stopping until they close it up either. love your blog Rose, and I love you and your pals pushing that button.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

lovely rose. as always.

yup, people pull you down because they know you are above them. oh they know it well and it kills them so bad.lol. but enough of that. excited to see rob and kristen back in each other's arms again soon.

Jeu # Guanabara said...

You always speak what a real Robsten fan fell about them.

"I'll always defend Robert and Kristen. I'm a fan. I love both of them.Seeing Rob and Kristen together makes me happy. Nothing wrong w/ that"

That's so real that sometimes hurts thinking how two people are so in love and have someone in somewhere cheering for them to be happy and in peace. Don't hurts in a bad way, you know what I mean...

And Taylor, I like you too. You make my girl happy and confortable when she's far away from where she belongs (Rob's arms)so you have my heart too, boy.

30yearoldtwifan said...



Come on Twi fans... do we really wanna see TL and TS win? :0 no. VOTE

Anonymous said...

I voted 123456 times for Rob, keep voting, we have time!
I changed my mind and I prefer not to vote best kiss, just in case.
"And we might just see a thing or two.
*wink wink nudge nudge*"
Rose...don't joke. I've talked to some people who told me they have good info. Nothing is going to happen in MTV, Rob and she will be in the same car, same as last year, and they'll sit together. What else? My guess in nothing.


salena05 said...

Rose<3 I love your blogs everyday! and I also am a faithful follower of yours on twitter. Because you speak nothing but the

truth. It pisses me off when people come to "YOUR DOMAIN "YOUR BLOG" and say Mean, Hateful and Down right Nasty

things about you!!! Why do they come here? I don't understand people coming on here and saying things like" Rob's a

manwhore" or" Kristen's a bitch." Who are these people? Have they spent anytime at all with either of them personally? I very

seriously doubt it!! but they HATE,HATE,HATE!!! It desturbs me as a fan of both these lovely people.What have either one of

them done to deserve so much HATE? All these peoples so called proof is from stupid RAG MAGS.So the only proof I need to

see is with MY OWN EYES! Look at the way they LOOK, TALKand SMILE at eachother when thier together!"As long as

thier not being hounded and screamed at by obnotious paparazzi!!" I would probably look mesirable too if I had to live like that!

I don't blame Kristen for the little bird she threw, "THEY SHOULD BE LUCKY SHE HASN'T BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF

THEM WHILE ROB HOLDS THEM DOWN!"cause I'm sure He is not one bit happy with the way" SOME "of the the world

is treating her! I'm so tired of people saying "Oh I'm a true fan to either of Robert or Kristen when there is so much HATE on

"Both "of the fans sides.NOT ALL OF US! If you are a true fan of either than be Happy with THIER choice!Which as of now is

TO BE WITH EACHOTHER! thank-you Rose for giving me a place to come and voice my opinion<3 Without the HATE! I

love you Rose and I love you blogs<3 and to anyone who say's bad things to Rose:( I WANT TO STOMP YOUR ASS

PERSONALLY!!! This is her blog! If you don't like it STFU and LEAVE WITHOUT COMMENT!!!!! Sorry Rose had to get

it out.Thanx again Rose<3 <3Robsten<3 Salena

Rose said...

@Anon 11:42am

Enough of the double standard bullshit. Good grief.
*I* don't get pissed off at Robert when he is with other co-stars...
So... take your bullshit where they do.

Oh yeah...

*PUSH* ;)

Melinda said...

I must admit I have probably voted way to much!! But hey what can I say.

Another great post! Love the new banner!!! Rob looking at us, Kristen looking at him. SWOON! Plus Kristen's outfit rocks. It is so her.

Haters will always hate and therefore I can't invest so much time into them. It disturbs (and truthfully amuses) me that they obsess over someone they hate instead of focusing on a celeb they actually like. Boggles the mind. I am glad I am not miserable like that. It must suck!

Did anyone see the new pics of Taylor and Kristen in Seoul? Love how Kristen changed up her hair!!! She looks fantastic.

Can't wait till Sunday. Yeah I know some people keep saying we shouldn't expect anything but for me I just want to see them together again. Last time was Oprah. They are just to cute for words and I miss it.

Anonymous said...

@Anon11:42, I was going to respond to your post, but it's so silly and immature that it just makes me tired. So instead I'll just say. . .

One more great post for you, Rose! It just makes me feel good. So positive, no hyenas. . . And all those lovely pics of our lovely man.


soadram said...

great post, makes me wonder smile lolol so tipsy, but I like it.
ahhh I already voted a few times: P
a good day for you Rosa
Sofy of Portugal

Anonymous said...

I voted so many times its positively ridiculous. Whenever I'm bored and watchin' TV at night I just click away. Rob for all the categories he was up for (including best kiss) and then Kristen for best actress.

But I will admit this anonymously so it won't be nearly as embarassing.

I want to see the acceptance speeches. So adorable. if you do too... please vote :-)

Anonymous said...

To Rose,
I'm well aware that you don't get annoyed when Rob is with other costars. What I'm trying to point out is that plenty of other fans do.

Anonymous said...

11:42 I know, you're soooo right! She touches Taylor a thousand times more than Rob, and more sweetly. Are you blind girls?
Everyday I more convinced of this. First I believed, ok, they (R&thatwoman)have a thing, a flirting because of the saga, nothing serious, but the more I talk with rational people, the more I'm convinced it's all PR. Actors have to do this things, even Rob, it's hollywood. I never get to see a picture of them in holidays, in the beach, doing romantic things. He IS robert pattinson, everybody has a phone with a camera. It makes no sense. I don't know who gave her the necklace or the ring or whatever, just because she wore it in budapest doesn't mean it was from him. Coulb be a family present, it's like a 8, so it could be a special family date. And she likes rings, maybe her friends or his brother...
I know you want to keep us nervous Rose, but honestly, I don't think something big is going to happen. I mean something definitive. Specially after this week. Some people are saying she wants to be out of the PR :)))))))))
And Tom Sturridge is filming his next movie with Romola Garai!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! Rob will meet her, I'm sure of that! She is amazing, love all her work
I'm happy, we are all happy, so I think summer will be fine, you will have your pics of them at the MTV stucked in a car, and maybe in some airport, and we'll have...the truth!!! (me thinks)

Patricia said...

Rose: THIS HAS BEEN A VERY EXHAUSTING PROMO FOR BOTH KRISTEN AND TAYLOR. I see how easy it is for her to 'BE HERSELF' around Taylor (without everyone making something out of every move SHE MAKES.) But it sure has been disappointing for me not having Rob there. She looks GORGEOUS in those pictures in the Black dress with her hair with extensions. WOW ! She sure has been showing a different side of herself since she turned 20. Stunning and very sexy. That's what 'BEING IN LOVE DOES FOR YOU ALSO, ALWAYS GLOWING'

Jesus ! What can I say about Rob's pictures at WFE...How can he get MORE GORGEOUS, MORE HOT, MORE LOVABLE ????? BUT HE DOES EVERY DAMN DAY, DOESN'T HE ????


I hope we have some PDA at the MTV Awards. I'm soo looking forward to seeing them together.

I love your post and look forward everyday to reading and commenting on our favorite couple. There are so many people that also come here and write GREAT COMMENTS. You have a GREAT FOLLOWING " YOU ARE A SPECIAL LADY AND LOVED BY A LOT OF ROB AND KRISTEN LOVERS."


P,S. Notice I say 'love' a lot not HATE !!! Embrace LOVE

Rose said...

@Anon 11:59am

If you are well aware that I don't get upset with Rob... why do you bring that shit to my blog?
You should start your own blog and then you can talk about the double standards all you want!

Sounds like a plan!

linzy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new banner Rose :) The looks these two share make my knees weak and my heart melt.

I'm glad you were able to rinse away the grime & grease... it can be hard some days to just stand by and let stuff be said without throwing it back in their faces. Sadly we often end up just hurting our heads with the wall of stupid ;)

Sunday should be all sorts of fun. Personally I carry no expectations about what we will or won't see, but just knowing R & K will be reunited for a little while makes me smile. If we get to see their bubble for for even a moment, I'll be happy :)

Kristen looked effing amazing in Korea... holy girlcrush! That dress paired with that hair make her look so sophisticated and sexy. WOWOWOWOW! Poor Rob, hope he was sitting when he saw those pics ;)

I'm very glad Kristen has Taylor with her on this jaunt and I'm so glad they are friends. Can you imagine having to endure that kind of chaotic schedule alone or with someone you can't stand? NO thank you. WE AS FANS are damn lucky the three of them get along so well, because of that we get great interviews and an abundance of cuteness. Win/win imo.

Have a good day all!

Carly said...


that is a link to a wonderful blog on Kristens "rape" comment. its to the point, intelligent and also true. it warms my heart that there are people like that outthere. it gives me hope

what a wonderful new blog. I must admit that I vote every day several times. but the only award Im really interested in is the Best Kiss. and Im also trying to curb down my enthusiasm and I keep telling myself that I shouldnt expect more then see them on stage present the clip. yeah, its not really working. Im a hopefull romantic, what can I do :)

Im not exactly a fan of Taylor. I think he cant act to save his life but I see how at ease Kris is with him. and for that Im glad he is there with her. making it more bearable. I may never like that kid but I dont think I can ever truly dislike him

as for dirty sweaty Rob ... yeah what more can you say about that? really nothing that would come even close to how ridiculously irresistible that man is

I do have Bad Mothers Handbook DVD. havent watched it yet. but I plan to. cause seeing young and dorky Rob - yeah, not gonna pass that chance up

thank you for brightening this rainy afternoon, Rose. hope yours is as bright as this blog entry

linzy said...


I'm srsly DED over the Rob pics. What is it about him lookin dirty that is so freaking appealing? HOT doesn't cover it. NGL kinda jealous of the person who gets to dirty him up and make him look all sweaty *thud*


*skips away snickering at the stupid showing its fail in comments*

Anonymous said...

Awesome post Rose!

@ anon 11:44


Kristen NEVER acts like that with Robert on the red carpet. EVER. They didn't even had a picture taken together on the carpet of the new moon premiere even though they play the main couple of the series. They denied being together during all the twilight movie promo. Then all of a sudden they stopped answering the question and they also stopped having pictures together and talking about each other. They are in a real relationship and they aren't doing any PR.

And Kristen is doing promo with taylor right now, so no PR for E/B. And I must confess that that is bothering me.

Not because Rob isn't promoting. I get that he has a movie. But it bugs me that Summit ONCE AGAIN(as it happened with Remember me) is doing an AWFUL promotion. All Kristen and Taylor are talking about is how close B/J are, that they kiss, that he's more than a friend to her,etc. ZERO talk about edward and Bella.

Am I missing something? Have I read a different book? I don't know. I just hate the fact that it seems that edward is just a secondary character and that he ,in the end, ends up stealing Bella from Jacob, her true love(sarcasm intended). This is not the twilight saga I read about. I fell in love with the books because of E/B love story. They are the heart of the saga.

A friend of mine, who saw only the movies, but she's keeping up with the eclipse promotion asked me:"So bella and jacob end up together in the end?". I said" fucking NO!" but ,by the way the promo is being held, this is what people, who haven't read the books, think.<----you see anon 11:44? Summit isn't even promoting E/B. They don't need Rob and Kristen to do PR for it.

And the movies will sell anyway. The twilight saga wouldn't need any kind of PR. They just do it because they have to.

Kristen and Robert are in a real relationship. We don't have photo ops with them,something that celebrities in fake relationships do all the time. They are together because they want to be.

Anonymous said...

REMINDER: don't forget to clear/delete your cookies to vote multiple times. goodluck!

PS. i like it when rose is all sweet and nice. but i like it even more when she pushes the button that makes silly dumb girls cry. hehe.

cookie said...

So,now we have an idiot who hints about Rob meeting and "falling" for Ramola Garai?After the Emma Watson shippers,the Tom Sturridge shippers and i can't think of how many other British actors some people have shipped them with Rob.

Are you guys stupid or what?Get a life,please!Your stupid posts make you look really pathetic.

Carmel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:02 FYI, Kristen visited Rob on the Isle of Wight for New Year's Eve and Budapest for her birthday.

KPattz said...

All these Taysten shippers are absolutely morons.They know that there's nothing more than friendship there,but they love stirring the pot,because they have nothing more interesting to do.

Kristen is very comfortable with Tay,because she feels him as a brother,she's preotective of him,he's 2 years younger.With Rob she can't be that way in public for obvious reasons.She knows that every single picture of them is scrutinized,analyzed to no end and she has said that she hates that her personal life is entairtainment for some people.She's more cautious around him,because they're in love.Even back in the Twilight days,when they weren't together,she was kinda careful when she was near him,that's why there was all this palpable sexual tension.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm upset.

I keep hearing and seeing how much more comfortable Kristen is with Taylor than Rob and its makes me sad.

Is Rob really such a bad boyfriend that she doesn't feel comfortable with him?

I miss the way Rob and Kristen were during euro promo in 2008.

They were so carefree and comfortable with each other but now its all changed.

And as much as I'm happy they're together it pains me that Kristen looks happier with Taylor than Rob.


Deb said...

Hey Rose again the right song just LOVE it I to cant wait for Sunday And you know theres going to be at of sweet Loven we mite not see a lot of it but you know it well be like Rob once said that being a part from some one you love makes you miss and love them more I love the pic. of Kristen even the ones with her long hair and as so for ROB whats more can any one say SEXY How lucky is Kristen she get to kiss.run her hands in his hair rap her arms around him and best of all MAKE SWEET LOVE TO HIM lucky,lucky girl IM like you dont know if well get a kiss on the MTV Awards but i'll be watching for it Thanks again Rose I hope you have a good day my friend........DEB

Rose said...

People are idiots.

It's a shame stupidity isn't painful...
It's a shame stupidity isn't lethal!


I'm kidding.
Or am I?


Anonymous said...

lol. that's just lily loser guys. everyday. we're familiar on how she writes by now.

if kristen has nonstens who know more about kristen than her real fans and kristen herself, rose has LL. that silly little attention-seeking thing who who's been pestering this blog and contradicts rose every chance she gets. it's like an homage, a tribute thing. lol. rose will not adopt you LL.

Amanda said...

PR is not sitting 14 hours on a plane to spend your birthday with someone only to then stay inside the whole time and not wanting to get out at the airport because paps are around. (it was reported she started crying)

PR is not going to a tiny island for New Years where it's difficult for paps to go only get a picture taken by a 13 year old girl.

PR is not going to concerts together, diving into cars together, only to get grainy pictures taken by fans, not the paparazzi.

PR is not feeling so violated, you use really strong, poorly chosen words to express how much you dislike paps/media attention.

PR is not NOT posing together at premieres.

Somebody please tell me how it is PR, besides your own wishful thinking, or some loon on twitter 'that knows someone, that knows someone' trying to placate her hyena followers. I'm curious how people come to this conclusion when it makes NO SENSE what so ever.

Anonymous said...


Why do you have to clear your cookies to vote mulitple times.... I thought every click counted??

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose, thanks for always keepng it real,love your post today.
I can't wait for Sunday, what ever happens happens. I hope Rob and Kristen win. If they don't,my dream vision is they just makeout in their seats while the whole show goes on. Silly huh?
Thanks again Rose :)MelenaS

Anonymous said...

Ash, Kristen looks so comfortable with Taylor because she is. They are trusted friends, he's non-threatening and a truly good guy -- like a younger brother. He has similar work experiences and understands the pressures. He seems to be a genuinely nice kid, well brought up. But as a contender against Rob for Kristen? Ridiculous!

Kristen probably does feel more comfortable with Taylor in public settings like these promo events. With Rob there's always the focus on their personal relationship, and she clearly wants that part of her life held private (I would too!) With Taylor, she feels perfectly comfortable because they are friends, not romantic partners.

See how it works?


Anonymous said...

oh you are all so full og shat it is unbelievable. PR you say, i say get your dummies out of your mouths, your fingers out of your asses and grow a set or better just GROW THE HELL UP. Love the hyenas i really do the spittle and whinning must be seriously be killing you...running around trying to find excuses yep because you have no lives of your own so you event things up for someone else's love life because you are so heartbrokenly lonely and full of ugliness that you have to resort to spitting piss on someone else's lol go ahead PUSH the button as Rose says I BLOODY DARE YOU TOO, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

hyena harpies spit all day, doo dah, doo dah, hyena harpies spit all day oh doo doo dah day....

you know coming on here and spreading your dogma, your vicious whinning and complaining doesn't really work. too bad your day is almost come when you will run away and lick your wounds. have any of you watched the lion king, dod you see what happened to the hyenas at the end? do you want that to happen to you? I think you do, i serious think you do. You see putting Taylor and Kristen together just shows your level of intelligence or lack thereof but don't worry we can all be slow learners sometimes, we just need to have a bit more patience to wait until you catch up, until your brains are up to speed LOL but don't worry we've had almost 2 years now to wait until that happens whats another few eh? i mean to death do us part and all that!

Anonymous said...

To Ash,

I completely agree with you. Rob and Kristen have to watch their manners, otherwise people are gonna say they're together,

It's so nice when a couple behave themselves spontaneously, like Kristen does with Taylor. She feels like touching him and she does, she feels like hugging him and she does. It can be like this with Rob because they're an item but they have to pretend they're not an item.

Really sad.

Anonymous said...

the necklace looks rustic, handmade, it looks like the number 8 or a button? she is also wearing a similar ring sometimes

kristine.hills said...

Kristen is more comfortable with Taylor because she doesn't need to worry about her actions and moves around Tay being analyzed on detail. she is careless, bc NOW she's doing PR with Tay.When RK are together promoting their movies they just don't know how to keep their arms and eyes to themselves.So YES she is comfortable with Tay bc there is NOTHING she can worry about.

And what amazes me it's people talking about how they should act with their costar when they are promoting movies.For God's sake, they are WORKING.It's going to happen thousand times. Get a life blindenas!

I can't wait for next week, it will be amazing! I have thousand of strong feelings that we are going to have a HUGE SMILE on our faces for a long time...RK together...on and off screen...sigh...it's just yummy!!!

Rose i love your blog, and love what you have to say every day.

Nice week nice ladies.

AND blindenas there is NOTHING you can do, bc we BELIEVE THEY ARE TOGETHER AND SO MUCH IN LOVE!!!



Anonymous said...

the number 8 if thats what the necklace represents means momentum building it could also have a significance to a day for them, or it could be a wonky button maybe he calls her button? speculation for fun here

Anonymous said...

RT @kstewsbutt Woot. Seating arrangements for the MTV Movie Awards. Kristen, bring Jesse as your +1. http://bit.ly/c2lfDJ from @KstewRobFans

Anonymous said...

cookie 12:16, I try my best to ignore the idiots. I have no idea who that actress is (nor do I care) but I am happy to hear that Tom S has a new project. I admit to not following him closely but I have seen some of his films and he's a great actor.

Who I would love to see Rob meet and I definitely think he will...is Kristen's future OTR co-star---English actor, Sam Riley.

I watched Control yesterday and he is so so so good in that movie. Very talented. His wife is in the movie too.

Great that he will get more attention by working with Kristen. I am really looking forward to their scenes together! I think they will get along great too considering Kristen has an English boyfriend :)

Would love to see Rob also work with Sam Riley in the future. Add James McAvoy and Jim Sturgess to the mix and I would fangirl so hard, I'd pass out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Push the button;
to all those who believe Rob and Kristen are PR...
Push the button;
to all those who think Rob is a cheater and liar...
Push the button;
to all those who think kristen is a junkie...
Push the button;
to all those who think Rob is a junkie...
Push the button;
to all those who think kristen is with taylor lautner...
Push the button;
to all those who believe rob is with anyone other than Kristen Stewart...
Push the button;
to all those that believe Michael Angarano is still hanging around hoping for a second chance...
Push the button;
to all those who believe Rob will fall in love with them...
Push the button;
to all those who believe kristen is a lesbian...
Push the button;
to all those who think Rob is gay...
Push the button;
if you are a delusional hyena under the age of 16...
Push the button;
if you are an obsessed cougar over the age of 35...
Push the button;
if you are a twi mom who believe RPattz is actually Edward Cullen...
Push the button;
if you are all of the above and have no normal sane life except to come onto blogs and post shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is there a seat between Rob and Kris? That definitely limits the makeout options LOL

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:27

they always put a gap between people that seat NEXT TO EACH OTHER. Brad and Angelina have a gap between them too. Last year Zac and Vanessa had a gap between them as well, yet they sat next to each other. So, Robert and Kristen this year (FINALLY!) will seat next to each other. If anyone was between them, their name would be on the seat,too.

Hilarious said...

@Anonymous 11:44 ... read that article again. The author is speculating why Rob and Kristen don't just admit that they're dating. And is - understandably - somewhat confused by the strategy behind it on the studio's part. Many, many people feel that the publicity of a real-life romance that complements the fictional storyline would actually outweigh the benefits of a single Rob.

My only guess is that Summit doesn't agree, and that they like the current arrangement - Rob and Kristen keep some privacy, and fans can maintain the illusion that he's available.

Honestly ... does it matter? I'm pretty sure Rob could start a polygamist commune devoted to the worship of goats and the movie grosses wouldn't so much as see a hiccup.


@Carly - wasn't that article the best? It was so exciting to have someone state those points so intelligently and eloquently. And in a forum that offers the chance for a larger number of people who may not be fans of Kristen to see it. Awesome. I love this guy and his point of view.

Rose, love the choice to stay positive. Why not? There are so many good things to enjoy.

We'll just enjoy the pretty, yeah? I never get tired of seeing what Kristen will wear next. I adore Rob for his personality, but my attraction to him can be somewhat fickle ... right now, though? UNF. UNF UNF UNF.

Curious, though - what do y'all think of Kristen's extensions last night (or today, or whatever - time zones are confusing to me)? I am not really a fan. Kind of hoping that was a one-time deal. Love her hair long, but not by this route.

One last thing. I work in PR. It's kind of unfortunate to have that word infiltrate my fun reading too!

Listen, I get it - Hollywood is full of BS. People pimp fauxmances all the time.

The difference? Those people admit that they're dating. In fact, they usually won't shut up about it. They release gushing quotes to publicist-friendly outlets like People. They go out of their way to be photographed. Often. While engaging in PDA perfectly designed to make you say "Awwwwww."

I can't think of two people less focused on PR than Rob and Kristen. That's not to say that they're not aware of what they say and do. Not at all.

In regards to what they say about their characters and the movies, they do quite well. They are intelligent and insightful. They clearly take their roles very seriously, and I love that about them. They could phone it in and still make f*cktons of money at the box office. They're better than that.

But they're not playing the PR game when it comes to their personal lives.

The random-ass things they say in interviews? NOT the words of someone who paid attention during their media training. The stuff that they wear in their personal time? Generally not anything that shows their hotness to full advantage. Their public appearances? Rare and stealth.

Whatever. You know. Everyone knows. It's whether or not you care to admit it.

Happy almost-weekend, all!

jen said...

I love when people say it's all for PR, because that's their jobs as actors.


Please, people use your heads. Actors are professionals, but they often blur lines at work. WE all do-how many of us have hooked up at work? Times that by ten for actors who go off on location with hot costar and become very close? Times that by FIVE for someone like Robert and Kristen who are doing a franchise together?

This isn't rocket science people, it's not hard to imagine two YOUNG romantic leads becoming close and dating.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that was me, Lily, so what? didn't say anything wrong.

Happy, happy, happy! *dancing*


My guess is CW or Taylor will sit between then. But, if not, I don't care.

Make a bet shippers? MTMA will be: Rob and Kristen will be both at the red carpet, tey will sit (maybe) together or with someone between then, they probably (99%) won't kiss but if they do...well, they do it all the time in the movies so...work is work, AND they'll leave in the same car. The end.
What's the big deal with that? That's all? Nothing new here...
IF they confirm to the press they are together, or if they walk through the red carpet holding hands, or if they say they're engaged or marr... *cough* sorry, I can't say that word, so much laughing that I can't even breath...well, IF something like this happens, I will come here and say I was wrong, you were right, the summer is a loving summer, and blahblah.

Deal? :)

PS. you know is not going to happen!


Anonymous said...

I think that Kristen should bring Jella and put her in the extra seat.

That would be so freakin' adorable it would be the "awww" heard round the world.

Especially, if Rob held Jella while Kris gets her award (assuming that we can vote enough to get her one :-) )

Anonymous said...

anon 2:23: you do realize that each star gets a "plus 1" for the event right? And that's why there's a seat in between not just robert and kristen, but every other star too?

Anonymous said...

PR looks like this:

Tom Cruise jumping on the couch to Oprah about how much he is in love with Katie Holmes.

PR doesn't look like this:

Robert making a pregnant joke about Kristen then never answering the question.

If anything Robert's a PR person's nightmare, there's a reason summit has a pr bulldog by his side at all times at promotional events.

Anonymous said...

@12:02- OH LILY you actually make me feel sad for you some days. Today is one of them. Someday I hope you find yourself a great person to be with that makes you feel blissfully and totally in love. There is nothing like it! R/K have it and there is nothing you can do about it.

@12:24 and 1:17- sorry it makes you sad that you can't control Rob and Kristen's relationship. Keep the tissues handy cause your going to need them for a long time.

@12:33 and 1:34- You two crack me up! PUSH! PUSH! PUSH! It's so liberating!!!

As for the seating arrangements for Sunday night. Most likely one of their publicists will "sit" there. Remember at last years show they sometimes sat beside each other and sometimes had someone b/w them. They were together then (hello Charlie Hotel pics the next day anyone-they weren't reading lines that night!)so someone sitting b/w them is nothing.

Save the drama for your momma!

And don't forget to CLICK, CLICK, CLICK to vote for Rob and Kris!

Anonymous said...

@ Lily,
they'll arrive together,so what? They will walk the red carpet together,so what?
they will seat together, so what?
they will leave together,so what?
they will go to the same hotel, so what?
they will cuddle all night together,so what?
they will make love all night,so what?
That means nothin,nothing,nothing,nothing...

It's time to wake up, darling!And to open your eyes!Ypu'll see the light!

Anonymous said...

And VOTE Rob in the male category, and Global Star! Taylor Lautner is up for everybody



PS. sometimes I wonder why you like them together so much. It's hollywood, I mean couples don't last there! It's all bussiness. Not the end of the world. That's why I prefer a british girl for him. So he could come back to europe and live here (near of me ;) )

KPattz said...

Hey!Psycho Lily is back!I wonder,does she ever does her homework?Because it seems that she's spending her whole day in front of the computer doing some research about Robsten.Especially about Kristen.I think she's obsessed with K.Or secretly in love with her.Or just green jealous,because she has the real thing and Lily has only some Rob posters and her Edward pillow and maybe underwear.lol

It's obvious that this stupid teen comes here,because she's craving for attention.She knows she's not welcomed here,but still she comes back.Why?Because she wants us to notice her,even fight with her.That's so sad.

Lily,i've said it to you many times and i'm gonna say it once more.As much as you hate Kristen,she's with Rob and HE NEVER,EVER, EVER GONNA BE WITH YOU.As soon as you understand that,believe me that your life will be so much easier.And you'll feel much better.The hate makes you sick.

If you can't accept or understand that,then the only way is some serious therapy.Maybe you should speak with your mommy about your situation.

kate said...

Rose,i know that you have an open board and that everybody can post thir opinion,but i beg you.Can you delete soem posters as Lily?I mean this kid has serious issues.Giving her the space to post all the crap she's thinking about,just makes her worse.She feels important.And some other crazies like Stewarangano,Taysten,EmmaRob shippers that come here and post tons of BS.

Anonymous said...


I don't talk to you. Don't talk to me.

And I only come here in the afternoons while doing my task, ok?

Not your bussiness.

I'm here because I know sooner or later Rose will come back to those amazing Rob's post. As soon as he dump her and the PR end. Period.

Anonymous said...

kate, you can't delete people just because you dont like their opinion. And I'm fine, gezz, you should hear while other people say about that woman from Twilight! I'm respectful (I mean, I don't call her names). Stop insulting people just because they don't like her! I'm sick of you calling me sick.
Off for today. bye

jen said...

Rose,Lily will be coming here until the PR ends and you start writing all about Rob again.That means she'll be coming back FOREVER!Jesus!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Does the person(s) who keep coming here posting the same type of crap over and over again think they're really going to convince anyone? Do you think the regular readers and posters here are going to all of sudden say "Yes, I now believe you after the 5,000th post!?"
I mean, I love the excuses they're already coming up with in regards to Rob and Kristen at the movie awards---acting like if they sit together or leave together or whatever else they do---doesn't matter to them, it's not a big deal. LMAO. Of course they care and clearly it bothers them because they are on Rose's blog almost every fucking day posting their BS. Too funny!
And one minute they say Rob and Kristen are together but they hope they will break up, then in the next post say that it's all PR. LOL. How unbalanced is this particular person?

olivia said...

Beautiful new banner Rose. Great positive post.
Rob in his Ray Bans is so good looking.

As Daniel, Rob is adorable. What a great little film. It is quite a lovely feel good movie. I will add the DVD to my collection. ( I watched it online a while ago.

IMO Tyler has been Rob's best role to date. RM is a true gem. This is the release for purchase that I am most excited about.

@Carly - Thank you for the link to the article about Kristen's comment about the razzi that was interpreted by many to be PI. It is a well written article that I completely agree with.

@Hilarious - That would be a commune worth visiting : ), minus the goats of course.
Also, that independent spirit that both Rob and Kristen share is definitely what helped hook my interest in them together and apart.
You stated it very well.

Lastly, I have never commented about Taylor. He is a sweet young man. I like how he has been a true friend to both Rob and Kristen. He has respected and protected their relationship as if he were a family member to them both. I admire that trustworthiness in him. I can picture Rob thanking Taylor for watching out for Kristen while they are overseas doing the PR junkets and he is in Cali working on WFE.

May Rob and Kristen have a few moments of love, peace and calm when they reunite before the MTV whirlwind begins.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

Oh Lily how do i love thee, let me count the ways...

one hyena, two hyena, three hyena, four...

BB if it is so horrible for you to see out of those scratched and badly distorted glasses of yours allow me to lend you mine, for mine can see quite clearly and openly as well. Thou doth protest too much..
PUSH, PUSH, PUSH the button and let me know if hyena hackling is what you sow...

if they sit together so what?
well it would be nice to see them at least not to have to worry about the spittle drooled all over their seats from hackling hyenas who simply can't take anymore of the PR drama they believe is happening in their own delusional world...


Anonymous said...

Loser Lily is the stray hyenna with severe brain defect. she's homeless and just wants acceptance like everyone else. she gatecrashes parties, comes to other people's houses uninvited, talks to herself, foams and spreads diseases. she was never cultured, nor educated and couldn't decipher simple english. she's shameless, smelly and sick. she stalks kristen and everyone else who support her relationship with rob. her ultimate wish is for rose to accept her with open arms and treat her like her own. get a life little girl. this is not a shelter and rose is no angelina jolie. we are terribly sorry for your miserable life. but do get some dignity first and quit forcing yourself where you're not wanted. it's so embarassing.

dina said...

I'm craving for the day that all these craziness will end.I blame Stephanie Mayer for pushing the freak gene in people.All this team Edward versus team Taylor,hardcore shippers,psycho haters,crap about Rob's manwhoring,PR(?)and edless rumors are beyond stupid and annoying.
Rose has said like a zillion times that she loves Rob(well,he's a really lovable guy)and that she loves Kristen,too.I don't understand why lunatics keep coming to this healthy board and write sick posts.Is some kind of therapy for them?If you think that Rob is doing everything for PR,then why are you fangirling him?People who fake relationships for PR are scums.Do you think Rob is one?I don't think so.

sfw10sis said...

Hi Rose, great post as always.

You know most days I can ignore the filth that is spewed about these 2 kids, but sometimes I wish I could just reach through the computer and wring some necks, but your right it's a waste of energy and time, so I agree we should shower, let it wash down the drain, then when we look in the bathroom mirror were not ashamed of who is staring back at us, I wonder if some can say the same.

Wow, Kristen, no words can do justice, loved the look in Korea. I know some disagree but I really liked the extentions, she looked wow, just wow.

Rob, what can I say, dirty, sweaty, muscle shirt, can life get any better today (well maybe shirtless)lol.

Count down to MTV, saw the seating chart, looks like it's the same as last year, empty seat between each photo. I'm alittle embarrassed to admitt( ah hell no I'm not) I've been voting like crazy, any chance to see Rob and/or Kristen on stage I'll take.

Smiling today Rose, Thanks


Anonymous said...

Great post as always Rose, and I actually like"thorny Rose"...quite funny. lol anon 11:42 wtf?These pics look just like the Remember Me PR photo's they're not sucking face or anything,gaa. Lily seriously get a life. Thanks again Rose for the GREAT dirty Rob pics, man that boy is hawt!

Anonymous said...

i wish the push button has a functiion that will send hyennas all the way to mars.

and oh you are indeed sick psycho girl. sick, sick, sick. your habitual presence here is a testament to your illness. sick. lol.

Lisa said...

Full of love Rose.. :) I liked the later comment about being an idiot! LOL

11:42 really? No need because it doesn't mean anything. She's telling him something she doesn't want anyone else to hear or it's loud in there. Did you not see the RM promos? Rob was close to Emile, SO WHAT.. For you Taysten shippers. Did you happen to see this interview?? First video? http://cullenizme.tumblr.com/post/653863445/massive-australia-interview-post
@ about the 6:09 mark, she asks them about a personal relationship between them. Their reactions are SO different then Rob & Kristens are. LOL Funny also they were told "no personal questions" yet THAT one was allowed. What they really meant was not R & K questions.

Jen, too funny.. I've been wondering if Rob will do something with Betty White.

11:44 PUSH

12:02 Lily's back. You fooled no one it seems.

12:53 You're only allowed to vote once per day unless you clean out your cookies.

1:18 the ring she wears on the first finger that looks like the necklace is actually round with a clover in it. You can see it well if you zoom in some of the oz pics.

1:36 there is always a seat between. Look at the others behind theirs, star, empty, star, empty. It's for their +1's.

Some of you make me feel so bad! I LMAO at what you write to and about Lily! She's just a kid so I probably shouldn't laugh but I can't help myself! You all ARE funny! And she must not mind because she comes back for more each day! :)

As for Rob.. Gosh, can he get any better? I think he can! Most men get better with age.. GOSH we will all lose our minds! I love Edward.. I love Rob as Edward.. BUT I LOVE ROBERT.. I much prefer him as himself. I agree with Rose, I think he looked the best as Tyler.. But he's looking pretty good as Jacob too.. Have a GREAT Thursday all!

Anonymous said...


hahahahahahahahaha, Seriously hilarious! Keep on dreaming dear!
Push Lily Push!!!!

with love from
KStew neighbour

Anonymous said...

kristen is soooooooooo beeeeeautiful i can´t wait for Sunday....And about the necklace i do believe that was a gift from Rob but the ring is not from Bel Ami because she used it in TR promo in Texas i remember that...

Anonymous said...


I am calling you out!!!! That you have never called Kristen names is pure BS!!!!!! BS!!!!!!! BS!!!!!!!!!!

I can go back to old posts and re-post them if you need any help remembering.

You hyenas push us well we are going PUSH you back!!!

Dear Jacob....I WIN!....Sincerely, Edward.



Anonymous said...

GOOD MORNING TO YOU ROSE thanks for feeding a seed of goodnesss and starting my day on postitive and rational thoughts.....
I thought Kristen looked great in the Korea PR shots that extra long hair suits her....she looked damn sexy.....i wonder what Rob thinks lookin at her like that.....

Lisa havent heard from you girly....its not like you not to have nuffin to say { im only joking}

Robert well are there strong ennuff adjectives to describe this specimen of a man........as ive said b4
in a black suit and crisp white shirt [ as per 2 june WFE pic] or and hot, dirty circus boy.......one extreme look to another.....

30yearoldtwifan @ 11.48 Since you put it that way [ and yes iwas sucked in by your comment] and i Quote:
Come on Twi fans... do we really wanna see TL and TS win? :0 no. VOTE
i did vote, it was the first time i had done anything like that b4.....but i did and just hope i dont see TL & TS win....how dissapointing would that be>>>

Carly @12.06 thanks for getting the link...Kristen looked so naturally beautiful doing thos shots......I can see why Rob has fallen for her ...she really looks amazing, not only outta but she has an abundance of inside beuty too.....

angelsslave @1.34 You took the words outta my mouth ....thank you for your common sense..when insanity preveils PUSH THAT F34KEN BUTTON!!!!!!

Hilarious @1.46 well with you i always know we are going to an 'Extra Quality' in your opinion....once again you didnt fail yourself or my judgement of you .....Its been a pleasure...as it is always....

MTV Awards showing channel 124 Fox Monday Syd Aust 4.30pm for those who are interested.

Anonymous said...

Lily is a HAM = HOT A$$ MESS!!!! She makes me laugh to the point of where my nose starts to run! You don't need comedy central with old Lily.

Lisa said...

Hi Louisa! You must have missed my VERY LONG post! It's just 4 spots above YOUR very long post! LMAO!

Jordan said...

Rose, how many times can I say I love you. I go to the MTV site and vote as many times as I can. I hope you realize you are a god send to us true fans. For all the haters that have found Rose's blog "PUSH" ajr

Anonymous said...

Taysten. LMAO. I hate to make an overtly Twilight reference here but I just don't know how else to put it.... Kristen doesn't *sparkle* around him in the same way she does with Rob.

Its like if you look at her *looking* at Rob. And Rob *looking* at her... its just in their eyes. Its so obvious.

Ok. Also, anyone else MISS Twilight press? When they had their guard down. When they were themselves instead of guarded and gave pat answers. Here's a compilation of interviews of them. Its amazing. A must watch. Oh and Hyena's this link is definitely a PUSH!!!

*Suzy Q*



Anonymous said...

GREAT MINDS hey......

Anonymous said...

Connection Question:

1. Australian tabloid FAMOUS likely on stands during Kristen's visit claimed in giant bold letters "ITS OVER" Rob confirms to Us Press. The cover can be seen at gossip cop as being debunked as totally false (Sorry, Hyenas PUSH) http://www.gossipcop.com/robert-pattinson-breakup-kristen-stewart-breakup-split/

2. Kristen then answers the Rob question about not believing what you read in tabloids.

I'm just saying... I wonder if the new form of non-answer was somehow prompted by their tabloids that she likely passed at some point during her visit.

Just speculating here.

Anonymous said...


pricklypearess said...

Ooh. Nice new banner, Rose. Me likey sweaty, dirty Rob. LOL. Looking forward to MTV awards. I've got mixed feelings about Rob and Kristen winning best kiss. In some ways I think they might not want to win, because of the outrageous over-analysis of each and every thing they do onstage. You know it will be picked apart and twisted to suit the hyenas delusions. JMO. I did vote for them, but with some hesitation. Honestly, I'll just enjoy seeing them together at the show. So cute. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rose i was taking a second look at the 'todays pics' you posted.....i njoy the dirty R one but the one that caught my today was the E & B tight embrace.....that is soooo a R & K opposed to E & B moment.....isnt it????
they are so fitting towards each other....i love the way Rob {i mean E] puts his fingers ever so slightly into Kristens [cough cough Bellas] back of jeans, and the way his head encloses into her .....oooohhh this is such an intimate photo of the two....dont ya think?

Anonymous said...

@ louisa.

I totally agree. That finger is just so... *sigh*.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow night something is going down and shippers will cry and I mean they will be disappointed.The press will be on it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rose! Great post as always!! You know, I love your new banner...wouldn't that be a great kind of dress for Kris to wear to the MTV awards? It's soo her!!


Anonymous said...

to 1:27
Oh what a surprise. KStewsbutt hates Rob. Sick of the idioticy. You can't even joke about Rob even bringing Tom along but Kristen fans would prefer Kristen brought one of her other costars along and hung with him instead of Rob.

Anonymous said...


Oh look our "insider" is back with more "breaking" nonsten news.

Forgive me if don't go out buy the Kleenex just yet.

Jen said...

I love how these hyenas come here and say how something is gonna happen at whatever time and how all the shippers are gonna cry and blah blah blah whatthefuckevercakes etc.. And yet the time goes and comes and then....NOTHING HAPPENS!!! What could be so disappointing about people that I have and probably will never meet that would cause me to cry? Yet the hyenas seem to be the ones obsessing and ranting where as most shippers know where to draw the line. For once I wish these anonymous hyena assholes would leave their name. And I mean the anonymous assholes who take the time to come on a blog where they know they are not welcome just to post hateful bullshit.
I don't know what it is about Rose that manages to attract the psychos as well as the sane people here, I think she should be flattered cuz that truly takes talent.

amanda said...

ooooh. Looks like we have a fortune teller in our midst. How many times have they said this, and how many times does it go the opposite way or nothing happens? Gotta love the hyenas tenacity though, they never give up. Forgive me if I don't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lily is everywhere,she's also in AT using different name,posting same BS over and over.Lily you really think Rob will broke up with Kris?How do you know this?Oh because you know 2 insiders right?Hahaha whatever.You're so full of sh@tt girl.And by the way if Rob/Kris doesn't seat together on Sunday,who cares.When Kris get back from Korea that going to be a happy reunion.LOL.And don't tell me that they don't live together,because they are,even Rose knows it,right Rose.PUSH HYENAS.

Anonymous said...

Things movie executives probably told Rob to stop talking about after the first round of Twilight interviews before New Moon press started:
1. His dandruff plumes
2. Sex toys
3. Sacrificing Americans on the Fourth of July
4. Comparing millions of screaming fans to the devil
5. Comparing his chest hair to pubes
6. How dirty his room/apartment is
7. Saying that if he was president he would go around telling people to kiss his ass.

LOL. But its a darn shame... because I love funny Rob who says totally random stuff. :-) And haters because he says random stuff it doesn't make him unintelligent it just means he has a quirky sense of humor.

Lisa said...

@7:51 you are SO.... silly.. I guess I am what YOU would call a "shipper" because I KNOW they're together. They don't need to tell me, I can SEE it. The ONLY thing that would make me cry is if something awful happened to one of them. If THAT was the case, the news would break it, not you. So I can only assume one of them were seen doing something YOU think they shouldn't have.. Doesn't matter what YOU or anyone else says.. Only what I see.. And even IF they did, or do break up, I wont cry.. I'd wish them well and move on! So I really think your barking up the wrong tree.. (mad bark that it is)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the Kristen love on twitter right now!!!

We have to keep it going!!!!

sollee said...

hi rose:)

i hope rob will play the guitar and serenade for kristen when she's finally home...that would be awesome:)

Anonymous said...

OMFG!~ Kristen is EDGY, SEXY, HOT AS HELL. I'm dying...Korea is a good place, huh?~

Carly@12:06, Thanks for sharing. EXACTLY!!~ Hope there are more sensible articles being circulated.

Oh, No~ That pathetic Lily is everywhere. Only people with no brain and no heart couldn't see the true beauty of Kristen. Rose, maybe you just tell her you'll never stop writing about Kristen and then the little person will go away.

Lisa said...

Wow, I've seen many of these but altogether in one spot is GREAT!!!


Fanny said...

I already didn't understand the need for most of the public confessions from stars or politicians, we don't really have this here. But Kristen having to address her 'rape' comment and explain herself, it's going really too far imo.

Bad choice of words probably but I think everyone totally knew what she meant and understood the metaphor perfectly, there was no need to feel offended IF you took the time to read her comment in its context. Some people on the net got upset with another part of the interview, iPODgate, and picked on Kristen because of this and also because she's Kristen Stewart, the girl who's dating their dream man. The media didn't even take notice at first. Faux concern...

It's sad because as a whole I thought that was a very great interview from Kristen, I enjoyed it a lot.

Bet Kristen will be even more guarded from now on, she'll mince her words even more overthinking everything that comes out of her mouth. Same from Rob, he got crap too after his 'vagina' comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree Kristen's comment was a poor choice of words, but now I feel like people are just using it to hate on her and it isn't right. Everybody makes mistakes. If you read it in context, what she said makes sense. It's weird the same people saying she's a PR famewhore are the same ones being critical over this comment. With her choice of words, it's more than obvious she is the opposite of that. It's sad women have such hate for a 20 year old girl.:(

Deb said...

HEY LADIES step out of the cage for awhile and look what happen ALL the NUT came running in SO the big news is that somthing is going to happen tomorrow WELL I DO BELIEVE THAT only if KRISTENS home AND YES SOMETHING (BIG) WELL HAPPEN- BELIEVE ME-.LUCK,LUCKY GIRL .cant wait tell the 6 to see our 2.THANKS you guys I love the good things thats on the way ...........DEB

Anonymous said...

Deb @1.02 be careful your metaphor of something BIG might happen... might offend some ppl.....FFS you ppl who where offened with the RAPE comment need to find other things in your life to occupy yoursleves....

You know what i kept thinkin today.....and it might be taken that " im a perv" but i couldnt give a RATS ARSE....
I wonder if Rob does anything romantic like ie....lay french lingery [ like Bella wore in BD] on the bed waiting for her arrival......thats the big thing you were talkin about Deb wasnt it??? reunion Sex.....either that or what Rob has prior toooo...now this is gettin to raunchy...i think i will just stop here...
bye now....

Deb said...

LOUISA i am sorry if i did offend any one -but- you can take it the way you want FOR ONE WHO DOSE KNOW WHATS IT LIKE (rape) I THINK THAT KRISTEN TOLD THE TRUTH THATS JUST ME and KNOW KNOW ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO MAKE SOME FEEL THAT WAY LIKE I said I am sorry I DID NOT MEAN THAT IN A Disrespectfull way I would never disrespect ROBERT or KRISTEN OR MY SELF I hope you do understand THANK you for your kind words ........DEB

Anonymous said...

Deb i was being sacastic....i dont think you took me the way i wanted you too....sorry i should have made myself a little more clearer.....

Anonymous said...

let's face it,
she's pretty
she's rich
she's talented
she's a b*tch (so am i)
she has a F@ck hot BF
I want to be her!

Anonymous said...

anom 2.15 go to sleep i dont think theres anyone awake in the U.S to fight with you and quit frankly i couldnt give a shit what you think....Rob dosent want someone so rude and nieve as yourself ...that why he has Kristen...shes
and last of all his....lol


Lisa said...

I'm still awake but not for long.. Goodnight Louisa.. I just may be tired but I kinda liked 2:15am's post! LOL Only thing bad about it was she said KS was a bitch.. Which is kinda true.. I think she can be, and anon admitted she was one too.. And I know I can be, so.. And although I wouldn't say "f@ck hot" I certainly agree her boyfriend is as good as it gets! LOL Night all..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FOR LISA......

Anonymous said...

In regards to Kristen making a statement...

Her haters I am sure no matter what she says will find something to wrong with her statement. She will never be good enough for these "oh so perfect" people.

My hope is that the media takes what she says and reports positively and then moves on to more important things like the oil spill and other newsworthy items.

cassiii said...

Damn girl! Your post's makes me so happy, I agree a 100% with you. Uh sorry my English is betraying me now. But I can't stop wondering, what the hell do you mean when you keep saying "push"? lol ^^

Fuck the haters. They're srsly dumb, don't they see whats right in front of them?

Anonymous said...

cassiii @1.35 Rose invented the PUSH red button ...refer to her post dated 2 june HYENA button to push it the Hyenas come on here commenting on there unimportant information which is usuall or should i say always made up ...not only made up but nasty...

Vanessie said...

Hi Rose,

I read each one of your blogs and I couldn't agree more with all of your words.I love reading them, it's one of the things I look forward to doing everyday when I turned on my PC. I am from the Philippines and a huge Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fan. I always want to be on the know of what's going on between them and you're such a great source of info. Keep bloggin Rose cause we'll keep readin'. More power!